Triumph Rocket III used advice

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Triumph Rocket III used advice


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Triumph Rocket III used advice

Used advice Triumph Rocket III
The used Triumph cruiser

Cruisers live on superlatives. With the Rocket III, which was built from 2004, Triumph has finally shot the bird. It is the world’s largest series production motorcycle, but also a recommendation for keenly calculating second-hand buyers?

Jorg Lohse


The very personal Rocket story begins almost two years before the official presentation, very inappropriately, in a Munich beer garden. “I just saw our new cruiser in Hinckley. Three-cylinder, 140 hp, 200 Newton meters, ”the Triumph technician murmurs to the editor. He frowns: “Don’t Harley copies always have to have a V-Zwei and a rear 200 tire rather than this amount of torque?”

The question is put into perspective when you stand in front of the rocket and see its elemental force. It is not in your dream that you would even begin to compare the British woman with a Harley. Even when standing still, a strong hand is required to maneuver the 361 kilos into the starting position. How will that be in motion? Much better, you see: like a captain who now controls his ocean giant with pinpoint accuracy using a joystick, the Rocket Man plows too. Of course, thanks to the finest interventions in the engine management, with which the performance in the first three gears is sensibly cut.

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Triumph Rocket III used advice

Used advice Triumph Rocket III
The used Triumph cruiser

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Without this blocker, Triumph steamers would otherwise cast off in a cloud of smoke from burnouts and powerslides. The Rocket is in its element on extensive country roads. But woe if the surface is wavy, the curve is narrower or even a hairpin is approaching. In the classic alpine area, the hard and strong hand is again required to literally whistle the primeval creature around the corner. With the power triple you shouldn’t rely on real lean angle in order to circle the bend with a clean circular stroke. And the masses push downhill tremendously. The one available since 2008 Rocket III Touring made a mistake in the then MOTORRAD-Alpen-Masters with a brake line that burst due to overheating. Understandably, the nerves are on edge. And an ABS will only be offered in the Roadster model variant from 2010 onwards.

Inspection / market situation

Triumph Rocket III used advice


Triumph Rocket III Roadster: With a new seat bench, further back and lower footrests as well as a revised rear wheel suspension, Triumph promises a more active driving position compared to the touring version of the Rocket III.

Basically, the Rocket III is considered a solid vehicle in authorized Triumph workshops, which usually only needs to be serviced. Even with motorcycles of the first years of construction, which meanwhile have a mileage of well over 50,000 kilometers on the clock, there are no major repairs, which generally speaks in favor of durable technology. Surveys in the Rocket III community (e.g. in the fan forum show that the transmission can cause more serious problems. In such cases, the torsional dampers often have to be replaced. In some cases this has already been done under guarantee, in other cases Triumph has shown goodwill and paid the part costs. According to inside information, mostly only machines were affected that had the torque limit removed using illegal software. Since service measures were also carried out during the inspection, the Rocket should be in a service book.

Market situation
Since the Rocket III is only available in homeopathic doses in Germany, those interested in used must be patient when looking for the right vehicle. The loyalty to the mega cruiser is high, even the offers from the early years of construction are often first-hand. A look at the average mileage shows that the Rocket is moved extensively compared to other cruisers. Of course, the low-priced entry-level offers in the 2.3-liter world under 10,000 euros are particularly in demand. This is confirmed by the active Triumph dealer Ingo Heller ( “They usually change hands on the fly.” The only option for price negotiations is the Touring version available from 2008 onwards. With narrow 180 tires and stale performance of “only” 107 hp, the castrated Rocket is not really attractive for many interested parties. Even if this lures in the MOTORRAD test with some advantages such as handiness, precise, appealing suspension or long-distance seating comfort. “When people buy the Rocket, they want one with steam,” explains Triumph dealer Heller.

Technical data / model history

Triumph Rocket III used advice


Hart: The roadster version is popular with the fans.

Water-cooled three-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, two overhead, chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder, dry sump lubrication, injection, regulated catalytic converter, mechanically operated multi-plate oil bath clutch, five-speed gearbox, cardan shaft.
Bore x stroke 101.6 x 94.3 mm
Cubic capacity 2294 cm³
rated capacity 103 kW (140 PS) at 5750 rpm
Max. Torque 200 Nm at 2500 rpm

landing gear
Bridge frame made of steel, load-bearing motor, upside-down fork, two-arm swing arm made of steel, two spring struts with adjustable spring base, double disc brake at the front, disc brake at the rear.
Cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 7.50 x 16
150/80 R 17, 240/50 R 16 tires

Dimensions + weight
Wheelbase 1695 mm, steering head angle 58 degrees, caster 152 mm, spring travel f / r 120/105 mm, seat height * 740 mm, weight with a full tank * 361 kg, tank capacity ** 25 liters.

Top speed ** 216 km / h
0-100 km / h 3.4 sec
60-140 km / h 7.3 sec
Consumption 6.9 l / 100 km (country road), super

* MOTORCYCLE measurements; ** Manufacturer information

Model chronicle

Market launch of the Rocket III with 142 hp and 200 Nm torque. Colors: red, black. Price: 17,750 euros.
Program expansion with Rocket III Classic with new double seat bench, running boards, pullback handlebars, new exhaust system and two-tone paintwork. Colors: black / red, red / white. Price: 18,750 euros (unchanged for the standard version).
Market launch of the Rocket III Touring with a modified engine (107 hp) and new chassis (including frame, wheels, suspension, tank, cockpit). Colors: black / black / red. Price: 18990 euros. Rocket III Classic with extra equipment package (Roadster windshield, pannier set), mobility guarantee and a three-year guarantee period. Colors: black / red, blue / white. Price: 18490 euros (standard 17990 euros).
Last year of construction of the Rocket III (colors: black, red) and Rocket III Classic (colors: red / white, blue / silver). Prices: 18990/19950 euros.
Market launch of the Rocket III Roadster with 148 hp three-cylinder (max. Torque 221 Nm), standard ABS, revised seating position and new rear suspension. Colors: black, matt black (with reduced chrome content).
Price: 16990 euros.
Rocket III Touring with ABS as standard. Prices: 20,590 euros (black), 20,990 euros (black / red).

Recall actions
2005 Replacement of final drive
2007 new engine software
2009 Replacement of rear tires

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