All-terrain – Marc Germain stays with Yamaha Motor France –

Marc Germain remains at Yamaha Motor France

All-terrain - Marc Germain stays with Yamaha Motor France -

The pilots will have finally made Yam want to continue his commitment in enduro: Germain no longer leaves for HM, Aubert will ride on a few classics and rounds of the French championship and Fretigne takes Romain Cadillac under his wing..

The ambitions of the Yamaha riders will finally have made Yamaha Motor France want to continue its commitment in enduro: while we suspected a significant withdrawal of the YMF staff in enduro competition, Marc Germain remains loyal to the brand in tuning forks! Johnny Aubert will ride in France on a few classics and rounds of the French championship, David Fretigne official driver will welcome Romain Cadillac into his structure, and finally Yves Demaria, multiple MX world champion, will in turn play in the streamers.

What happened ? The heart side of JCO has spoken, we are told at Yamaha. Although very attached to men and to the race, the possible departure of Marc Germain for the reds (he was expected at HM Honda) and the rise of Johnny Aubert has changed the situation and could have changed Jean-Claude’s strategy. Oliver.

We were indeed expecting dark cuts in the involvement of Yamaha Motor France in the French enduro: the 10% of turnover of the TT at the French importer rather suggested a withdrawal of the firm in the competition. (read in particular the).

The situation was so critical that a driver like Marc Germain, whose clear and stated goal is to clinch an E1 World Championship title, had every interest in changing colors..

Marc Germain therefore approached the HM Honda team, managed by Gilles Algay. And while the contract was almost concluded, JCO was able to find the arguments to catch up with Marc Germain: he is now assured of the status of official Yamaha rider for 2008 and 2009. !

As for the guy from "ch’nord", Johnny Aubert, in 2008 he will regain the status of semi-official pilot in France. The ex-crossman knows Yamaha Motor France well, with whom he began his sporting career in 1993 and 1994. After a sawtooth MX career, several seasons with the Franco-Belgian team Casola, then a return in 2005 to Yamaha France, he tries enduro. It took him well, since in 2006 he joined the Italian team UFO Corse with which he ran the Italian Championship and the World Enduro Championship..

In 2008, the most cosmopolitan of French riders will of course remain factory riders in the UFO Corse team, but he also becomes a semi official Yamaha Motor France on the classics and a few rounds of the French championship..

Vice world champion 2007 in E2, Johnny Aubert is on the rise and seems on course to have a good popularity rating with the French public! And the icing on the cake, he has just won the individual title at the ISDE. It is therefore difficult to imagine how Yamaha Motor France could have left under the sole Italian banner a top French pilot with every chance of becoming world champion. !

For his part, David Fretigne will still participate in the French championship and the classics as an official rider with his own structure, the Team Fret Motosport. Romain Cadillac, the brand’s support driver, will benefit from David’s structure for the national events. Damien Miquel (ex Kawasaki), Julien Pommier and Gregory Eyries will defend Yam’s colors in the French championship. Stephane Peterhansel, always faithful, will be present on the enduro classics.

As for the rallies, no change: David Fretigne participates mainly in the Dakar with the support of Yamaha Motor France. But as long as the regulations do not evolve towards a limitation of displacement, the brand in tuning forks will not line up as an official team (read).

Finally Yves Demaria, after three MX world champion titles and six French champion titles, follows the path traced by his ex-rivals in MX to the delight of enduro aficionados: to spice up his end of career, Yves Demaria will be present at Le Touquet and at the enduro classics. A great season in perspective !

Frederique DAUPHINOT

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