Customized Honda Monkey

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Customized Honda Monkey

Customized Honda Monkey
King Kong’s revenge

Thomas Schmieder


Allow me: Honda Monkey Z 50 G.
G for gorilla. The gorillas have been built in Japan since 1978, as one of
three monkey versions, with a cute figure eight-
Inch wheel, fat nine-liter tank, four-speed manual gearbox, manual clutch and twelve-volt system. Ralf Pfundheller from »Dax & Monkey Service «has made it its business to bring them to Germany. Together with other fun vehicles and Chinese replicas. And then usually the tuning starts. So the Essen native turned his own gorilla, built in 1984, into a real poison dwarf. 75 kilograms light, 1.42 meters long and up to a comfort saddle
just under 70 centimeters high. Cute isn’t it?
But since the conversion, the creature has really bite: 158 cm3 and real 14 hp on the crankshaft meet an ultra-short wheelbase. Not without consequences. The gorilla has thrown off two experienced MOTORRAD testers who usually put big bikes to the test and neither want to be named. Give the monkey sugar and it will whip up surprisingly treacherously. Lands with the front wheel turned or pulls the driver behind on his knees. Ralf had warned: “Always put the load on the front wheel!” He was proven right.
A cough in the direction of the Kickstarter is enough to bring the single to life. And then full coverage! Dwarf Rase screams like a big one from the roaring pipe, which is set up at a 45-degree angle, grunts from the open intake funnel. One blow of the gas and all passers-by gaze at the monkey. The engine that hangs in the monotube frame comes from the Honda Nice with 110 cm3, which was produced in Thailand. The new crankshaft, cylinder liner and the new pistons ensure powerful drumming on the chest. Makes a stroke of 62 millimeters
and 57 hole. Tuning camshafts and larger inlet and outlet valves let the engine run properly. The tachometer needle just flits across the white background. The Langhuber already lifts its 14 hp at 8500 tours. But turns bravely and with almost no loss of performance up to 11000 rpm.
With a 28 mm flat slide carburettor instead of the 26 mm round slide installed in the test, there would be even more power, says Ralf. The Gernegrob has a real fighter heart. The driver should bring that too. Tall guys can control the deer antler handlebar with their knees. The straight-line stability is sensitive, the slack spring struts, which are underdamped in the rebound stage, rock in long curves. The not too soft telescopic fork from the Honda Nice responds well. The brakes catch the gorilla safely at all times. Concentration is required in curves, because from a certain incline King Kong’s revenge suddenly continues to tip over the mini wheels with studded tires.
Just because she drives so differently, do seasoned men have a lot of fun ?? they only have to leave the white woman at home. All Monkeys have been single-seaters since the 1966 prototype. Two seats, ten-inch wheels and a factory-installed 70 cm3 engine are available in the Dax. With this, too, »Dax & Monkey Service «. Not to forget with TuV registrations and operating permit. So that the monkey gangs don’t quickly disappear behind bars. tsr

Info – Honda Monkey Tuning

Contact: Dax & Monkey
Service, Prinz-Friedrich-Strabe 28/30, 45257 Essen, phone 0201/4868112,

Tuning gorilla complete: 6500 euros

Honda Monkey Z 50 G factory-
new with 49 cm3 and German
Operating license: 2700 euros

Conversion to 70, 108 or 125 cm3 including light motorcycle approval:
on request
Honda Nice engine
with 110 cm3: 1500 euros

Crankshaft with
62 mm stroke: 600 euros

57 piston: 180 euros

Tuning camshaft: 129 euros

Larger valves (inlet
28.5 mm, outlet 24 mm): 400 euros

Flat slide carburetor
(Mikuni, Ø 28 mm): 400 euros

Kitaco R-Tech exhaust: 220 euros
Telescopic fork with washers-
Brake from Honda Nice: 750 euros

KYB shock absorbers,
310 mm long: 165 euros

Kitaco alloy rims
2.50 x 8.00 inches: 250 euros

Spiegler steel braided steel-
brake line: 65 euros

All prices without installation

TuV registrations and
Sample report: on request

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