WSBK – Superbike statement and analysis in Jerez – Jonathan Rea: interview and statistics

Superbike statement and analysis in Jerez

WSBK - Jerez Superbike statement and analysis - Jonathan Rea: interview and statistics

The eleventh round of the World SBK 2015 took place yesterday in Jerez, Spain. To complete our live reports, here are the statements of the Superbike riders as well as the Site analysis of the two Spanish races.

Jonathan Rea: interview and statistics

Kawasaki: How does it feel, personally, when you know a year like this, especially after participating in the championship for so long? ?
Jonathan Rea:
Personally, I feel like my shoulders are relieved of some weight. I always believed that we were capable of winning a world championship, as soon as I went from a World Supersport motorcycle to a Superbike. My time has simply come. It seems like everything has aligned a bit for me, even when a number of things could have gone wrong. Like when the rain came to Portimao and I lost the front in the wet, just catching it with my knee. Or when I got scared on the first lap at Donington Park, landed straight into my saddle, and was able to grab second place … Everything went well for me. It had never happened to me before. I have been on Superbike for some time and have had two seasons plagued by injuries: my wrist in 2011 and my femur problem in 2013.

K: What made this season so special, after all this frustration ?
The most special, really, is not just the position we occupy right now. It was to join Kawasaki and a team that had been so successful in recent seasons, to share a garage with one of the strongest riders in World Superbike. Winning the first race at Phillip Island … It’s a feeling and a memory that I will cherish for a long time. It was awesome. From there, every weekend, even those where we couldn’t qualify on the first row or even the second – because we happened to start from seventh or eighth – we still won not bad races. This shows all the hard work accomplished not only by Pere Riba my team leader, or by Paolo Marchetti my electronics manager, but also by all the mechanics, who ensured us a package that worked on Sunday. This is proof that the Ninja ZX-10R is, if not the best, so definitely one of the best machines on the board right now..

K: When you roll towards your victories, it feels smooth and easy – although, of course, it’s never easy. What, on this bike, contributes to this feeling of softness ?
I also felt that my previous bike was fine on me, but the development carried out by KHI (Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Editor’s note), and that of our guys Paolo and Danilo, mean that in terms of ECU and engine management, we have without a doubt the best electronics on the grid. In our booth we have the top two electronics engineers, not just from the paddock, but from all over the world. These are two huge factors in benefiting from a good motorcycle. Then, from a chassis point of view, the bike runs so well. I think using and developing Showa suspensions is positive because we get 100% of their attention. Thanks to Showa and the way we work with them, we now have an incredible platform. They gave their full support. By working exclusively for us, they have assured us certain advantages.

K: You came from the middle of racing, and you know that a lot of good drivers won’t have the chance to be world champion. Does this make this season even tastier ?
Someone who won a championship just didn’t succeed in that championship. Everyone has faced adversity and difficult times, has come a long way. But from the age of five, I competed in Motocross schools. I’ve been racing for so long … I came to the world championship at 20, which is quite young, but I felt like I had been competing for years and years, so I had feel like it took me a little longer to reach my goal. The good thing is that I never gave up on my childhood dream. I just kept believing in myself. It was all beautiful and rosy at times, but there were countless hours and days and weeks spent in hospital rooms, or physio rooms, or with trainers. I think I’ve endured enough injuries so it’s really nice to have a season like this, it certainly makes up for the tough times that nobody really sees.

Profile of Jonathan Rea

  • Date of Birth : February 2, 1987

  • Place of birth : Larne, Northern Ireland

  • Nationality: British

  • Race number: 65

  • Team: Kawasaki Racing Team

  • Motorbike : Ninja ZX-10R

Johnny’s tours

  • 2015 : World Champion (Kawasaki)

  • 2014 : 3rd WSBK Superbike (Honda)

  • 2013: 9th WSBK Superbike (Honda)

  • 2012: 5th WSBK Superbike (Honda), Winner 8H Suzuka

  • 2011: 9th WSBK Superbike (Honda)

  • 2010: 4th WSBK Superbike (Honda)

  • 2009: 5th WSBK Superbike (Honda)

  • 2008: 2nd Supersport WSSP (Honda)

  • 2007: 2nd BSB Superbike (Honda)

  • 2006: 4th BSB Superbike (Honda), Winner 300 km Suzuka

  • 2005: 16th BSB Superbike (Honda)

  • 2004 : Supersport BSS (Honda)

  • 2003: 14th 125cc British Championship (Honda)

Johnny in World Superbike (as of September 21, 2015)

  • Departures: 162 (including 22 this season)

  • Poles: 6 (2)

  • Podiums : 62 (20)

  • Victories: 27 (12)

  • 2nd places: 19 (6)

  • 3rd places: 16 (2)

  • Tour records: 19 (9)

  • First race: Portimao 2008

  • First podium: Kyalami 2009

  • First victory: Misano 2009

  • First pole: Assen 2010

Johnny in World Supersport

  • Departures: 12

  • Poles: 0

  • Podiums : 6

  • Wins: 3

  • 2nd places: 1

  • 3rd places: 2

  • Tour records:

Johnny in British Superbike

  • Departures: 50

  • Poles: 1

  • Podiums : 16

  • Wins: 5

  • 2nd places: 9

  • 3rd places: 2

  • Tour records:

Johnny in MotoGP

  • Departures: 2

  • Misano 2012: 8th

  • Aragon 2012: 7th

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