Kymco XCiting 400i test


Best compromise ?

After launching the MyRoad 700 and then returning to a smaller traditional displacement with the K-XCT 125, the Taiwanese manufacturer Kwang Yang Motor Co is launching a new maxi-scooter with the XCiting 400…. the best compromise ?

Kymco unveils with the XCiting 400 a brand new G5 SC engine that could even be used as the basis for the brand’s next models. It must be said that the liquid-cooled 399cc 4T single-cylinder engine has a power of 26.5kW at 7.500rpm (36 horsepower), making it the most powerful in the category. It also displays one of the best torques with 37Nm but located nearly 1,000 rpm higher than the competition at 6,000 rpm. And all for an almost featherweight of 209 fully loaded, one of the lightest in the category. The best weight / power ratio of the blow.

Beyond the style breaking with the previous generation of XCiting, the manufacturer has particularly worked on the weight but also the mechanics with a new piston (weight, surface treatment), an overhead camshaft, 4 nickel alloy valves, a One-piece forged crankshaft, a 10-hole injector, lubrication by semi-wet sump, a reduction gear optimized by treatment as well as a balancing arm on a torque damper! Everything is mounted in a new "Dual under bone" frame, designed to reduce vibrations and improve handling..

Kymco XCiting 400


The Xciting 400 takes the modern look of the K-XCT 125…. in line with the modern XMax and TMax but with its own personality. Far from 125, the size has grown significantly here and looks like a good and powerful maxi-scooter. Sharp and plunging gaze, tinted bubble, LED lights, taut lines are reminiscent of a raptor, thus accentuating the sporty side of the machine.

Front panel Kymco XCiting 400

The beveled tail light refines the silhouette from the side as well as from the rear view. The exhaust mixes black, aluminum and protection, confirming the overall quality. Coming closer, the finish has also improved from previous models and now approaches the competition with quality plastics. The long saddle provides a good base for both rider and passenger and the handles are ideally placed.

Rear light Kymco XCiting 400

In the saddle

The feet go well in the middle without effort and you sit down naturally, despite a relatively wide and high saddle for the category. Suddenly, the feet are barely touching the ground for the 1.70m pilot. In fact, we are at the same height level as with a TMax 250. Fortunately, everything is light and well balanced and the position on the tiptoes does not interfere with everyday life..

We then discover before our eyes a complete dashboard with tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, partial double trip…. all lit up against a blue background at night. We just plague the resetting of trips that are always so difficult.

Speedometer Kymco XCiting 400

Kymco XCiting 400

We find the lighthouse call on the left stalk.

The mirrors are easily adjusted by lightly pressing the mirrors, which can be moved in their support. These offer a very good vision.

The glove box on the left has a 12V outlet for charging a cell phone and that’s a good idea. On the other hand, it does not lock with a key and could be better oriented with a slight slope to be more easily accessible..

Glove box empty pocket Kymco XCiting 400

On the right, the parking brake is well placed and easily gripped (which was far from being the case with its big brother 700).

Kymco XCiting 400

The handlebars fall well under the hands and the feet can move forward, with enough room for any size.

The contactor has a burglar-proof flap, which is unlocked with the back of the ignition key.


The XCiting 400 snorts in a deep, rewarding sound, especially in view of the displacement. Do not forget to turn on the lights, using the sliding button on the right stalk. Light pressure on the throttle grip and the maxi-scooter will instantly and quickly take off. In fact, the reaction to the throttle is instantaneous, without the usual roping that has been found on other models. Suddenly, it gives nervous and efficient reactions. If the theoretical figures convey little information in the end, we can feel the 36 horses … very close to the 38 fire horses of the XCiting 500. And without competing with a famous 500 cm3 maxi-scooter, the horses are there.

The 400 is well balanced from the first meters, confirming when driving its almost featherweight for the category (200 kilos).

Kymco XCiting 400 in town

In the city

In town, the XCiting purrs between 4,000 and 6,000 rpm, rarely rising more, even under strong acceleration, knowing that it easily stalls at 50 km / h into 4,000 rpm. The slightest strain on the right handle makes it react quickly and pleasantly to slip through traffic.

With a small width, we never ask the question whether it goes between the mirrors: it does. With a light weight of 200 kilos (dry), the whole thing is easily handled, even at very low speed and does not require any particular attention on even very slow sneaking maneuvers..

The braking is up to the performance of the machine with a good grip giving a good feeling and the necessary power, but in a different way at the front and at the rear. At the rear, it’s powerful and it sits the bike down well, but without blocking easily. You really have to take only the rear brake and particularly hard to lock in a screech of tires. And despite this, handling remains unperturbed. The front end is much more powerful with a strong bite, causing the scooter to plane if taken too violently.

Kymco XCiting 400 in town

On the highway

The XCiting soars with force and vigor on the highway, stabilizing effortlessly at 130 km / h at 6,500 rpm. It is then possible to raise it quietly up to 150 km / h at 7,500 rpm, still keeping a few laps to approach 160 km / h (actual 150 km / h) but with an overall lightness which tends to make the hand even if the overall behavior remains healthy. The cycle part in particular does not flinch at any time, when on other competing 400cc models, you can feel a slight sway from 120 km / h. The pressure on the upper body is then rather well deflected allowing to stay at this speed without fatigue..

The protection of the low bubble does not compete with a real high bubble, but at least there is no disturbance in the helmet, and this already allows cruising at prohibited speeds without particularly suffering.


The maxi-scooter returns just as naturally to national, capable of cruising at 5,000 rpm at 80 km / h to accelerate in a few seconds for an overtaking up to 120 km / h (110 km / h real) at only 6,000 rpm / min. The acceleration is frank, crisp, efficient and allows you to do much more than the peri-urban journey with such handling and speed, all in complete safety, including when overtaking trucks..


When the virolos arrive, the rhythm is maintained without difficulty, the chassis being imperturbable. Suddenly, we can even accelerate the pace, without worry or handling or ground clearance. Sporty and light, it has a significant fun side.

Kymco XCiting 400 in town


The XCiting 400 is fitted with 280mm floating discs and radial calipers, confirming more sporty ambitions. The result is indeed there with power at the front, efficiency at the rear and a good overall feeling. We just regret the absence of ABS, neither standard nor optional.

Kymco XCiting 400 brakes


The saddle is very comfortable. The suspensions, even regulated flexible, are effective but firm and like little the degraded pavements of which they will make feel the holes. However, the handling remains unperturbed.

Kymco XCiting 400


With 5 sticks, the first 100 kilometers always indicate a full tank…. then each stick goes down a notch every 25 km or so…. thus offering an overall autonomy greater than two hundred and twenty kilometers, before reserve, or nearly 250 kilometers in total for the 12.5-liter tank with an average consumption of 4.5 liters / hundred … which climbs to nearly 5 liters at hundred on the highway at the stop.


The rear trunk swallows up a full face helmet, a jet…. and some trinkets. All under a saddle mounted on a hydraulic cylinder, easily raised when opening from the Neiman. The glove box at the front is closer to a storage compartment but is practical on a daily basis.

If the existence of a retractable hook at the front allows to hang a small bag, the space between the apron and the saddle hardly allows to rely on it for a large load.

The scooter is placed effortlessly on the central stand…. even if the particularly easy-to-handle parking brake makes it possible to block the scooter effectively on slopes.

Kymco XCiting 400


Kymco leaves here its best maxi-scooter by far, enough to completely forget the MyRoad or even the XCiting 500. The performances are at the rendezvous for a maxi-scooter now at the level of the competition. We just regret the absence of ABS which tends to become widespread on all models. With a price held at 5,799 euros, 300 to 500 euros cheaper than the competition and very far from the prices of 500 and 600 cm3, the 400 cm3 seems to be THE solution and justify the sales ambitions of 700 to 900 models of the brand. . All you have to do is try it out to form your own opinion, since the model is available to test in 100 Kymco dealerships..

Strong points

  • Performance and engine
  • Cycle part
  • Braking

Weak points

  • Storage
  • Absence of ABS
  • Non-automatic lighting of the lights

Competitors: Honda Forza 300, Yamaha XMax 400


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