Zontes ZT 125-U and ZT 125-G1: Streetfighter and Cafe Racer

Zontes ZT 125-U and ZT 125-G1

Little street fighter and little cafe racer

Zontes from China is launching two new 125cc models on the German market. The single cylinders roll up as street fighters and cafe racers.

Zontes enters the market of 125 light motorcycles with two new models. The Zontes ZT 125-U competes as an aggressive and dynamically styled street fighter in two color variants (gray / blue and gray / red). The ZT 125-G1, on the other hand, does the Cafe Racer. It comes in matt black with champagne-colored inlays.


Zontes as a cafe racer.

The technical platform for both 125 models is identical. The liquid-cooled single cylinder with 125 cm³ comes as an injector and is homologated according to Euro 5. The power is 15 hp. The six-speed gearbox uses an anti-hopping clutch. Deceleration is achieved with disc brakes on both wheels in combination with ABS. The Zontes models are on 110 / 70-17 tires at the front and 130 / 70-17 tires at the rear.


Zontes as a street fighter.

Both models are now available at prices of EUR 2,915 each plus EUR 128 freight.


Zontes is launching two deliciously made 125ccs. The performance is at the class limit, the prices are on the cheap side.

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