WSBK – The Italian spring –

The Italian spring

WSBK - The Italian spring -

Biaggi has never been as strong as at home during this first Superbike season: by securing a victory and a second place yesterday in Vallelunga, the Emperor makes up part of his delay over James Toseland.

Biaggi has never been as strong as at home during this first Superbike season: the Roman Emperor claimed a victory and a second place yesterday in Vallelunga !

We are still a long way from the grand slam (pole position, track record and double victory), but Biaggi thus fills part of his delay in the world championship on the British James Toseland and is only 29 points behind.

At the end of the season, this gap nevertheless appears to be a chasm. Especially since Toseland stumbled when he fell during the second round in Italy, but he should not be relied on too much to repeat the awkwardness this weekend at Magny-Cours !

Remember in 2004, when a handful of points separated Toseland and Laconi: Regis, despite being in front of his home crowd, broke down and the Englishman became the youngest Superbike world champion…

Magny-Cours is therefore a circuit which suits Toseland rather well and Biaggi has never raced there … Suffice to say that he does not leave with all the assets in his game. Biaggi was at home in Vallelunga yesterday and the show romain was in full swing: the members of his fan club came disguised as centurions to the Suzuki box !

Biaggi flew over the first round, so much so that some bad tongues began to say that he perhaps did not have the same tires as the others … These are the same bad tongues that saw Biaggi move before the green light on the start line of the second heat…

They said he should have been fined for a stolen departure. But now, Max was playing this weekend at home. Was there an Italian trick? Poor Max, there will definitely always be bitter ones to look for lice in his head !

But whatever: right in his boots for his first Superbike season, Biaggi allows himself to fight for the title to the end. And while he is in very advanced talks to sign a second season in the Suzuki team with Francis Batta (it’s just a question of budget …), he is proving his worth and showing to those who still doubted that he has all the stature to become the first Italian Superbike world champion … in 2008 ?

A. LAFFUT – Photos DR

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