BMW Motorrad Days: in Berlin from 2021, but already canceled

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BMW Motorrad Days: in Berlin from 2021, but already canceled


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BMW Motorrad Days: in Berlin from 2021, but already canceled

BMW Motorrad Days
From 2021 in Berlin, but already canceled

After a total of 18 successful BMW Motorrad Days in a row in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the world’s largest meeting for the BMW Motorrad brand was to take place in Berlin in 2021. Corona now forces you to cancel.

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In September 2020, BMW announced that the white and blue biker meeting was moving to the place where BMW has been making motorcycles for 50 years: the decision “BMW Motorrad Days goes Berlin” was taken with the aim of breaking new ground, developing new concepts and the BMW motorcycle Days to give further strong impulses in this way. At the same time, Berlin is an ideal platform for modern urban mobility concepts, including on two wheels.

Meetings should be even more diverse

“From our point of view, the Berlin location is perfect for the BMW Motorrad Days 2021. As an international metropolis with a rich cultural offer, a multitude of excursion options in the surrounding area and a unique lifestyle, the capital of Germany offers all possibilities to make the BMW Motorrad Days even more diverse and therefore more attractive in the coming year”, says Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad.

Corona forces the cancellation of the Berlin premiere

The event will be canceled in February 2021. In view of the current developments, the associated, as before, extensive measures to contain the coronavirus and out of responsibility towards our guests and employees, the organization team of the BMW Motorrad Days decided with a heavy heart not to hold this year’s event, as it did in 2020 , announced BMW.

With the early point in time of the cancellation one also wants to accommodate the guests from overseas, who also need longer lead times for their planning and travel preparations. The first BMW Motorrad Days in Berlin should then take place in July 2022.

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