Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

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Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

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Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

Research on the Internet portals reveals that the selection of Honda CBF 600 and CBF 600 S is extensive.

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

The CBF as a purist naked bike, here the second series from 2008. Basically, it was particularly popular with driving schools.

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

Honda CBF 600 / S.

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

Anything but standard for this class: The first CBF was already available with ABS as an option.

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

Still straightforward, but with a classic touch. The cockpit of the Naked.

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S
Jacek Bilski

Car ambience: no frills cockpit landscape in the S version, here 2008.

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

CBF 600 S, the first. Recognizable by the abbreviation PC38. Now available for around 2000 euros.

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

In our used advice service you will find out what to look for when buying a used Honda CBF 600 / S.

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

The following still applies to the Honda CBF 600 / S: There is a lot of motorcycle for little money.

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

Used buyers should carefully check the history. Some training bikes were spruced up with fresh papers from Poland or Italy and then re-imported.


Used purchase

Used advice Honda CBF 600 / S

Used advice Honda CBF 600 / S
The golf among motorcycles

If there is anything like the Golf class of motorcycles, the Honda CBF 600 embodies it. No frills, indestructible and in the truest sense of the word inexpensive. Our used tip.

Jorg Lohse


Popular initiative, nice price, package deal … A look at the headings of the MOTORRAD test stories for the Honda CBF 600 clearly shows in which direction the majority of the authors were always aiming. And what remains as a quintessence with the reader after intensive reading: How can there be so much motorcycle for so little money?

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Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

Used advice Honda CBF 600 / S
The golf among motorcycles

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Let’s start our story in 2003. Honda presents the CBF 600 as a naked bike and in a faired version Honda CBF 600 S at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. Already a hint which target group the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer is targeting with this all-round bike. A super sporty inline four-cylinder (based on the CBR 600 F from 1995) designed for an insurance-favorable 78 hp. The chassis has been cost-effectively adapted from the already well-established Hornet 600. A comprehensive ergonomic package in which the handlebars, seat and, in addition, the S-type windshield can be adjusted to a total of twelve possible angles and heights. Long maintenance intervals of 12,000 kilometers. And finally the anti-lock braking system. Not yet as standard, but available as a package with the practical main stand for an additional charge of 600 euros. The important message, however, was: Yes, even in the budget-oriented middle class, nobody has to do without this security-relevant feature.

The goal of the Honda strategists: the sleepers. Drivers whose driving license has been idle for years, if not decades. The message: You too can ride a motorcycle again. It is not expensive at all, and the critical view of the wife can be defused with reference to the ABS brakes (and pillion quality!) Of the Honda CBF 600.

First edition until 2007

Today it is no longer possible to fathom whether rows of sleepers have actually woken up: The Honda CBF 600 arrived in any case, sold over 6,000 times in Germany in its debut year 2004 and thus became a top seller in the sales charts. Not least because seasoned motorcyclists recognized the very good value of the 600 series. And driving schools into the easy-to-master Four – but mainly in the naked version in order to minimize expensive exchange transactions in the event of operational slips or falls.

In its first edition until 2007, the Honda CBF 600 impressed with solid test results. As with the smoothly hanging engine on the gas, which, however, runs out of breath at higher speeds. Or a handy chassis that punctually cuts through curves and remains impressively stable on brisk stretches of the motorway.

The second edition is also available at a nice price

2008 Honda CBF 600 number two appears. Outwardly she looks like the old woman. But underneath there was a lot of refurbishment. Injection instead of carburettor engine (which eliminates the annoying choke fumbling), aluminum instead of steel frame (which reduces weight and increases payload), more appealing spring elements, the ABS (still optional) now in a partially integral version. And best of all: still at a nice price! Without a major referendum.


2004 Market launch of the PC 38 with and without cladding (price 6190/6490 euros). Surcharge ABS 600 euros. Approvals in Germany: 6132 pieces.

2005 No changes, prices unchanged. “Traveler” travel package with two suitcases plus a topcase in the vehicle color (400 euros). Approvals in Germany: 5138 pieces.

2006 Clear glass indicators, longer mirror arms. Prices: 6240/6540 euros. Approvals in Germany: 3845 pieces.

2007 No changes. Prices: 6440/6740 euros. Approvals in Germany: 1948 pieces.

2008 New model PC 43 with new injection engine (from CBR 600 RR), aluminum frame, larger tank (20 instead of 19 liters), new spring elements, new seat, revised cockpit, longer swing arm, shorter gear ratio, immobilizer, integral brake (with ABS), new main stand . Prices unchanged. Approvals in Germany: 3760 pieces.

2009 No changes. Prices: 6740/7040 euros. Approvals in Germany: 2631 pieces.

2010 No changes. Prices unchanged. Approvals in Germany: 2114 pieces.

2011 No changes. Prices unchanged. Approvals in Germany: k. A..

2012 ABS as standard. Last model year of the bare Honda CBF 600. Prices: 7340/7640 euros. Approvals in Germany: k. A..

2013 Last model year of the disguised Honda CBF 600 S. Price unchanged. Approvals in Germany: k. A..

Market situation

A look at the popular sales portals on the Internet shows: the selection is extensive. And the motto still applies when used: a lot of motorcycle for little money!

4990 euros: Honda CBF 600 S, EZ 2/2012, 2nd hand, 2000 km

Practical like brand new for five mille: Ex-demonstrator with minimal mileage, combined ABS, main stand and set of suitcases in a stylish two-tone paintwork.

from 2000 euros

Sample ad: CBF 600 S, 30,000 km, EZ 03/2005, HU 8/2016, 2nd hand, with ABS and main stand, garage vehicle, saddle reupholstered, repaired after a fall and wrapped in white, 2200 euros (private offer from Baden-Wurttemberg) 

Low price level. The first offers scratch the 2,000 euro mark. But beware of many questionable offers such as accident vehicles (see above) or reimports from Southern / Eastern Europe. Don’t be tempted by the cheapest price!

from 3000 euros

Sample ad: CBF 600 Naked, 15,000 km, EZ 07/2009, HU 1/2018, 1st hand, gray metallic, small disc, full service history, freshly inspected, new wearing parts, no ABS, one year warranty, 3390 euros (dealer offer from Baden-Wurttemberg )

Medium price level. The selection is right here. The PC 43 is already available for little money. But pay attention to the equipment (ABS!).

Dealer interview

Benny Obermayr (54) from Honda dealer Oeler in Gelsenkirchen tells us why a used Honda CBF 600 doesn’t stay with him for long.

Honda has sold around 30,000 copies of the CBF 600 in Germany. That could speak for a full oversupply.
It could, but a CBF that is traded in with us doesn’t stay in the sales room for long. Even used, the model is still in great demand. This is especially true for the disguised S version. With the naked one, which was mainly used by driving schools, as a seller you have to be patient.

Middle class means that the red pencil rules when it comes to equipment?
Not with this model. The CBF 600 S in particular is often offered with plenty of additional equipment that will appeal to touring fans in particular: case and topcase – mostly original parts from Honda, plus a higher pane and practical heated grips. And the nice thing for used buyers is: In comparison, a maximum of 200 to 300 euros more must be budgeted for this extensive extra package.

Here it comes. The rude awakening finally follows in the workshop …
I’m sorry (laughs), not at CBF. Of course, one or the other model occasionally ends up on the lift with a small or large problem. But there are simply no typical weak points or quirks with this Honda. You can even stay calm with the maintenance costs. The small inspection is done for 150 to 200 euros, the big one, which is due every 24,000 km, costs a maximum of twice as much.

Your personal tip which one to buy?
The second series from 2008 with injection and combined ABS, under 25,000 km for around 4,000 euros.


Tests in motorcycle

3/2004 (FB), 4/2004 (FB), 7/2004 (TT), 9/2004 (VT), 12/2004 (T), 1/2005 (VT), 5/5005 (VT), 26 / 2007 (FB), 2/2008 (TT), 3/2008 (VT), 10/2009 (VT), 24/2009 (VT), 16/2010 (Alpenmasters) 2/2011 (VT)

FB = driving report, T = test, TT = top test, VT = comparison test

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Used offers:  


Bucheli repair instructions Volume 5267 for the PC 38 from 2004 (39.90 euros) and Volume 5284 for the PC 43 from 2008 (29.90). Ideal for all work that a hobby screwdriver can do himself with a little skill and proper tool equipment.


Ducati Monster 696: Does it have to be Japanese and four-cylinder? Anyone toying with the naked CBF could also go for the V-Twin from Italy.

Two-cylinder V-engine, 75 hp, weight 187 kg, 0-100 km / h in 4.2 seconds, top speed 210 km / h, consumption 3.8 liters, from 3600 euros 

Kawasaki ER-6f: The Greens have an alternative to choose from in the middle class: also an all-rounder, but not with a four-in-a-row.

Two-cylinder in-line engine, 72 hp, weight 213 kg, 0-100 km / h in 4.0 seconds, top speed 205 km / h, consumption 4.3 liters, from 2500 euros

Suzuki Bandit 650 S.: Honda’s strongest competitor. But came late (2007) with ABS. Also large selection and extremely cheap. 

Four-cylinder in-line engine, 86 hp, weight 251 kg, 0–100 km / h in 3.8 seconds, top speed 205 km / h, consumption 4.4 liters, from 2300 euros

Yamaha XJ 6 Diversion: Thoroughly revised new edition of the well-established Diversion series. But remains dynamic behind the CBF.

Four-cylinder in-line engine, 78 hp, weight 220 kg, 0-100 km / h in 3.9 seconds, Vmax 205 km / h, consumption 4.1 liters, from 3600 euros

Data CBF 600 / S (PC38)

Technical data Honda CBF 600 / S (PC38), model year 2005.

Used Honda CBF 600 S in price comparison

Used advice Honda CBF 600-S

1000PS marketplace app

Used Honda CBF600S are considered very reliable.

Honda’s CBF600S is a truly loyal companion, which you can also see on the used market. Even used CBF 600 S with high mileage still look brand new, which speaks for the Honda quality. The prices of the Honda are very fair, which is why it is also perfect as a first motorcycle. Here is an overview: used Honda CBF600S in Germany.

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