Two-wheeled rolling Yamaha XV 950 R in the driving report

Two-wheeled rolling Yamaha XV 950 R in the driving report

Cool, clean custom bike

The down-to-earth Yamaha dealer Zweirad Walz has been located only a few kilometers from the Stuttgart TV tower in the Mohringen district since 1973. Down-to-earth does not mean down-to-earth here: You converted a Yamaha XV 950 R as a good basis and submitted it to Yamaha Yard Built.

Cleverly designed: as early as 1956, 60 years ago, the television tower in Stuttgart-Degerloch set standards: It marked the beginning of a new architectural era in tower construction. As the first TV tower in the world, it provided the (steel) concrete construction that is typical to this day and has become Stuttgart’s landmark. The down-to-earth Yamaha dealer Zweirad Walz has been located just a few kilometers away, in the Mohringen district, since 1973. Founded by the father, continued reliably and competently by the two sons Christoph and Steffen. Down-to-earth does not mean down-to-earth here: You have a good basis Yamaha XV 950 R rebuilt and submitted to Yamaha Yard Built.

Two-wheeled rolling Yamaha XV 950 R in the driving report

Cool, clean custom bike

The tank was originally supposed to be painted yellow

Well, Baden-Wurttembergische Chemie was right from the start in this case. Therefore, Walz is now installing a Benders’s "Boltage Racing Kit" made of hand-made aluminum components, which costs 3,900 euros. This includes the tank, hump and new rear frame, front fender as well as the cover of the toothed belt and battery cover. The tank of the two-wheeled roller Yamaha XV 950 R, which was artistically TIG-welded, coarse-cut, was originally to be painted yellow. But while grinding down the weld seams (“That alone was around three hours of work”), Steffen Walz came up with the idea of ​​a purely flexed surface. With its structured patterns, it is now a high-gloss, aesthetic matter. Five layers of clear varnish make it a haptic fulfillment.

A snap-top cap crowns the towering tank. It holds a voluminous 22 instead of the standard twelve liters. Pronounced edges make it bulbous at the front and nice and narrow at the back. The rounded rear hump gives this single-seat two-wheeler Walz-Yamaha XV 950 R a new, sleek line. Noble and elegant. The license plate holder is self-made on a "free-floating" steel strut.

A picture book day with a beautiful motorcycle

A crisp aluminum shield at the front ensures a sporty look. Starting number 95 is an allusion to the cubic capacity, just like it used to be on a BMW R 80. The extra-wide, barely cranked drag bar handlebar from LSL stands out from the slim silhouette of the two-wheeled Walz Yamaha XV 950 R. It causes a fat driving experience, broad-shouldered and apparently unassailable. Except when meandering through the extremely notorious Stuttgart traffic jam – it is more of a problem.

The feet rest in the middle on footrests of the Yamaha XV 950 Racer. There is something. Top sightseeing namely: The landscape passes you in the wide-screen panorama – Remstal, Filstal, Schurwald. It’s a picture book day with a beautiful motorcycle. And that at the end of November. Sexy: The taillights are nicely hidden in the rear indicators, the front indicators are integrated into the counterweights of the handlebar. The two mirrors from LSL hang below him. They even offer proper consideration. Okay, the indicated front fender (really made of sheet metal) is definitely not for driving in the rain. So what? This cool and clean custom bike is a show bike without airs. The (ex) chopper works well. After all, he’s a self-sacrificing Japanese. 

Function and sensuality are a good synthesis

The engine of the two-wheeled rolling Yamaha XV 950 R always starts well. Punch? OKAY. The air-cooled 60-degree V2 gets going harder than any 883 Harley Sportster. He has to push a manageable 255 kilograms with a full tank of fuel. The V2 thuds and thumps beautifully sonorous from the Akrapovic exhaust. It is nice that the Slovenes, who produce such high quality products, do not build roaring pipes. Dull, but not chubby, this is a fine V2 hit. The fourth gear does it from 60 km / h, the fifth from 70 km / h. A calm but not lethargic pulse, the rhythm of life, even with only 52 hp. An easy-care toothed belt transfers the power to the knobbly 16-inch rear wheel.

In contrast, a ten centimeter narrower, but larger in diameter, 19-inch device rotates at the front. The lean angle is not particularly lush, first the footrests, then their outriggers, and finally the silencer to the right. At least now, moderation is urgently advised if you don’t want to end up in botany. Short struts with progressively coiled springs make the most of just 110 millimeters of travel. The Walz brothers unceremoniously encased their once golden reservoirs with cut, black whiskey cans from Jack Daniels. Relics of celebrations around blazing campfires?

In any case, the V2 of the two-wheeler Walz-Yamaha XV 950 R, once parked, will crackle for a long time. The front single disc anchors easily adjustable, a matter of honor with ABS. Function and sensuality are a good synthesis here. Every stop draws admirers to the scene. The Yamaha motto is right: "Revs your Heart", speeds up your pulse. For a total of 17,500 euros, with around 8,000 euros conversion costs. A stylized Stuttgart television tower is also available free of charge as a decoration on the sophisticated rear end. As a sign of sophisticated aesthetics from the region of clever designers.

Remodeling information

Jacek Bilski

Scratch the curve: relocated footrests on the XV 950 Racer create furrows in the tar.

Two-wheeled roller Yamaha XV 950 R

The aluminum tank (22 liters), aluminum hump, seat, rear frame, front mudguard, battery cover and upper toothed belt cover come from Benders. Everything fits without changes or welding work on the frame! Speedometer holder (moved forward), start number plate in front and license plate holder with a one-sided steel strut are self-made by Zweirad Walz. Other built-in parts are: set back footrest system of the Yamaha XV 950 Racer, LSL handlebars, footrests and mirrors, belt cover from Rizoma, Kellermann indicators, rear indicators with integrated taillight from HS, Akrapovic exhaust muffler.

Base Yamaha XV 950 R: 9.370 euros 
Unit conversion: approx. 5000 euros
Painting: around 1000 euros, 25 to 30 hours of work.

Total price complete: 17,490 euros


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76275 Ettlingen, Germany
Telephone 07243/7667738

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