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We knew the Taiwanese manufacturer Kwang Yang Motor Co for its small displacement, but year after year, the scooter specialist is increasing in displacement and power to unveil after the Like 200, G-Dink 300 and XCiting 500R finally its brand new maxi-scooter 700 cm3. A logical continuation for the manufacturer who supplied its 600 cc engines to the latest BMW C600 Sport and 650 GT. Liquid-cooled 699.5 cm3 in-line twin-cylinder, 280 mm front double disc and 240 mm rear disc coupled to a Bosch ABS system, power of 58.8 horsepower and torque of 63Nm…. The maxi-scoot is among the most powerful, only surpassed by the Aprilia SRV 850 and much cheaper at only 8,199 euros. So real racing beast or GT scooter to open your way ?

Kymco MyRoad 700i


The MyRoad imposes itself immediately by its size because it is big, very big even. Its presence is impressive from stern to bow, from the triple front LED optics to the large and massive stern. In fact, at 2.309mm long and 824mm wide, it is longer and wider than the Aprilia and even the Burgman 650, which is the widest on the market. Fat, it is also in terms of weight, with its nearly 300 kilos full made (281 kilos dry), more than 25 kilos more than the Burgman.

Headlight Kymco MyRoad 700i

With its timeless lines, it borrows both from the classic in form and from the modern highlighted mainly by the triple optic LEDs which make it like no other. The MyRoad has its own personality and doesn’t borrow its style from anyone. Plastics have nothing to envy to those of the automobile and are qualitative. The long, molded saddle encourages you to sit on it. Passenger handles can easily accommodate a Sumo in the back.

Kymco MyRoad 700i

The CVT is particularly well concealed and the imposing double-ended exhaust protected by an aluminum plate does not suffer from any lack of taste. The footrests are perfectly integrated into the bodywork and can be extracted from it using a button on the dashboard.

Kymco MyRoad 700i from above

In the saddle

It’s easy to get on board the Kymco, with a very easily spanned central deck and a large, comfortable saddle. Under the eyes, we discover a real dashboard with an analog counter and tachometer framing a digital display with all the necessary information: five-stick fuel gauge, clock, totalizer, partial double rip, suspension mode indicator ( sport, medium or soft). There are especially 3 diodes on the axis of the needles of the counter, the tachometer and the engine temperature. Everything is clear and readable, even under the sun. Next to it, there are diodes to signal the trunk open, the kickstand unfolded, or a malfunction of the ABS or the oil pressure.

Dashboard Kymco MyRoad 700i

Dashboard Kymco MyRoad 700i

On the left there is a small storage compartment, entirely in plastic, including at the level of the closure, very practical in terms of capacity (you can put a drink can) but much less in terms of ease of closing. There are also some visible screws.

Kymco MyRoad 700i empty pocket

On the right, we find…. The reservoir ! And yes, unlike scooters often powered under the saddle, or at the center crotch bridge, the fuel tank fills at the dashboard. In use, this comes in handy. The warnings are also found on the right-hand switch, but like a lighthouse call.

Rear light Kymco MyRoad 700i

In the center of the saddle, in front of you, there is a small storage, perfect for rain pants. On the other hand, no key lock.

The saddle is not very high at only 780mm but is wide. As a result, the 1.70m pilot barely touches the ground with both feet.


Hands resting on a rather high and ideally wide handlebars, the position is quite good. The feet can land well under the pilot or on the contrary soar far ahead, which turns out to be the most instinctive position in everyday life..

Starter on the right, and the maxi-scooter snorts in a deep, rewarding, plush sound, even on an unfolded stand…. ideal for heating it. We raise the scooter which we feel some vibrations and especially the weight. The nearly 300 kilos fully packed are present. We turn the right handle, the twin goes up in the towers and the scooter then takes off after a lag time.

Kymco MyRoad 700 in town

In the city

The MyRoad is a big scooter, the weight of which causes a certain inertia in the maneuvers. However, the handling is there despite the size. It even goes rather better between cars than the old version of the Burgman, thanks to the mirrors placed high, which never obstruct the passages. Automatic driving can be performed here in two pilot modes.

The first mode is to accelerate smoothly and let the scooter move smoothly for a smooth, smooth and peaceful ride. The second mode is to open on the cleat, let the tachometer needle climb to 5,000 rpm, wait for the scooter to take off and find that you have already lost your license. In fact, if the maxi-scoot offers a slight lag time at the throttle (especially linked to the inertia of the weight), once launched, it is well launched and very swift. And if he is not necessarily the first at the stopped start, possibly being overtaken on the very first meters at a red light, he catches up after a few dozen meters to leave – far – behind his opponent in two – wheels. In fact, once started at a minimum, the recoveries are vigorous and powerful..

It then gets by naturally in traffic. Its weight and size just require a little attention when maneuvering at very low speed..

Kymco MyRoad 700 in town

The braking here is consistent with the GT machine…. stopping suitably on the desired distance. No exaggerated power or particular bite, but efficiency on a daily basis and without planing on hard braking. We just note a difference in guard between the two handles, the left being much harder than the right.

Are the cobblestones more painful and the suspension a bit hard? Here, no problem, pressing the switch, even while driving, the suspensions are controlled in Soft mode for flexible and comfort improves very noticeably, thus smoothing out the defects of the road particularly well..

Kymco MyRoad 700 in town

On the highway

The maxi-scoot takes off furiously on the motorway, quickly climbing 140 km / h and then easily continuing to 160 km / h at 7,000 rpm. Well started, there must still be enough to save a few kilometers hours, knowing that the odometer is a little generous offering 10 km / h more than reality. The steering is then sound as well in a straight line as on the big curves. The protection is rather effective without any particular stir in the helmet but with noise. We can then settle down quietly with our feet forward for a long road at constant speed.

On national

Back on the national road, the MyRoad fulfills its duty of loyal service and ensures the ride in peace. You can accelerate sharply to overtake without asking any questions, knowing that the scooter finds its optimal pace between 5,000 and 6,000 rpm, respectively 110 and 130 km / h. We can then return to legal speeds. The overall comfort is then good.

If the pace picks up, the course is still good…. even if weight requires, the maxi-scooter has a tendency to understeer which requires you to be a little dynamic to make it tilt. However, the frame is rigid and offers good handling whether in mountain bends or in very large curves on which it will feel comfortable. Braking then does not cause any parasitic behavior, even on the angle, and the MyRoad confirms its good design and a stable chassis.

Kymco MyRoad 700 on the road

Comfort / Duo

The saddle is wide and comfortable for both rider and passenger. The passenger handles are easily gripped and very wide.

The front windshield protects well, even if it generates noise in the helmet above 110 km / h. We just regret that it is not adjustable in height.

Kymco MyRoad 700 saddle


Braking is ‘natural’, neither too powerful nor too biting, and therefore very easy to use on a daily basis. You really have to pull hard on the rear brake to generate an early start of the ABS which turns out to be well integrated and not intrusive. Adjustable in 4 positions, the levers do not reveal the same grip for the front and the rear. The rear being quite hard and the front softer. The feeling is not necessarily precise but daily use does not reveal any surprises, including in the wet. It is rather the maxxis tires that admit their limit in the wet rather than the brakes, but the ABS is on the lookout..

Kymco MyRoad 700 brakes


The trunk opens easily from the ignition key. Mounted on a hydraulic cylinder, it remains perfectly in the semi-high position. Interior lighting is practical and sufficient for everyday use. And we can accommodate two integral (but not two modular) and rain pants. Note that the flared shape of the trunk generally prevents the helmet from being retracted through the center, which therefore requires some contorions to make it fit..

The parking brake placed very low to the right requires you to lean particularly well forward to activate it, and as long as you have the helmet on your head and small arms, it is difficult to reach and maneuver. On a daily basis, suddenly, we hardly ever use it, unless you put it on once you get off the scooter.

Kymco MyRoad 700 trunk

The scooter is placed without any difficulty on the central stand, easy to handle. But we must admit that in everyday life, we prefer the side crutch, especially as it unfolds naturally.

We appreciate the yellow button on the contact, which allows you to close and protect the lock.


The MyRoad turns out to be greedy, even very greedy, with an average consumption of 7.5 liters per hundred. In fact, even if the first notch of the gauge does not go down until after 75 km, the second after 120, the third after 150, and the fourth after 175 km, you are on the reserve before the 200 kilometers…. and then that’s a record because it means a very, very smooth ride with very smooth acceleration. The reserve then leaves you only 20 to 25 kilometers of autonomy. I tested for you total fuel exhaustion at 221 km after 221 km of very cool driving! With more sporty driving made possible by the power and torque of the machine, you can reach the reserve after 150 kilometers with a consumption of more than 9 liters per hundred, or a range of approximately 170 kilometers.

Fuel flap Kymco MyRoad 700


Enhancing by its size and its look, the Kymco MyRoad is a real maxi-scooter, GT which will delight those who dream of a VERY big scooter, but without having the budget to go with it. Because at only 8,199 euros, it is the cheapest – by far – of the majors in the category and this without compromising on overall quality. With a generous trunk, it will also perform perfectly without a utility role. Only its weight and inertia may bother some users looking for a big sporty and dynamic scooter in the city or in the field. More comfortable for the great outdoors than for fun in the city, it will be perfect for those who want to make long trips in duo far away for the weekend or even the holidays..

Strong points

  • price
  • comfort / suspensions
  • look / maxi size
  • cycle part

Weak points

  • weight
  • consumption
  • finishing

Competitors: Aprilia SRV 850, Gilera GP 800, Honda Silver Wing, Piaggio X10, Yamaha TMax


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