Enduristan Hurricane 15 waterproof backpack

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Enduristan Hurricane 15 waterproof backpack
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Enduristan Hurricane 15 waterproof backpack

Enduristan Hurricane 15
Tried waterproof backpack

A waterproof backpack despite the zipper system? Sounds very promising. How did the Enduristan Hurricane 15 fare in the first test??

Tobias Beyl

January 31, 2019

Above all, the Hurricane backpack makes one promise – and it keeps it: It is waterproof. With a time-consuming winding technique that would hardly be worth mentioning, but the Enduristan can do this even with a zipper! That is comfortable and quite impressive, even if the result is bought with a little effort.

Not cheap pleasure

The zipper must first be lubricated with a lubricant, and it only has one tab and can therefore only be closed from one side. On the plus side there is a chest and hip belt as well as the option of installing a hydrapack (3 liters, 40 euros) or additional bags (from 21 euros).

Unfortunately, the low weight and dynamic shape contrasts with an unreliable stand, but reflectors and the possibility of attaching a personalized patch round off the appearance positively. Without any additional accessories, the Enduristan Hurricane 15 holds around 15 liters. The waterproof backpack is available for 140 euros, which is not exactly cheap.

Noticed positively: Waterproof, mounting options

Noticed negatively: Bad status, effort, price

Size: 15 liters

Price: 140 euros

MOTORCYCLE Rating: 3.5 stars out of a possible 5

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