Tried: Windshields for Honda CBR 1100 XX and BMW R 850-1100 GS

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Tried: windshields for Honda CBR 1100 XX and BMW R 850/1100 GS

Tried: windshields for Honda CBR 1100 XX and BMW R 850/1100 GS
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Often the enthusiasm for the sleek disguise while standing is quickly followed by disillusionment: a thundering hurricane at a higher speed. Accessory disks can provide peace of mind?

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Racing machines are characterized by their uncompromising nature. No unnecessary frills, the silhouette is narrow and small. When the driver crouches on the straight behind the fairing, man and machine seem to merge into one. But motorcycling in real life looks different. Although most of the road-going offshoots of the racing machines only wear mini dresses, 99 percent of the time the driver sits upright on a sports machine. There can hardly be any talk of real relief through the flat windshields. The desire for better wind protection often arises not only from tall drivers. This is what the accessories trade promises, where you can find taller, wider or aerodynamically shaped replacement windows for series fairings for almost all machines with cladding, from super sports cars to touring bikes.
MOTORRAD tested two completely different motorcycles to see what the propagated properties of these accessory screens are. The Honda CBR 1100 XX represents the sporting guild. The fairing of the sports tourer is kept very flat, the tested windows are up to twelve centimeters higher. In terms of price, the accessory disks in the case of the Honda are definitely an alternative, at 100 to 200 marks they are all well below the original part, which costs almost 380 marks. Those who are satisfied with the series fairing will also find inexpensive original form windows from some manufacturers as a replacement for a scratched or destroyed window.
All tested windows for the CBR offer more protection from the airstream. If you want to keep the sporty look and prefer a corresponding driving style and sitting posture, it is best to drive with the MRA racing screen. The MRA spoiler screen and the JF part offer better wind protection, especially for tall drivers.
In the case of the BMW R 1100 GS, the demands on the fairing are basically no different. Although it does not reach the high speeds of the double X, many riders demand good wind protection for long daily stages from a travel enduro? especially since the GS is not exactly one of the slow ones in its class. The standard cockpit fairing is not fully convincing on this point. It noticeably relieves the upper body, but especially with tall drivers, the head is fully exposed to the wind. Many GS drivers also complain about the loud noise development, as the helmet is exactly in the turbulent zone.
In terms of costs, the series part, which costs less than 100 marks, is unrivaled. With prices of up to 500 marks, expectations of the accessories are considerable. But the buyer doesn’t have to shell out that much, because the most expensive part of GS Fun Factory doesn’t want real driving fun, the only argument remains at most the carbon design. The other accessory discs bring some significant improvements. Even tall drivers sit relatively calm and protected behind the Wunderlich windshield, but the windshields from JF and Ermax can also noticeably relieve the driver of wind pressure and reduce the noise under the helmet.

Difi airflow

Model: Airflow Provider: Difi Price. 150 Mark Versions: clear, dark gray tinted Approval: ABE Height: +12 cm Attachment: good fit, but a bit short at the front; the edge protection provided does not hold up well (additional adhesive would be necessary) Driving test: pane pulled very far back; this is initially irritating, but with a normal posture there is still sufficient freedom of movement; very little wind pressure; slightly more suction and turbulence in the back area; less noises in an upright or slightly crouched position; Disk tremors severely at high speeds

Original Honda

HONDA CBR 1100 XXModel: OriginalSupplier: HondaPrice: 377 MarkVersions: clearRelease: ABEHeight: 0 cm Extension: easy assembly; six screws, nuts inserted into rubber bushings; perfect fit, no tension Driving test: even for smaller drivers only moderate wind protection in the upper body area; Helmet almost in free flow, therefore uniform, but also very strong noise development from the airstream; relatively little turbulence; Satisfactory wind protection only when extremely crouched, but then very loud


Although the BMW R 850/1100 GS is not a real rally bolt, many drivers want a sportier, off-road look. Touratech (phone 07728/92790) has developed the Desierto cladding, which costs 1199 marks. The scope of delivery includes the tinted spoiler screen, two DE headlights and a new bracket. The original instruments are retained. For an additional 100 marks there is a rally version that can hold the necessary navigation instruments such as road book or GPS. A version for the 1150 GS costs 949 marks, this is combined with the standard headlights. Wudo (phone 0231/850091) has a tour-like fairing for 576 Marks on offer, the paintwork costs an additional 279 Marks. Additional wind protection can also be achieved for significantly less money. Touratech charges 109 marks for the spoiler attachment; it is simply attached to the standard disc and lashed with a strap. The effect is amazing, the small spoiler directs the turbulent flow further upwards. This reduces the air resistance on the helmet a bit and noticeably lowers the noise level, you are happy to accept a little more turbulence on the upper body.

MRA spoiler screen

Model: Spoiler screen Supplier: JF Motorsport, phone 06002/910391 Price: 269 MarkVersions: tintedRelease: ABEHeight: + 7.5 cm Attachment: very precisely fitting screen, rubber edge protection already neatly pre-assembled Driving test: improved wind protection; up to 1.85 size also quieter, as the turbulent zone is about higher than with standard; stable disc, no shaking or wobbling

Wunderlich Ergo

Model: Ergo * Provider: Wunderlich, Telephone 02642/97980 Price: 379 MarkVersions: clearRelease: ?? Height: + 8.5 cm Attachment: easy to assemble, as interior panels are not required, support for control head easy to assemble; Edge protection stuck, but comes off easily; Headlight adjustment screw conceals Driving test: for drivers up to 1.90 meters tall, good wind protection and less noise than standard; with taller riders on the helmet very turbulent and loud; Disc shakes slightly at high speeds * Test copy pre-series

GS Fun Factory Windshield II

Model: Windshield II Provider: GS Fun Factory, Telephone 0170/5801501 Price: 488 Marks (edge ​​protection 6 Marks) Versions: Carbon Approval: TuV parts certificate in preparation Height: ?? 9 cm Attachment: satisfactory fit, interior panels are under slight tension Driving test: little wind protection even for small drivers, noticeably worse than standard; very high, unpleasant noise development due to turbulence; Helmet therefore also restless; otherwise stable design

Ermax cockpit window

Model: Ermax Supplier: Fechter Drive, Telephone 07023/95230 Price: 239/259 MarkVersions: smoke gray / black tinted Approval: ABEHeight: + 3.5 cm Attachment: accuracy of fit, rubber edge protection partially badly gluedDriving test: size and shape very similar to the JF cladding; better wind protection than standard, also quieter for tall drivers; a little more turbulence than JF

Original BMW

BMW R 850/1100 GSModel: OriginalSupplier: BMWPrice: 93 MarkVersions: clearRelease: ABEFitting: Covering fixed with two screws on each side; Interior trim parts with two screws on each side Driving test: good relief of the upper body, for drivers over 1.65 meters helmet in the turbulent area, therefore restless and loud; Free flow only at two-meter giants

Five Stars spoiler screen

Model: Spoiler Screen Supplier: MRA, Telephone 07663/9380 Price: 149 MarkVersions: clear / smoke grayRelease: ABEHeight: + 3 cm Cultivation: good workmanship and fit; not quite as dimensionally stable as the standard screen; Edge protection is difficult to assemble, but holds up wellDriving test: significantly less wind pressure, somewhat quieter than standard in normal position and tall driver; very good relief for smaller drivers or with a stooped position, but then loud

MRA touring screen

Model: Touring disc Supplier: MRA, Telephone 07663/9380 Price: 149 MarkVersions: clear / smoke grayRelease: ABEHeight: + 6 cm Cultivation: good workmanship and fit; not quite as dimensionally stable as the standard screen; Edge protection difficult to assemble, but lasts well Driving test: very good relief of the upper body, as a result more pressure on the shoulder area noticeable; plus unpleasant turbulence in the back area; a little louder than with a standard disc

Puig touring screen

Model: Puig TourenscheibeSupplier: Schuh, Telefon 06851 / 89010Price: 99 MarkVersions: slightly tinted / heavily tintedRelease: ABEHeight: + 7 cm Attachment: satisfactory fit; Edge protection difficult to assemble, but fits very well; Window not blackened at the bottom, therefore visibility under the dashboard possible Driving test: significantly reduced wind pressure; a bit quieter when sitting upright than with the standard screen, but stooping also makes a lot of noise

MRA racing screen

Model: Racing screen Supplier: MRA, Telephone 07663/9380 Price: 149 MarkVersions: clear / smoke grayRelease: ABEHeight: + 6 cm Cultivation: good workmanship and fit; not quite as dimensionally stable as the standard screen; Edge protection difficult to assemble, but lasts well Driving test: only slightly improved wind protection when held upright; significant improvement in a stooped position; slight turbulence in the helmet area, therefore minimally more restless; Nevertheless, a bit quieter than standard in every sitting position, a good tip for sporty drivers

Five Stars Power Stream

Model: Power Stream Supplier: JF Motorsport, phone 06002/910391 Price: 198 MarksVersions: tintedRelease: ABEHeight: + 8 cm Attachment: perfect fit, solid workmanship, edge protection already gluedDriving test: Compared to the standard screen, clearly noticeable relief in the shoulder and chest area; The helmet can be easily put under the windshield while crouching; little turbulence; with the driver crouched, as loud as the standard window; stable, no tremors

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