Dainese Tempest D-WP boot test


Simplicity and convenience

Equipment specialist, Dainese offers, with Tempest D-WP, simple boots, integrating the useful and necessary elements for various uses at a contained price.

Simple, tall, waterproof and light, that's how the Dainese Tempest sums it up


If your specification is: a pair of simple, tall, waterproof and light boots, the Dainese Tempest D-WP might be right for you. First prize of the Italian brand, they do not forget to be qualitative. Starting with their discreet but refined aesthetic.

The fit is narrow and will be more suitable for thin feet

Thin, the Tempest feature cleverly cut cowhide panels to boost style and above all optimize walking comfort. Likewise, a large textile panel on the top of the foot facilitates movement. Another insert softens the rod, overcoming a gusseted area.

For safety, the inner malleolus and front of the boot benefit from a rigid thermoplastic polyurethane insert, while at the heel, a reflective device is covered with a perforated leather panel. The waterproofing is ensured by a D-WP (Dainese Wet Protection) membrane and the interior is covered with a microfiber fabric.

Reinforced, the heel also incorporates reflective elements


So no frills on board. The Tempest gives the same impression when put on, with a fit that is close to the foot. Indeed, the interior trim is fine, the leather also, suitable for mid-season.

A zip closes the boot, lined with a velcro running to its top. We appreciate this significant height, especially on the front, effectively protecting the leg. Finally, a second velcro, on the inside, allows you to adjust the width of the rod to your calf. Narrow, the fit will suit fine feet.

The closure is ensured by a zip and velcro bands

Thinness and flexibility characterize the Tempest, providing a very good feeling of the controls. A good point in town where we often knit the selector, but also offroad. Thus, in off-road evolutions, the Dainese boots are forgotten, leaving good precision during the various phases of piloting. The more urban will also appreciate their sobriety with a street dress.

The Tempest are also suitable for trail getaways

This simple realization also impacts thermal regulation. In hot weather and despite the lack of a breathable membrane, Italian boots remain comfortable. Conversely, in cold weather, do not hesitate to put on good socks. And for long journeys, choose boots more suited to winter conditions.

In the rain, or when crossing fords, the waterproofing is flawless, only the front textile part, taking in a little water, takes a long time to dry.

Thin and supple, these boots offer a good feeling of control.


Dainese Tempest boots provide everything you need for long or short trips. Summer or mid-season, they will satisfy everyday use in the city and surroundings, traveling and even off-road outings, on large tracks. However, the relative impact protection will limit the exercise. The convincing waterproofness and appreciable comfort conclude an attractive performance / price ratio. Priced at 179.95 €, the Tempest offers you Dainese quality for a simple and well-designed product, with an efficient and discreet style..

Strong points

  • Comfort
  • Flexibility
  • Precision

Weak points

  • Leather marks fairly quickly
  • Textile inserts fill with water

Features of the Dainese Tempest D-WP boots

  • Microfiber and leather motorcycle boots
  • D-WP waterproof inner membrane
  • Rigid insert at the ankle and selector
  • Reflective for better visibility
  • Non-slip outsole
  • Zip closure
  • Velcro tightening for a perfect fit

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One thought on “Dainese Tempest D-WP boot test

  1. I tested the two MTs: 07 and 09. To summarize: MegaTop 07 / MultiTares 09


    Well designed, central contactor, plastic parts effect of nicely striated material, qualitative housing surface, fine and dynamic rear shell, correct seat, rear seat too small / hard.

    Nice openwork banana arm. Very neat lower part frame plates. Very thin motorcycle.

    Medium, small commodos. Meter too narrow, especially bar-graph counter revolutions at the bottom … A few visible thimbles, hoses too visible on the right side. Exposed water pump.

    Voluntary engine at all speeds, flexible in town, tows well above 6,000 to the red zone. Nice reminders. Very alive.

    Slightly firm brake lever, biting braking, good attack, only slightly locks the steering. We keep the brakes easily in curves. Ar brake ok.

    Rather lively cycle part (lack of direct cushioning). Good cycle part agreement but flexible damping especially before (oil / spring).

    Consumes not badly: 6.5 in sustained piloting.


    Dynamic sides, nice setting. Rear hull too angular and flat, unworthy rear light, firm and poorly designed saddle.

    Medium, small, but readable bar-graph tachometer. Medium and identical switches MT07 …, exposed terminals. Advantageous handlebar and upper triple clamps, nice column stopper. Handlebars very / too wide.

    Top engine above 6/7000, hairy revivals !

    Very / too lively cycle part (lack of direct damping)

    Powerful braking but soft lever for a good part of the stroke, locks the machine on the angle. Rear brake ok.

    Bumps in all modes (especially restricted version)

    Part cycle not very homogeneous, fork and shock absorber too flexible, the machine pumps during large raises on the angle.

    Service / approval / price ratio: MT07 !!

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