WSBK – World Superbike: Bimota lowers the curtain … on 2014 – BIMOTA Pre-Owned

World Superbike: Bimota drops the curtain … in 2014

WSBK - World Superbike: Bimota lowers the curtain ... on 2014 - BIMOTA Secondhands

For want of having produced enough road BB3s, Bimota can no longer line up his two machines in World Superbike. The small manufacturer from Rimini has decided to end the 2014 season, to better focus on the next one… Explanations.

The rules are clear: "to participate in the FIM Superbike or Supersport World Championships, or the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup, a manufacturer must produce a minimum quantity of units intended for the sale of the model for which he is applying for homologation".

This year, the figures set were as follows: 125 units for the first inspection, 250 units at the end of the first year and then 1000 units at the end of the second. With only 30 machines assembled and delivered to date, Bimota can no longer engage its BB3s.

The readers of Site – who, as everyone knows, have a little more RAM than others – also remember that the small Italian manufacturer was only due to a very special exemption…

"Due to the economic climate and the difficulties encountered by the motorcycle market over the past five years, the FIM and Dorna had however decided to lower these figures and introduce a new rule, allowing a manufacturer candidate for homologation to participate in Superbike events for four months, while not scoring any points", recalls the FIM.

This deadline has now expired for the Rimini firm, which has been running since mid-April in Aragon, "the homologation process and Bimota’s participation are therefore suspended, until the manufacturer can meet the homologation criteria", report the governing bodies.

"We have everything we need in stock to make the missing 95 motorcycles – a major part of which are already ordered by customers – and we have reached warranties with BMW for the supply of the engines.", regrets Daniele Longoni, CEO of Bimota.

"Six or eight additional weeks would perhaps have been enough for us to reach the 125 units", considers the big Italian boss, who wishes to thank"the FIM, Dorna, the Alstare team and the drivers for their important support, all the suppliers, the sponsors, the other manufacturers and of course the many fans"

"It’s sad to leave the championship", emphasizes Marco Chiancianesi, president of Bimota,"given the commitment of all the players, the significant investments made and the results obtained: in the virtual ranking of Evo motorcycles, Bimota would currently be second with Ayrton Badovini".

The Italian driver will unfortunately not defend his "fictitious" second place, and his teammate Chris Iddon will not be able to help him increase the success – unofficial also had – of the brand in the Evo category: in 16 races, Bimota had ridden on 16 "podiums", including 5 times on the highest step.

"The last months of 2014 will be used to prepare for the new SBK regulations and stay competitive from the start of next season.", foresees the CEO of Bimota … Case to follow therefore, on Site of course: stay connected !

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