Tour tip Mecklenburg Lake District

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Tour tip Mecklenburg Lake District

Tour tip Mecklenburg Lake District
In the land of 100 lakes

In the Mecklenburg Lake District, nature sets the tone around the Muritz, the largest lake in Germany. That is why there is one thing above all in the region: calm.

Nicolas Streblow


No question about it, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is a paradise for short trips. Not only Hamburgers and Berliners appreciate this. Why should one also wander into the distance when stress and hectic are foreign words here, when a region that offers scenic attractions in abundance is practically on the doorstep? And about which Bismarck is supposed to have said: “When the world ends, I’ll move to Mecklenburg, because that’s where it will be 50 years later.” Especially in the south of the most sparsely populated state, there is a true wonderland for discoveries – and for water lovers: the Mecklenburg Lake District around the Muritz, the largest inland lake in Germany. Anyone who is on two wheels here will quickly find that the distances between the villages are a little further than elsewhere, so that a motorcycle tour does not degenerate into a stop and go between town signs. In many places, however, things are a bit rough: Either over now even listed cobblestone streets, or simply over a dirt road that serves as a connection to the next village. Signpost? Here and there a little sign on some tree – if that. The tour suddenly leads past the Teterow mountain ring, probably the most beautifully located grass track race track of all. Most of the year, however, there is quiet here so that the surface can grow back, because every year at Whitsun the stars should really ride on grass – and not in the dirt. It is also quiet in the Muritz National Park, which lies east of the Muritz Lake between Waren and Neustrelitz – a stretch of land in which sky and water compete with each other, which really presents the vastness and grandeur of the country. Here it is worthwhile to switch from two wheels to your own two legs. A recommendation that makes sense for exploring attractive and interesting towns such as Plau am See, Waren, Robel / Muritz or Malchow. After so much idleness, the odometer can still run a little on Deutsche Alleenstrasse. Of course, there are no less beautiful stretches to the right and left of this boulevard, which are also lined with countless trees. And another highlight should be mentioned: the view from the observation tower on Reherberg near Feldberg. What is there to see here? The answer is not really surprising: water. Or more precisely: the extremely charming and hilly Feldberger lake landscape.

Info – Mecklenburg Lake District

Coming from the direction of Berlin or Hamburg, take the A 24 to the Wittstock / Dosse junction and then take the A 19 in the direction of Rostock to the Malchow exit. Or drive on the A11 from Berlin in the direction of Stettin and aim for the Joachimsthal exit in the east of the Lake District. Spend the night in Joachimsthal: Pension Eva-Maria Eisenblatter, overnight stay with breakfast from 25 Marks per person, phone 033361/9605 In Goldberg: Hotel and Gasthaus Seelust, Am Badestrand 4, 19399 Goldberg, phone 038736/8230; Fax 82358, bed and breakfast in a single room 90 marks, in a double room from 63 marks per person. In Waren: Hotel Kleines Meer, Alter Markt 7, 17192 Waren, Telephone 03991/6480; Fax 648-222, overnight stay with breakfast in a single room from 120 marks, in a double room from 80 marks per person. Between Robel and Mirow near Sewekow: Seehotel Ichlim, Am Nebelsee, 16909 Sewekow, phone 039827/30264; Fax 60253, overnight stay with breakfast in a single room from 90 marks, in a double room from 60 marks per person. Near Feldberg: Hotel Iris, 17258 Cantnitz, Dorfstrasse 18, phone 03964/210222; Fax 210224, bed and breakfast in a single room 80 marks, in a double room from 60 marks per person. There are plenty of campsites at the many lakes. Worth seeing The Dobbertin monastery near Goldberg and the local nature and local history museum are worth a detour. Definitely visit the Muritz National Park near Waren or the Teterow mountain ring with its small museum, which is only open on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays. The partly restored old towns of Plau am See or Malchow and Waren are beautiful. InformationTourismusverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V., Platz der Freund 1, 18059 Rostock, Phone 0381/448426; Fax 448423; Regional Tourist Association Mecklenburgische Seenplatte e.V., Marktplatz 10, 17207 Robel / Muritz, Telephone 039931 / 51381-82; Fax 51386. Literature The HB-Bildatlas Mecklenburg, 14.80 Mark, the Merian edition Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 14.90 Mark, or the very detailed and especially interesting for art lovers DuMont Art Travel Guide Mecklenburg-Vorpommern offer very good information. Cards: General card Grobblatt 9, ARAL card 4, 5 and 8.

The route – Mecklenburg Lake District

530 kilometers2 days Refueling: In larger towns there are many large and new petrol stations with a shop route profile: Mostly flat to gently hilly, side streets often without pavement, cobblestones, dirt roads – a clear advantage for enduro pilots Coffee breaks: At bakeries with a stand-up cafe, or in an idyllic way directly by the lake on the terrace Swimming : There are often bathing opportunities at the various lakes. Worth seeing: Muritz National Park, old towns of Malchow and Plau, Teterow mountain ring, manor houses, avenues

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