Yamaha MT-07 (2019) – Revised MT-07 in the starting blocks

Yamaha MT-07 (2019)

Revised MT-07 in the starting blocks

Yamaha is currently working on a new MT-07, which could debut this year. In addition to technical updates, you could also get a facelift.

NOTAce braked is half the battle. In 2019, Yamaha brings a revision of the popular MT-07. The wildly taped prototype that our Erlkonig hunter caught has a different manifold routing than before.

Technical updates and optical facelift

Because the first stage of the Euro 5 standard, which will apply from 2020, requires more efficient emission control, the catalytic converter is located closer to the engine, because the hotter the exhaust, the faster it unfolds its full effect. Yamaha will probably give the Twin an optical facelift as part of the technical update.

By the way, the test driver was on the way to the brake test: Hoses lead from the five-liter water can on the luggage rack to the rear and front brakes to test the wet braking behavior. There is also a measuring device on the left fork leg that records the brake pressures. These tests are mandatory for homologation.

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