Kymco Downtown 350i test


If Kymco equips BMW and Kawasaki with engines with the C600 and J300, the brand is also developing its own range, notably with the launch of the Downtown, which replaces the Dinkstreet, while taking up certain bases. Available in 125 and 350 cm3, the new scooter is immediately placed in the category of GT or even GT “premium” scooters, both in terms of its equipment and its price.. So, does the Taiwanese manufacturer now offer a product up to the competition? Test….

Headlight Kymco Downtown 350


The Downtown is in the tradition of the Kymco and we could even find some pencil strokes of the Myroad…. but modernized and above all lightened. The scooter now incorporates the latest design canons with a refined line, from the dual-optic front light with the two LED position to the rear lights also in LED.

Rear view Kymco Downtown 350

However, there are pretty billhooks that bring a sporty side to an overall rather touring look. The whole is harmonious, flawless and inspires seriousness. Even the exhaust is rather discreet. The new saddle with elegant stitching offers a visually spacious seat. The relatively tall bubble ends up contributing to the touring aspect of the model. Only Kenda tires come from manufacturers generally found on scooters above 125 cm3.

Kymco Downtown 350 side

At the heart of the scooter is a new engine already Euro4, delivering a power of 30 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 29 Nm at 6,500 rpm, up 4 Nm compared to the Dinkstreet 300 fire. Kymco claims to have reduced with this new engine, 50% of the pollutants measured. On the braking side, the model is fitted with the latest Bosh 9.1 ABS both front and rear.

Kymco Downtown 350 engine

In the saddle

We sit down naturally without having to lift our legs too much on the Downtown. The seat is immediately comfortable. However, the feet are just on the ground for the 1.70 rider, with a saddle still at 810mm. The hands fall naturally to the handlebars with a very upright overall position, which approximates a sitting on a chair. The legs can easily be stretched in length, in particular to support themselves in a semi-vertical manner.

Top view of the Kymco Downtown 350

Under the eyes, the dashboard has clearly evolved to offer a double analog counter on the left for the speed and on the right for the tachometer which surrounds a complete digital display with partial double trip, totalizer, fuel gauge with five sticks, clock, water temperature, air temperature, battery voltage, oil gauge. The on-board computer also indicates the average and instantaneous consumption. Everything is complete and readable.

Kymco Downtown 350 meter

Finally, there are two large storage pockets at the front on either side of the handlebars, including a USB charging socket in the left one.

Kymco Downtown 350 cockpit


The Downtown snorts with a metallic sound. The scooter reacts immediately to the request of the right handle in a much more instantaneous way than the fire Dinkstreet and even more of the Myroad. There is no longer that kind of sound revving that only manifested itself in effective speed pick-up after a few seconds. Despite its only 189 official kilos (dry), the scooter offers a little sway but is easily taken in hand.

Kymco Downtown 350 in town

In the city

Starting off at a red light, the Downtown dashes off dynamically to get out of the first row quickly and reach the next light just as quickly. On the next braking, the ABS proves to kick in quickly when you only apply the rear, even in duet. It is therefore necessary to take the two handles to obtain an easy, fast and powerful braking. Despite its size, its front fork angle allows it to squeeze with ease between cars, not only interlocking, but when it comes to moving from one line to another, cars stopped.

Kymco Downtown test on departmental


The Downtown sets off dynamically on the highway to easily reach 140 km / h (or 130 km / h real), including in duo, at 7,000 rpm. Well launched, even with a very slight slope, it can even go nibble 15 km / h while stabilizing with the grip on the cleat at 155 km / h meter (with about 10 km / h difference between the meter and the actual speed). At this speed, even on long journeys, it maintains itself well, without generating any increase in temperature or particular heat, even if the effect on consumption is felt with approximately 1 additional liter. The steering remains sensitive to its maximum speed, which naturally reduces the speed to 130 km / h, especially in the event of wind and / or degraded road surfaces which can cause a very slight sway. Once back to 130 km / h, it regains its stability and support for safe driving.

Kymco Downtown 350 on National


Once back in the departmental area, the Downtown adapts easily. Responsive and dynamic, the scooter finds its marks just as much there as on the motorway, to chain turns with ease, both in wide and tight turns. Responsive steering responds instantly and just asks not to be rushed.

Kymco Downtown 350


The 240mm rear disc taken alone always triggers ABS in the dry. The 260mm front disc suffers from no complaints offering even excellent efficiency. The two combined offer a relatively good feeling and efficiency at the rendezvous for short braking. Everything is easily handled.

Kymco Downtown 350 ABS braking


The Downtown is particularly comfortable, making it possible to cover a 400-kilometer journey with only a short break for gasoline. Comfort is provided as much by the saddle, soft as by the suspensions which erase the defects of the road well. And even in the event of degraded pavement, the scooter absorbs defects very well to provide consistent comfort. The passenger is a little worse off than the driver, mainly for the position necessary to see well. It will be he who will ask for a stop halfway while the driver could still do a few hundred kilometers on the handlebars..

Kymco Downtown 350 saddle


The two front pockets offer a good capacity, including to put a disk unit or a GPS. Be careful though, as they tend to open on their own. The trunk offers excellent internal capacity, accommodating two helmets and a rain suit.

Box for two helmets: we see a helmet placed on the right


The Downtown has a stabilized consumption of 4.2 liters per hundred, which offers it with its 12.5-liter tank a range of 300 kilometers with an “eco” driving style. On the motorway, at maximum speed with wind, its consumption can however go up to 4.9 liters per hundred. The first stick thus descends depending on the driving between 100 and 120 km, then then loses a stick every 40 km or so with a reserve flashing and lighting up at 240-250 km.

Kymco Downtown 350 by the sea


The belt change is scheduled every 20,000 km.


Kymco has truly developed its engine beyond the euro4 for an engine that is undeniably more pleasant on a daily basis. Combined with reduced consumption and a sufficient length to make the big road, the 350 cm3 is proving to be a real judicious choice for those who are looking for more than an urban scooter but a two-wheeler allowing them to make the road in a way. comfortable. And with 250 two-wheeler dealers, the network is existing enough to provide the proximity needed for maintenance. Finally, its price, at 4,899 euros for the 350 ABS, places it nearly 1,000 euros cheaper than the competition and at the same price as some 125 cm3 which offer less for the price for a similar daily service. Enough to take the step of a reasoned purchase.

Strong points

  • comfort
  • motor
  • consumption
  • storage
  • rate

Weak points

  • finishing
  • responsive steering at maximum speed

The Kymco Downtown technical sheet

Kymco Downtown 350i

Kymco Downtown 350i Scooter

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