Vanucci VSR03 saddle bag test


Racing style, contort volume

Padded body, expandable volume to 20 liters, fluorescent rain cover, 1,600 grams

Vanucci is a brand of the equipment manufacturer, signing a wide range of stylish and qualitative products. Among its luggage storage offer, we now select the VSR03 sport saddle bag.

Vanucci VSR03 saddle bag test


There are backpackers who want only the largest amount of transport space and more sporty bikers, for whom the aesthetics of the luggage must follow, at best, the style of their mount. Legitimate: a model wearing a sophisticated bag is more elegant than dragging a pink and white gingham raffia bag ….

The bag is designed to fit into sports

And the Vanucci VSR03 bag is thus carefully studied, not only so as not to mismatch when traveling, but also to offer a very appreciable capacity. Its angular and streamlined shape fits particularly well on the tapered stern of sports machines. Likewise, the graphic design and the choice of materials contribute to this feeling. Silver and red border, reflective pads, elastomer and Cordura combine to emphasize the dynamism of the overall design.

The graphic design is also very neat

Large padded handle, shoulder strap or even backpack straps make it easy to carry the VSR03. For this last mode, we also note the face and the strips in nets limiting overheating. The assembly is placed behind the removable non-slip flap forming the bottom of the bag.

The bag then turns into a backpack

This is also where the attachment system to the machine is located. Openings in the four corners intelligently allow the retaining straps to pass under the zip. In addition, the buckles allow them to be adjusted and passed back to the saddle, without making knots around the attachment points. It is therefore possible, by means of a perimeter zipper, to take the bag away, leaving the part fixed. However, the straps remain "uncovered". An under-saddle system would have been even better. The stowage is quite practical and the support quickly positioned, even on a hyper-sport hardly lavish in points of fixing. On this type of machine, you must then lift your leg very high to get on your machine. Then the bag is forgotten.

The fixing system is quite practical

On its outer face, the opening flap offers an elastic web where one can place, for example, rain pants or an additional pair of gloves. Inside, small storage will accommodate pens, keys or bank card. Basic, the VSR03 has a volume of 15 liters, but its zipped bellows allows it to gain 5 units for a maximum of 20 liters. What to bring then, a small toiletry bag, pants, 5 T-shirts, underpants and socks, a sweatshirt, a pair of flat shoes, a 50 cl bottle of water and some other effects…. Not bad for a sports bag !

The bag allows you to take the necessary for a small roadtrip

Finally, a pocket contains a neon yellow rain cover which, in addition to protecting the bag from the elements, is sure to bring an elegant je ne sais quoi to your missile. Yes Yes. Moreover, everyone can judge, a guarantee of increased security..

The rain cover is fluorescent and it is non-negotiable ...


There is little luggage that matches both sporty style and comfortable volume. Without being a container, far from it, the Vanucci VSR03 saddle bag allows you to carry many effects, sufficient for a solo trip on weekends. In addition, you can effectively complete it with its counterpart designed for the tank, the Vanucci VSR01.

The bag offers a good compromise between style and storage space

We will oppose him the Givi Xstream EVO XS313, offered at 92 €, but less stylish and less practical both in fixing and carrying. A more serious competitor is the Bagster Spider. Displayed € 99.90, it turns out to be quite clever, but carrying it on the back is less comfortable.

Priced at 119.99 €, the Vanucci VSR03 is more expensive, but certainly benefits from an excellent design in terms of quality, ergonomics and style..

Strong points

  • Sporty style
  • Storage capacity
  • Quality materials
  • Ergonomics of fixation

Weak points

  • No simple fixings under the saddle

Features Vanucci VSR03 saddle bag

  • Non-deformable padded body
  • securing by long retractable straps
  • Base support with non-slip material on the underside
  • Expandable volume
  • Rubberized lockable zipper
  • Backpack transport system
  • Padded handle
  • Neon rain cover and shoulder strap
  • Water-repellent resistant textile material
  • Dimensions without gusset (W x H x D): 19 / 29x 20 x 40 cm approx.
  • Dimensions with gusset (W x H x D): 19/29 x 28 x 40 cm approx.
  • Volume: 20 liters max.
  • Weight: approx. 1600 g.

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