The complete guide to the motorcycle license

May 2, 2018

In France, two-wheelers are classified according to their displacement and their power. There is now three categories of motorcycle driving license. To be able to drive a motorcycle with a cylinder capacity greater than 125 cm3, the category A or A2 license is required. For a cylinder capacity less than or equal to 125 cm3 and greater than or equal to 50 cm3, the category A1 license is required.

The complete guide to the motorcycle license

A1 license

This license allows you to drive motorcycles with a cylinder capacity not exceeding 125 cm3, whose power does not exceed 11 kW and whose power / weight ratio is less than 0.1 kW per kilogram.

On the other hand, there are license equivalents. Since January 1, 2011, all license holders B (car points license) who wish to drive a motorized two-wheeler from 50 to 125 cm3 (L3e) or an L5e motor tricycle such as a three-wheel scooter of more than 50 cm3, whatever its power, have the obligation to receive training.

In the event of control by law enforcement, any driver must be able to present the training certificate or the "information statement" provided by the insurance company.

Failure to comply with these regulations is liable to fixed fine of 135 €, 4th class ticket.

Who is the training for? ?

To claim this compulsory internship, you must have obtained the B permit for at least two years.

If you hold this license and have insured and used a light motorcycle or tricycle during the five years preceding January 1, 2011, you are exempt from this training.

To qualify, all you need to do is enroll in a motorbike school: most of them provide this training.

Training in detail

This is a 7 hour theoretical and practical training. The 2-hour theoretical course focuses on raising awareness of road safety. Two hours of practical training "on the platform" follow to get started with the vehicle; then 3 hours of driving in and out of town.

A2 license

Since June 2, 2016, this permit is open to all persons from the age of 18 who wish to drive a motorcycle, with or without a sidecar, with a power not exceeding 35 kW – and a 3-wheeler with a maximum power limited to 15 kW – and whose power / weight ratio is less than 0.2 kW / kg.

The learning session of this permitted training includes preparation for the theoretical test of Traffic Laws.

You have 5 years from obtaining the code to take the practical test. Before starting the driving lessons, an initial assessment with the driving school instructor allows you to estimate the number of hours.

To take these driving courses, you will need to plan themandatory equipment – or recommended – following: an approved helmet, a pair of gloves suitable for motorcycling, high boots or shoes, a motorcycle jacket or jacket with long sleeves and pants or a combination.

The course of the exam

To pass the A2 license, a first eproof of eligibilityility out of circulation of 17 minutes and 30 seconds takes place in four stages: driving without an engine, at reduced speed, at higher speed, and finally, an oral examination of 3 to 5 questions drawn at random from 12 cards.

The second road test on public roads lasts 30 minutes. The assessment is supervised by an examiner who communicates by radio.

To pass his license, the candidate must know how to apply the regulations, maintain safety distances, adapt his pace and communicate with other users..

If successful, you will receive a driving license examination certificate (CEPC), valid for 4 months from the day of the examination. During this period, your category A1 driving license will be sent to your home by post..

If this fails, you can try to iron the permit up to 4 times.

License A

It is intended for people wishing to ride with a big displacement. Category A in fact allows you to drive all motorcycles, tricycles and approved quads (with a power limited to 15 kW).

To obtain the A license, you must be over 20 years old, be holder of an A2 license for more than 2 years and have followed a 7h motorcycle training.

This training is not sanctioned by a final exam. It is the instructor who judges whether one is fit to drive and then issues a certificate.

Please note, this proof is not a driving license per se: it is used to apply for a driving license at the prefecture.

In the event of an inspection, you must prove that you have taken this training. Otherwise, you are liable toa fine of 135 € and a 3 point withdrawal.

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