Limited Edition: Klein-Aprilia Tuono Factory in detail


Limited Edition: Klein-Aprilia Tuono Factory in detail

Limited Edition: Klein-Aprilia Tuono Factory in detail

Klein-Aprilia Tuono Factory in detail

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It looks like the Aprilia Superbike weapon and actually is – only the missing plastic cover and the wide handlebars scratch the racer illusion.


The cream of the crop on naked bikes: Klein-Aprilia Tuono Factory.

Cream! You can’t think of anything else – just cream! Accelerate, brake and then this awesome moment: full shower again. The V4 goes so beautifully on the gas and pulls through so earthy – just cream.

Tuner Dominik Klein from Dillingen already demonstrated this performance to us on his RSV4 Superbike at this year’s TunerGP. Logically, the Saarland native had the ambition to serve this feeling of happiness to naked bike fans when he turned to the Tuono APRC. From this he formed the Tuono Factory APRC – a fine one-off piece with all the piping.
On the engine side, however, Klein did not work as hard as he did with the race bike. Why also? The Tuono stands for a naked bike with good food and our tests have always attested the V4 to run smoothly. But Klein managed to do everything that little bit better when he adjusted the mapping for the Akrapovic Titan ESD system.
Electronically, the APRC is already equipped with everything a racer’s heart desires: finely regulated traction control, automatic gearshift, wheelie control and, if you want to race with it, you can even rely on the launch control at the start.


This engine truly deserves the GB schooner.

But Aprilia has so far been offering the naked Brenner without the racing chassis that Dominik Klein has now served him and that is available in the super sports car in the factory version. That is why the blue emblem from Sweden is emblazoned on the front and rear: -Ohlins fork, Ohlins shock absorber and the steering damper too.
On the test laps at Hockenheim it was of course a great thing, the feedback was very clear despite the somewhat awkward, high and wide handlebars. That was also necessary, because the mounted Pirelli Rosso Corsa may be a fat sweeper on the country road, but in the fast corners with deep lean angles the exquisite chassis announced the limit area of ​​the pelts all too quickly and the TC interfered not infrequently . Do you forcefully turn over the front wheel under these circumstances? Uu, better not!

Too bad, because the Aprilia could have played out its killer character to the full with slicks and only hinted at what it is capable of on the home track. This is where Klein finally sees the main location of his burner, which is why subtle LED mini indicators, the short license plate holder, LSL mirrors and the Bagster bench with the Tuono V4 logo were added. The Pazzo folding levers speak for the racer soul of the Tuono Factory.
And it shows it blatantly – already at the stand. Factory superbike paintwork and lettering as discreet hints to the viewer leave no doubt about it. There are also some carbon parts. It just turns on and so we drive out a few more times, let the Brembo Factory monoblocks – the entire braking system is racing level – bite the discs mercilessly and look thievingly forward to the twist on the right handlebars at every corner exit . Huuaaah, cream!

Technical specifications


A clear view of pure gold: the Ohlins fork gives you that real race feeling.

Four-cylinder V-engine, four valves / cylinder, 123 kW (167 HP) at 11,500 / min *, torque 112 Nm at 5500 / min *, 999 cm³, bore / stroke: 78.0 / 52.3 mm, ignition – / injection system, 48 mm throttle valves, mechanically operated multi-disc oil bath anti-hopping clutch, six-speed gearbox, chain
landing gear
Light alloy bridge frame, steering head angle: 63.0 degrees, caster: 107 mm, upside-down fork, Ø fork inner tube: 43 mm, central spring strut with deflection
Wheels and brakes
Forged light alloy wheels, 3.50 x 17 / 6.00 x 17, front tires: 120/70 ZR 17, rear: 190/55 ZR 17, 320 mm double disc brakes with radially attached monoblocks at the front, 220 mm single disc at the rear
200 kg with a full tank
19,000 euros

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