News – Yamaha 2005: The Art of Engineering and the mastery of the hot show! – Used YAMAHA

Yamaha 2005: The Art of Engineering and the mastery of the hot show !

News - Yamaha 2005: The Art of Engineering and the mastery of the hot show! - Used YAMAHA

For Yamaha, the time has finally come to unveil its famous MT-01 after having spared the suspense until the last minute…

Hot boiling, the Yamaha stand ! Since this summer, the Japanese giant has been raising the pressure around the world with the imminent release of the MT-01 (read).

In Munich, where the machine was finally going to be unveiled, nothing was left to chance: video teasings, Red Hot Chili Peppers soundtrack, Japanese drums, big guitar strings with distortion on all levels, saxophone and anatomical bombs half-naked like at the Paris Motor Show (read), all the elements were there to transform the most placid of journalists into a wild beast eager to discover before his colleagues this famous MT-01, which according to Yamaha represents nothing less than "the invention of a new segment: the Torque Sport"(read).

So there followed one another on the platform, before the long-awaited wonder, the other new Yamaha 2005 products: the TDM 900 ABS, a host of "small motorcycles for young people"(XT 125 R and X, DT A125 X and R and YBR 125), the new" standard "R6 and its replica twin sister" 46 ", in homage to the young Italian god who will apologize in person, by interposed video, not to share this great moment of happiness with us in Munich, being selected at Motegi for the Japanese Grand Prix which takes place this weekend…

Judging that the pressure had risen enough, the great contractors of this Hollywood show then felt that it was time to let go of the beast … and the MT-01 has finally made its appearance, with its truly stunning look. than on the few rare photos distilled so far.

Designed according to Yamaha "to awaken the mind and the senses", this flagship of the 2005 range undoubtedly showcases the 1670cc V-twin borrowed from the Road Star Warrior, but modified to deliver more power and torque at all revs. Delivering a maximum torque of 15.3 mkg at 3,750 rpm, the machine can reach 100 km / h at only 2,300 laps in fifth gear.

A machine like no other – although the Voxan Black Magic and especially the new Moto Guzzi Griso are ultimately not so far from it (read and) – which perfectly matches the new expectations of "character" motorcycles, even if, swear Yamaha, "it does not respond to any market analysis".

To believe the manufacturer, it would indeed be "rather a machine created by engineers and designers with the aim of building something different, a motorcycle that could fuel the imagination of many bikers"…

Anyway, let’s hope that with its 90 hp at 4,750 rpm, this V-Max from the year 3000 will deliver sensations other than those of the "Kodo sound", of "repetitive rhythm" and others "heart beat"abundantly described in the press kit! Too bad its tank only makes 15 small liters…


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