Tough Turban: Wrapped helmet replacement for turban wearers

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Tough Turban: Wrapped helmet replacement for turban wearers
Tough turban



Tough Turban: Wrapped helmet replacement for turban wearers

Tough turban
Wrapped helmet replacement for turban wearers

Members of the Sikh religious community wear a turban as a sign of respect for God. Taking it off for motorcycling in favor of a helmet is out of the question for them. The Tough Turban Project is now trying to develop a safety turban.

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Riding a motorcycle and compulsory helmets go together in many markets, but not in all of them. And sometimes motorcyclists have reasons why they don’t want to wear a helmet. For members of the Sikh religious community, it is a question of faith.

So that turban wearers can also protect their heads in traffic, the Tough Turban project from Canada has developed a turban headscarf that has been developed under safety aspects.

Behind the Tough Turban are the creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo and the Harley Davidson dealer Pfaff – both from Toronto – as well as the Sikh Motorcycle Club of Ontario.

High-tech fabric and safety foam

While a conventional turban consists of a seven to 12 meter long, one meter wide liner, the Tough Turban uses high-tech material. The basic material for the Tough Turban is a fabric made of highly tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant Dyneema fibers, which is backed with a foam that hardens itself when the energy is applied. The foam layer is produced in the form of a chain mail using the 3-D printing process.

Of course, the even bulletproof fabric in combination with the integrated foam offers a certain protection. But it is nowhere near as extensive as with a real motorcycle helmet. In addition, the turban does not offer any wind or weather protection. It only covers a small part of the head, is not additionally secured and does not have a visor. However, it allows Sikhs to fulfill their religious duties without having to completely forego safety.

Replica desired

The Tough Turban is not yet available for purchase. The developers offer everyone interested in their Homepage Free access to the development documents, so that anyone with the appropriate resources can recreate the Tough Turban.

Tough Turban: Wrapped helmet replacement for turban wearers

Tough turban

In parts of Canada, as well as in Great Britain, there is an exemption from the helmet requirement for Sikhs. In Germany, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig ruled in 2019 that motorcyclists cannot be exempted from wearing helmets, not even for religious reasons.


For motorcyclists who, for reasons of faith, cannot wear a helmet, the Tough Turban is an ideal safety feature, provided this is legally tolerated. However, the high-tech headscarf does not offer the protection of a real motorcycle helmet.

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