WSBK – WSBK 2017: the grid of the second Superbike race revised … –

WSBK 2017: the grid of the second Superbike race revised…

WSBK - WSBK 2017: the grid of the second Superbike race revised ... -

The Superbike Commission of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) met a few days ago to make some changes to the WorldSBK rules. The main one concerns the starting grid on Sunday, which will depend in 2017 on the result of the first race held on Saturday…

Teasing, Loris Baz declares on social media that the (re-) overhaul of the World Superbike qualifying mode is due to his WSBK colleague at Ducati: Chaz Davies, who won the last six races of the season, often ahead Kawasaki champions Tom Sykes and Jonathan Rea…

“Slow down a bit to make it a bit more interesting, mate!” Chirps our only MotoGP representative this season – but joined by Zarco in 2017 – in reference to the Welsh rider’s impressive but lonely victories. "This is all your fault".

To add some action then, and allow other pilots – from nations other than Great Britain! – to shine in a Superbike race, or even to win, the FIM officials have decided to change the starting grid for the second race !

Turn carousel !

According to the Gentils Organisateurs, the Saturday morning Superpole will continue to define the positions of the starting grid of the first race (Saturday) as well as the places on the grid of the second race (Sunday) … but only beyond ninth place !

Because in 2017, the first three rows of the "second" grid will be determined by the results of the first round, as follows:

  • The Top 3 of the 1st round will occupy the third row. The 1st and 3rd will exchange their places.
  • The drivers who finish 4th, 5th and 6th will advance to the front row, in that order.
  • Drivers who finish 7th, 8th and 9th will start from the second row, in that order.

Qualified as unsportsmanlike by many observers (see our WSBK list on Twitter!), This decision will have the merit of complicating the task of the ruthless "JR" (9 victories including 3 doubled in 2016), of "Major Tom ( 8 poles and 5 wins) and "Chazie" (11 wins including 5 doubles!) At the start of the second round…

"I can’t wait to try this," said Nicky Hayden, the only "non-British" winner of the 2016 season, in the wet in the second round at Sepang. "This will spice things up and give fans a different and unpredictable second run (of the show)".

WSBK - WSBK 2017: the grid of the second Superbike race revised ... -

Some fans are already worried about seeing pilots give up their hand during the first round: "You are 3rd and your rival in the championship and 4th. You win 3 more points but he starts from pole in the second round. ? ", remarks a user to Paul Denning,

But the response of the big boss of the Yamaha team is reassuring: "No rider will drop 3 points and a podium (and the bonus!) To bet on the grid for the second round", estimates Mister Denning. "With more than 20 laps to go and only 3 pilots per line, the deficit can be made up".

Unsportsmanlike, pro-spectacle…

Another fan asks Chaz Davies Himself about his "greater risk of falling when trying to overtake slower riders" … The Ducati rider wants to be a philosopher: "it crossed my mind, but it’s sport ", or rather, the new rule of his sport…

And above all, "these ‘slower’ drivers have won races, world championships, etc. It’s not a day of driving!", Remarks the Welshman who rarely qualifies on the front row – almost never in pole position – and therefore knows what he’s talking about !

WSBK - WSBK 2017: the grid of the second Superbike race revised ... -

Naturally, the two least satisfied drivers are the two Ninjas, still very quick in qualifying. "I have a great idea: why not replace the Superpole with a fourth free practice session. We could just draw a straw like I did 20 years ago at Motocross school!" Kawasaki rider n ° 1 … a little green ?!

And if not, why not simply and completely reverse the positions of the nine drivers leading the first race on the second grid? Elementary: "The guys who finished 4th, 5th and 6th will give the Top 3 more trouble than the 7th, 8th and 9th. So place the front to improve the show", indicates this dear Chaz Davies.

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