MXM Elektrocrosser: 57 HP meet a weight of 110 kilos

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MXM Elektrocrosser: 57 HP meet a weight of 110 kilos



MXM Elektrocrosser: 57 HP meet a weight of 110 kilos

MXM electric crosser
57 hp meet a weight of 110 kilos

A new electric crosser is being built at MXM in a Czech-German cooperation. It’s still just a prototype. A series model is to come.

Uli Baumann


Off-road motorsport and electric drive go well together. An electric drive does not cause any emissions locally and extreme ranges are not necessary on cross-slopes.

1,000 Nm tugging on the rear wheel

A new approach to the subject of electromobility and motocross is now coming from MXM. Their Crosser relies on a tubular steel frame, an aluminum subframe and an aluminum swing arm. This is supported by two laterally flanged spring struts on the main frame. A USD fork works in front. A 7 kWh battery is located in the center of the frame. Directly underneath is an electric motor with a peak of 42 kW (57 hp) that drives the rear wheel via a conventional chain. Over 1,000 Nm of torque should arrive there – and that at any speed, as is usual with an electric motor. The developers put the weight of their Crosser at 110 kilograms. The balance should correspond to that of conventionally powered competitive models.

MXM Elektrocrosser: 57 HP meet a weight of 110 kilos


If the energy store is sucked empty, it can be plugged into the socket for recharging or simply exchanged. That is then a matter of minutes. Since the electric drive dispenses with a gearshift and clutch, the driver can concentrate fully on driving. The response behavior of the motor can be adapted to individual requirements via an app.

So far, the MXM is only a prototype, but the further development to the production bike is already underway. An electrically powered speedway bike is also under development. But this is another story.

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The future of off-road sports could lie in electric drives. Locally clean, quiet, powerful and the range does not play the decisive role here. MXM tries to jump on this bandwagon with its e-crosser.

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