All Duels – 2011 R1200R Vs Griso 8V SE: German rigor or Italian charm … – Two 1200 twin-cylinder roadsters

R1200R 2011 Vs Griso 8V SE: German rigor or Italian charm…

All Duels - 2011 R1200R Vs Griso 8V SE: German rigor or Italian charm ... - Two 1200 twin-cylinder roadsters

Certain prejudices die hard … By opposing the new R1200R and the Griso 8V SE, Site wanted to avoid the stereotypes attributed to Germanic and transalpine products. It’s missed: BMW and Moto Guzzi maintain their reputations ! Duel.

Two 1200 twin-cylinder roadsters

Motorcycles, there is something for everyone! In France it is well known, a large part of bikers appreciate medium-displacement "4-legged" roadsters. But some prefer to these descendants of the glorious Honda Four, European mounts to the past – and engines – no less prestigious…

The very last R 1200 R and the Griso 8V SE, which Site opposes today, for example perpetuate the great traditions of BMW and Moto Guzzi (read and).

At the heart of these two roadsters, an air-cooled "twelve hundred" twin-cylinder – and a little oil on the Guzzi – decked out with 4 valves … per cylinder, or eight in all! On the technical sheet, the power values ​​of the two machines are identical (106 regulatory horsepower in France and 110 hp tied in the free world) while those of torque are very close.

However, the common features stop there because the German and the Italian are keen to keep their specificities! At the center of attention and attention of course, the transverse twin: "flat" for the R1200R and "in V at 90 °" for the Griso.

Der Boxermotor

Inaugurated in 2010 on the world bestseller R1200GS and the French bestseller R1200RT, the latest version of the famous German Flat-twin is finally fitted to the R1200R model! The roadster now benefits from dual overhead camshafts and four radially arranged valves…

The 2011 "R" also inherits a new shorter silencer and an exhaust flap, so that it ultimately claims a maximum power of 110 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and torque of 119 Nm. at 6000 rpm. "This development is all the more striking as the R 1200 R is much lighter and more compact than its Boxer-powered counterparts.", warns the Munich manufacturer !

Side cycle, the Telelever and Paralever are naturally renewed. However, on the occasion of the presentation of the novelty at the Milan Motor Show last November, the extension of the sleeves of the original front suspension – from 35 to 41 mm – in order to improve the stability of the motorbike.

Among the small alterations, we also retain the arrival of passenger handles much more useful and convenient than the regulatory strap that fitted the saddle of the previous R1200R (read our).

Unfortunately not available at the BMW Motorrad France press park for our duel, the "Classic" version of the R1200R also made its entry into the catalog in 2011 and adds the touch of sex appeal which is somewhat lacking in the standard version…

Its black paint with white stripes, its spoked rims and chrome mirrors allow the "Classic" to stand out from the flood of scooters and motorcycles. This is much less the case with our test model, as gray as the Parisian skies in summer 2011 !

It Quattrovalvole

Piaggio France – as a reminder Moto Guzzi belongs to the Piaggio group – was on the contrary delighted to lend Site the Griso 8V in its SE version … A "special edition" therefore, which differs from the normal version by an elegant decorated green paint white border, spoked rims and a saddle worthy of the productions of the saddler Hermès !

Only one change concerns the cycle part: the SE trades the petal discs of the standard Griso 8V against all round elements, "old-fashioned" one would be tempted to say. The tubular chassis, the impressive 43 mm inverted fork – with the Moto Guzzi logo, please – the radially mounted calipers, the "CARC" cardan transmission and the engine remain identical to the basic version..

"Designed with respect to a forty-year-old tradition", underlines the firm of Mandello del Lario, the transverse twin in V at 90 ° is still as monumental, especially in this livery almost entirely painted in black.

Only the cylinder head covers are gray and emphasize the name "Quatrovalvole" of the machine: from the Norge, the Griso engine has indeed four valves per cylinder, actuated by a single overhead camshaft. – against two on the new BMW.

The beauty of the parts and their quality of finish are impressive on both machines. You have to be a warned and vigilant biker to find some imperfections. By leaning a little closer on each motorcycle, here is what we remember…

A sexier 8V Griso

We appreciate Moto Guzzi’s effort to hide the electronic fuel injection and its connections: although the result is far from perfect and the intake remains bare – this is not visible when the rider is on the bike – , the simple fact that the Germans did not try anything on this point raised the rating of the Italians! Likewise, the lever spacing adjustment screws are much more beautiful on the Goudzi than on the Behème….

The low and sculptural line of the Italian, completed by a superb integrated rear light, is more attractive than that of the more conventional German. Too bad, however, that the chrome turn signals of the Griso are made of plastic, and that a little too large a day between the frame and the bottom of the tank lets appear some wires…

Crossed on the terraces or posted at a red light, the Griso 8V SE invariably wins the votes of passers-by against the sad color of "our" standard R1200R, its less impressive equipment and engine block … Riding the Griso, no one need a yellow vest to be seen in traffic !

Among bikers, we note an undeniably stronger sympathy for the Moto Guzzi: compliments flow to its owner – his tester in this case -, the latter is quickly bombarded with questions and discussions drag on, while the pilot of the BMW waiting in his corner, helmet screwed on his head and ready to do battle !

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