Motorcycle used market Germany

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Motorcycle used market Germany

Motorcycle used market Germany

Motorcycle used market Germany

Motorcycle used market Germany

Motorcycle used market Germany

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Motorcycle used market Germany

Used motorcycles are trendy. A used motorcycle changed hands almost half a million times in Germany in 2014. More often than ever before.

Motorcycle used market Germany

In parallel to the steadily growing stock of motorcycles, the trade in used motorcycles has also increased.

Motorcycle used market Germany

At, the advertisements are online longer in winter, but the offers from November to March are also more expensive. Overall, the price level rose significantly.

Motorcycle used market Germany

BMWs and Hondas are the most in demand. In 2014 that was true not only on the used market, but also with the new machines.

Motorcycle used market Germany

Six to eight years old, used machines are cheap. It is searched for accordingly often. Noticeable: high demand for much older bikes.

Motorcycle used market Germany

Around three quarters of the search queries on set the upper price limit for a used motorcycle at a maximum of 5000 euros.

Motorcycle used market Germany

Power preferred: powerful machines with 100 HP (approx. 74 kW) or more are clearly the trend.

Motorcycle used market Germany

Since May 2014, users of have entered these model names into the search mask of the online portal most frequently.

Motorcycle used market Germany

In North Rhine-Westphalia, bikers are most willing to switch: Although there are more motorcycles in Bavaria than in North Rhine-Westphalia, in 2014 there were the most changes in ownership, i.e. used purchases and sales.


Used purchase

Motorcycle used market Germany

Used motorcycles in Germany
Second hand as first choice

Used motorcycles are trendy. A used motorcycle changed hands almost half a million times in Germany in 2014. More often than ever before. But what trends are there among used?

Michael Schumann


The motorcycle market is on the move. Yes, one can say for a long time: Motorcycles are booming again. Especially in 2014 thanks to the many innovations. The dealers noticed that first. Last year you sold around ten percent more new machines than in 2013. The bottom line is that the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) reported 96,139 new motorcycles on Germany’s roads in the past year (see MOTORRAD 4/2015). On the other hand, there is now a completely different number: 492,745 “transfers of ownership” of motorcycles were registered by the KBA in the past year. Specifically: For every new motorcycle bought last year, there were around five used ones. Incidentally, the bikers in North Rhine-Westphalia were the most keen to buy used cars. This is where the most ownership transfers were made in 2014 (see diagram in the picture gallery). Which was not because there were most motorcycles in and around the Pott. Bavaria has the highest number of motorcycles. For the sake of completeness of the numbers, a total of four million motorcycles are registered in Germany. Every eighth of them changed hands in 2014.

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Motorcycle used market Germany

Used motorcycles in Germany
Second hand as first choice

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Which new models sell best (BMW’s evergreen GS), which trends (scrambler, crossover) are on the rise and which types of motorcycles (athletes, tourers, travel enduros, etc.) are enjoying increasing or decreasing popularity – MOTORRAD readers know that There is ample data and statistics on all of this. But what about the used ones? Are there any trends, popular categories, models that are currently in fashion? Such information, which would be of interest to anyone who would like to offer or buy a used motorcycle, is not available from the federal KBA statisticians. Interested parties have to get an idea for themselves, for example by keeping an eye on the major used markets on the Internet: for example, or

Range of used motorcycles bigger than ever

Motorcycle used market Germany

At, the advertisements are online longer in winter, but the offers from November to March are also more expensive. Overall, the price level rose significantly.

But, and that’s the bad news, so is the demand. Torsten Wesche, head of dealer sales at, observed that “the average prices for a two-wheeler” at the online market leader “have risen by almost 830 euros in the last three years”. In December 2014, registered the average price of € 7,399 with 71,615 two-wheeler advertisements. On average, the machines offered there (around two thirds from dealers) were a good three years old (37.7 months) and had run 8,400 kilometers. On the other hand, the average price level of the competitor MotoScout24 is clearly below the price structure of and also with a downward trend, i.e. becoming cheaper. While a motorcycle there cost an average of 5917 euros in December 2013, the average price in December 2014 was only 5583 euros. A possible explanation for the lower prices on MotoScout24: Although professional dealers predominate here, too, at over 46 percent, almost half of the offers come from private individuals.

Motorcycles up to 3000 euros

Motorcycle used market Germany

A maximum of € 5000 is the upper price limit for around three quarters of search queries.

The search is mostly – who is surprised – for cheaper motorcycles, mainly in the range of around 3000 euros (see graphics). The used bike you want may have run up to 30,000 kilometers and ideally has 80 hp or more. The ranking of the most popular brands (BMW ahead of Honda, Yamaha and Harley) is strikingly in line with that of the 2014 new registration statistics. The deviations are also only minor in the following places.

Klaus Limbacher cannot come up with such accurate figures. But with a lot of experience. Since 1989 he has been running the Limbacher company together with his brother Fritz in Filderstadt near Stuttgart & Limbacher (L&L). It is considered one of the largest, if not the largest, used motorcycle dealers in Germany. Since the beginnings in 1989 until today, L&L “sold around 40,000 vehicles,” says Klaus Limbacher. There are currently 1400 used bikes – the number is the permanent standard – in the exhibition area, which extends over five halls the size of a football field. Nevertheless, Limbacher says clearly: “There is no such thing as the typical used motorcycle.” In fact, according to his observations, the current range and price structure of new machines also determines the used market.

The question about the ABS plays a major role

Example: “A used, middle-aged super sports car is interesting for many. A Fireblade, built in 2008, is a great motorcycle, in terms of performance, chassis, and everything. Such a motorcycle for 6,000 to 8,000 euros, there is nothing like it. “

And in the other segments, according to Limbacher, the question of ABS plays a major role – again influenced by the current range of new machines. Reason: “Today there are very affordable new mid-range motorcycles with ABS. The price difference to a two-year-old used car without ABS is very small. ”In other words: Without ABS, even a very good middle-class used car is no longer for sale except as a cheap home. Conversely, there is strong demand for models “that have experienced few technical innovations in the model cycle, then used ones are interesting”. To put it simply: if the current XY model hardly differs technically from the four-year-old one, some people save the additional costs for the new machine and, with a clear conscience, choose the much cheaper used one.

Motorcycle used market Germany


1400 used has L&L permanent on the exhibition area. It is so big that it needs signposts.

With a certain delay, according to Limbacher, trends in new vehicles in the used area continue, after all, “there must first be used vehicles”. A good example of this are sporty motorcycles. As new machines, athletes are nowhere near as popular as they were a few years ago. But it looks completely different when used: The head of’s dealer sales, Torsten Wesche, confirms that the most popular motorcycle categories on the largest German online marketplace have “sport in their genes”. And on MotoScout24, too, athletes and super athletes represent the most popular category for customers browsing the web for offers. A look at the most wanted models on MotoScout24 confirms: Yamaha R1, R6, Honda CBR 600, Fireblade, Suzuki GSX-R 1000 and Co. are at the top of the list. Just not in first place. The BMW R 1200 GS is enthroned there – used and new with a large gap to the rest of the field (see also the interview on the next page).

Interview with Heiko Schroder

Motorcycle used market Germany


Heiko Schroder, sales professional at ZTK Konemann

Heiko Schroder is a sales consultant at BMW Konemann / Zweirad Technik Konemann e.K. and the ZTK Motorbike Adventure World in Schneverdingen south of Hamburg. Konemann became known in the 1990s as a supplier of parallel (gray) imported machines. Today the group of companies is a large authorized dealer for BMW and Triumph, but also has several hundred used brands of all possible brands on offer.

 ?  The bestseller among new machines is the BMW GS, and not just in Germany. Is the 1200 travel enduro number one for you, even when used?

 !  Yes that’s her. Whether new or used – the BMW R 1200 GS is still the icon of all travel enduros.

 ?  Which models are otherwise – as used – according to your observation, the current bestsellers?

 !  In addition to the R 1200 GS, the Yamaha FJR 1300 ABS is very popular. The smaller ones are again a BMW, the F 700 GS. The all-rounder allows every type of rider carefree fun while riding a motorcycle.

 ?  If you think back five years, which models were in 2010?

 !  Of course, even five years ago there was no way around the R 1200 GS, and the F 650 GS was also popular. In addition, the Suzuki Bandit 1250 was in great demand at the time. It is actually a classic to this day and is still bought a lot as used.

 ?  Which models don’t work at all? Which brands do you keep your hands off of when shopping??

 !  On the one hand, from the BMW F 650 Scarver, as customers believe that it is visually very polarized, and on the other hand from all exotic vehicles such as Voxan or Benelli, as these do not meet the technical standards that our customers require.

 ?  How important are maintenance records / checkbooks – for you when purchasing and when reselling to the customer?

 !  In recent years, the demand for vehicles with full service history has increased immensely, which is why we as dealers attach great importance to maintenance records.

 ?  Do electric motorcycles play a role as used ones?

 !  Although it is clearly noticeable that society is placing increasing importance on environmentally friendly means of transport, we have not yet seen any high demand for electric motorcycles.

 ?  How has the market changed due to the large online platforms? Do you perceive them as competition? The classic classified ads that were displaced by this also existed in the past? …

 !  The market change caused by the many online platforms has both a dark and a sunny side. Although it increases competition, there is a value in costing transparency.

 ?  What do you think – most customers had a look at and Co. before they came to you?

 !  Yeah yeah We estimate the number of those of our customers who previously looked up offers and prices on the Internet to be a good 80 percent.

 ?  Let’s talk about money. In which price region does your offer move on average? Times very roughly over the thumb.

 !  I can only answer that right now for BMWs, since the price for new vehicles is around 13,000 euros and for used BMW motorcycles it is around 6500 euros.

 ?  The used trade is a classic cash-paying business. Also in a professional setting? Offer financing options?

 !  Yes, we offer extremely affordable financing options for used vehicles. These are also increasingly being used by customers.

 ?  Keyword your purchase. Where and how do you search? Or the providers all come to you on their own?

 !  In addition to a large number of trade-ins for used motorcycles, many of our customers offer their motorcycles for purchase through us.

 ?  You can also buy in other EU countries?

 !  We also buy new vehicles in other EU countries, but not yet used motorcycles due to insufficient supply.

 ?  What role do announced model changes play in second-hand demand? When BMW announced the water boxer, for example, many more air-cooled ones were quickly bought or sold?

 !  After the announced model change to the water boxer, the demand for air-cooled models of the same series was noticeably lower.

 ?  In your opinion, what are the most underrated motorcycle models? Three bikes you would recommend to your best friend?

 !  BMW K 1300 R, Triumph Rocket III Roadster and Suzuki GSX 1400.

The market on

Motorcycle used market Germany

Started in 2008, the used motorcycle market on has developed from an insider tip to an important trading platform. Motorcyclists are among themselves on it. In mid-February there were exactly 30,706 offers for used machines of all sizes and all price ranges. And there is really something going on. The average set-up time is only around three weeks before the bike successfully changes hands.

The distribution of brands in the pre-owned range of points to a committed Japanese scene: Honda ahead of Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. BMW follows in fifth place, then KTM, Triumph and Harley-Davidson. The big rest, from Aprilia to Ducati to Zundapp, are of course also represented. Sporty bikes are also right at the top of the popularity list on motorradonline. And even if some people simply don’t want to hear it anymore: The R 1200 GS is in first place of all offers – on as with the competition.

The posting of offers is free of charge for private providers. Important for interested parties: the search mask was created by motorcycle professionals. With it, the offer can not only be filtered according to model, age, mileage and location, but also according to parameters important for motorcyclists such as seat height, ABS yes / no, cardan / chain / belt, driver’s license class and, and, and.

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