Test winner enduro tires (MOTORRAD 11-2013)

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Test winner enduro tires (MOTORRAD 11-2013)



Test winner enduro tires (MOTORRAD 11/2013)

Test winner enduro tires (MOTORRAD 11/2013)
Metzeler Tourance Next

Jorg Lohse, Karsten Schwers


Info: Weight: front 5.1 kg, rear 7.1 kg, country of manufacture: Germany, information / approvals: Pirelli Germany, Tel. 089/14908302, www.metzeler.com

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Test winner enduro tires (MOTORRAD 11-2013)

Buying tip enduro tires (MOTORRAD 11/2013)
Dunlop Trailmax TR 91

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Landstrabe: (new: 128 points, 3rd place; after 4000 km: 126 points, 3rd place): Without being particularly noticeable, the new Tourance Next covers a very wide range of applications. On the motorway, it impresses with good straight-line stability, whether solo or with a pillion passenger and a load. On the country road, its balance is particularly striking: Whether driven cold or warm, the grip is always at a high level. Although it doesn’t turn corners as easily as a Conti or Dunlop, it scores with its neutrality. Due to the low wear, the properties have only deteriorated minimally.

Wet test: (94 points, 1st place): The Tourance Next wins the head-to-head race on the wet test track against the TR 91 with the slightly better lap time. Both clearly set themselves apart from the competition with their good grip when accelerating and when tilting. A very wide limit area announces late onset rides on the rear wheel in good time. The Tourance also achieved a top value on the brakes.

Wear: (94 points, 2nd place): No noticeable heels, little wear on the front. Plus point in terms of economy.

Conclusion: The bottom line is that the new Tourance Next covers the widest range in this tire test: good driving characteristics in the dry, the best in the wet and the low level of wear and tear bring first place.

MOTORRAD verdict: 1st place 442 points

Test winner enduro tires (MOTORRAD 11-2013)


Enduro tires in the 2013 tire test

Six pairs of enduro tires of size 110/80 R19, 150/70 R17

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