Yamaha 800 FZ8 SP-R 2011


The name SP has always strongly valued sports models from Yamaha. Young people may not remember the YZF 750 SP, a limited series intended for competition with a mono saddle and special carbs…. the mother of the R7. But everyone drooled over the 2006 R1 SP, with its bewitching black and gold dress and Ohlins suspensions. Then the next generation was named SP-R, wearing the YART coat of arms and fitting out Akrapovic jars, all suspended by (still) the Swedish supplier. In short, when you have MS in your hands, you have a hell of a good gem in your pognes.

More racing version of the eponymous roadster, the FZ8 SP-R in turn takes up this worthy crest. But is it for all that a machine as exclusive as this additional acronym suggests? So let’s see what sets this SP-R apart from a standard FZ8 apart from the sticker set. There are two things that stand out: the Lazer pot branded with the machine’s name, and the Ohlins cushioning. With that, the 4-cylinder will be able to be more expressive. The exhaust should deliver decibels and canassons.
We remain more suspicious on the choice of suspensions. Graft a nice damping in the rear axle without modifying the original fork…. the chassis is likely to be hesitant, the rigor of the suspension is not at all the same between the front and the rear (the fork of the FZ8 is not known to be at the top of the category). It would be more legitimate to equip this SP-R entirely with high-quality components. Admittedly, the price would not be at all so attractive.

Because this is one of the big arguments of this roadster competing with the Kawasaki Z 750 R and Triumph Street Triple R: the price. Yamaha has made a good effort on the price, offering almost all of the modifications. In addition to the exhaust and shock absorber, the bike is equipped with an engine guard, side scoops and radiator grille, protective pads and a license plate holder.
If the harshness of the rear axle does not bother you more than that, there is also an R version, similar in all respects but without Ohlins cushioning and being reduced by 300 euros. In any case, this FZ8 does not appear to us as a novelty but rather as equipped with a sports kit. And then, we would have liked a little more ‘trendy’ decor…

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      • Max speed:
        about 230 km / h

      The technical aspect

      Yamaha 800 FZ8 SP-R 2011

      • Frame
      • Frame: Diamond type in aluminum
      • Tank: 17 liters
      • Seat height: 815 mm
      • Length: 2,140 mm
      • Width: 770 mm
      • Height: 1,065 mm
      • Wheelbase: 1,460 mm
      • Weight in running order: 211 kg
      • Train before
      • Telehydraulic inverted fork Ø 43 mm, deb: 130 mm
      • 2 discs Ø 310 mm, 4 piston calipers
      • Front wheel:

        – 17

      Yamaha 800 FZ8 SP-R 2011 technical

      • Transmission
      • 6-speed gearbox
      • Secondary chain transmission
      • Rear axle
      • Ohlins monoshock, deb: 130 mm
      • 1 disc Ø 267 mm, 2 piston caliper
      • Rear wheel:

        – 17

      • Motor
      • 4 Cylinders
        in line
        , 4 stroke
      • Cooling: Liquid cooling
      • Injection
      • 2 ACT
      • 4 valves per cylinder
      • 779 cc
        (68 x 53.6 mm)
      • 106
        at 10,000 rpm
      • 8.40 mkg
        at 8000 rpm
      • Compression: 12: 1
      • Crit’air:

      Detached pieces


      chain kit


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