Upper Austria subsidizes safety training

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Upper Austria subsidizes safety training


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Upper Austria subsidizes safety training

Upper Austria subsidizes motorcycle driving safety training
50 euros per head

The state of Upper Austria supports voluntary participation in a full-day motorcycle safety training course with 50 euros per person. And at least 25 euros are available as a grant for half-day training.

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The motorcycle driving safety training courses offered by the two traffic clubs OAMTC and ARBO in Austria cost 218 euros or 92 euros half-day (OAMTC). The prerequisite for the state subsidy is that the respective participant has his main residence in Upper Austria. Upper Austria is Austria’s fourth largest federal state, the capital is Linz, it is located in the triangle between Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. The application for the grant must be made on the Internet at http://www.land-oberoesterreich.gv.at/60407.htm.

Upper Austria subsidizes safety training

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