Suzuki 125 DF-E 1999


Whether in orange (like here) or khaki, this suzuki would be all the rage in a Caterpillar concentrate. Thus, she immediately displays her vocation: to work. If she could, she would carry trees. Without reaching these ends, the DF enthusiastically accompanies those who carry all the hardware of the lumberjack or mason. The reliable, economical, electric-start motor gets the job done with vigor. Be careful, however, not to get carried away by the motorcycle during heavy transport. In more touring use, this 125 is also good company, helped by its suspensions ensuring comfort..

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      • Max speed:
        about 100 km / h

      The technical aspect

      Suzuki 125 DF-E 1999

      • Frame
      • Frame: Single double steel cradle
      • Tank: 13 liters
      • Seat height: 810 mm
      • Length: 2,200 mm
      • Width: 805 mm
      • Height: 1150 mm
      • Wheelbase: 1375 mm
      • Dry weight: 114 kg
      • Train before
      • Telehydraulic fork Ø 35 mm, deb: 205 mm
      • 1 disc Ø 230 mm, 1 piston caliper
      • Front wheel:

        – 21

      Suzuki 125 DF-E 1999 technical

      • Transmission
      • 6-speed gearbox
      • Secondary chain transmission
      • Rear axle
      • Mono-shock absorber, deb: 200 mm
      • 1 drum Ø 130 mm
      • Rear wheel:

        – 18

      • Motor
      • Single cylinder
        , 4 stroke
      • Cooling: Air cooling
      • 1 carburetor Ø nc
      • 1 ACT
      • 2 valves per cylinder
      • 124 cc
        (57 x 48.8 mm)
      • 12
        at 9,500 rpm
      • 1 mkg
        at 8000 rpm
      • Weight ratio /
        : 9.50
        kg / hp
      • Crit’air:

      Detached pieces


      chain kit


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