Benelli Supersport 550: New twin for new athletes

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Benelli Supersport 550: New twin for new athletes

Benelli Supersport 550: New twin for new athletes
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Super athlete

Benelli Supersport 550: New twin for new athletes

Benelli Supersport 550
New twin for the sporty middle class

Benelli mother QJ-Motor has a new supersport machine in the making. The technical basis could be the Benelli Leoncino and so a sports Benelli is not far away.

Jens Kratschmar


In this article:

  • 1. No one needs 550 cubic meters
  • 2. Benelli doesn’t need an athlete
  • 3. Big twin fits better
  • 4. 350 athletes never came either
  • 5. Benelli already has a new super sports car
  • Conclusion

Whenever things degenerate into slapstick in the morning conference, the boss puts on the brakes with a slight wobble: “But now it’s good too.” What that with Benelli or parent company QJ Motors and possible new engines has to do with? Does the chronicler even assume slapstick? Not at all. Still, now it’s good: Whenever a sack of rice falls over at QJ’s in China or some new model rolls out of the halls, the western motorcycle world hoists the Benelli lion flag and conjures the ultimate comeback in all classes and displacement sizes from the depths of the Mind. Here are five reasons why the shown motorcycle will not be a new Benelli athlete.

1. No one needs 550 cubic meters

The rumor is based on a newly homologated model from QJ Motor that the Benelli Leoncino 500 in large parts very similar. And in the homologation 550 cubic meters from two cylinders, just under 52 HP and 197 kilograms are given. The current Leoncino with its 47.6 hp is exactly in the A2 class, the 550 engine would either have to have 48 hp in series or be additionally throttled in order to fit into the European A2 class. Should such an athlete come, she would compete against a KTM RC 390 or a Yamaha R3. Both are a few horsepower weaker, but also a good 30 kilos lighter. In addition, both offer a dense dealer network and a motorsport history that does not go back more than 30 years. And the Yamaha is still part of a large family of athletes.

2. Benelli doesn’t need an athlete

If QJ Motor, as the mother of Benelli, were interested in bringing a super sports car with the lion’s head to Europe, they would have done it long ago. The QJ600GS-3B has been around in China for years. 600 quadruple, 81PS, high speed, known from the Benelli BN600i, which is no longer available. Beware of spoilers: And when you look at the swing arm with its eccentric strut, the similarities are striking. So the bike shown is more of a successor to an existing QJ model than a brand new Benelli for Europe.

3. Big twin fits better

If you want to know exactly, then the Benelli page reveals an engine that fits a sporty mid-range model à la RS 660 or Yamaha R7 much better: The twin with 752 cubic meters and a good 76 hp from the 752 S would be suitable. Although the naked bike weighs a hefty 226 kilograms, it would draw level with the competition in terms of displacement and pressure and could also save weight if slightly reduced.

4. 350 athletes never came either

Recently there was something about a 350cc athlete on MOTORRAD Online to read from QJ Motor and the idea of ​​a little Benelli was blazing in my head. There was no further evidence, see reason 1: Top dogs with enormous advantages.

5. Benelli already has a new super sports car

Probably the best reason why the bike shown will not be a new, little super athlete is: Benelli has just launched a new super sports car in China and given it the historic name Tornado.


Thump. And again a sack of rice fell over at QJ Motor and of course every new model has to be a Benelli for Europe. No it doesn’t have to. The five reasons mentioned are speculative, but are at least underpinned by the current portfolio of QJ and Benelli.

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