BMW Motorrad voluntarily exchanges cylinder heads: S 1000 RR (2020)

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BMW Motorrad voluntarily exchanges cylinder heads: S 1000 RR (2020)


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BMW Motorrad voluntarily exchanges cylinder heads: S 1000 RR (2020)

BMW S 1000 RR with problem valves
BMW exchanges cylinder heads

BMW Motorrad voluntarily replaces the cylinder heads of certain engines in the S 1000 RR. Reason: faulty titanium valves can lead to increased wear in the long run.

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  • Which engines are affected?
  • Deadline May 18, 2020
  • BMW approaches customers
  • Conclusion

In internal long-term tests of series engines, BMW Motorrad found valve guides of different sizes after 100,000 kilometers of service. The reason: At the beginning of 2020, some of the titanium valves installed on the shaft were delivered rougher than required, which in the long term causes greater wear on the valve guides. As a result, BMW voluntarily replaces the cylinder heads on affected machines.

Which engines are affected?

Since not all valves of the batch showed the defect, can BMW motorcycle do not say exactly which engines are affected and limit the possible motorcycles based on the engine number. These are specifically examined during the next visit to the workshop and, in case of doubt, the head is exchanged for guarantee. MOTORRAD does not have any information on what exactly this examination looks like. However, the promise that every customer will be provided with a free replacement machine while the cylinder head is being replaced.

BMW Motorrad voluntarily exchanges cylinder heads: S 1000 RR (2020)


For engines built between January and May 2020, one or more of the titanium valves can cause higher wear over a long service life.

Deadline May 18, 2020

In principle, anyone could S 1000 RR whose engine was produced between January 2020 and May 18, 2020, be equipped with one or more of these faulty valves in the cylinder head. According to BMW Motorrad, no more faulty valves were installed in the engines until this date. Let’s withdraw the four-week production stop from mid-March in the first lockdown, let’s talk about a production period of three and a half months. BMW does not name production figures and thus a number of potentially affected machines.

BMW Motorrad voluntarily exchanges cylinder heads: S 1000 RR (2020)


How many of the engines can be affected is not known, BMW dealers will write to the owners of such machines in question.

BMW approaches customers

According to BMW, there is currently no cause for concern due to a supposed problem with heavily worn valve guides at very high mileage. The authorized dealers inform the owners of the machines that may be affected and, if necessary, replace the head under guarantee.

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It’s annoying, but ultimately I benefit from it as a customer.

I feel insecure and I lose confidence in the technology / the manufacturer.


Two sides of the same coin: Strong, BMW replaces the cylinder heads of motorcycles, which could possibly have a damage pattern that only occurs with very high mileages. Likewise, BMW couldn’t have done anything and thought: Germans drive an average of 5,000 kilometers a year, so they’ll notice something, if at all in 20 years.

Weak: How can it be that the premium supplier of titanium valves works improperly here, does not notice it and BMW Motorrad only notices this when they run internal long-term tests. In the same notch could be used with the lever that even customers who are affected do not know exactly what is happening.

From his point of view, it looks like this: I bring my one year old S 1000 RR to an oil change and the dealer says: We will replace the cylinder head. It is for free.

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