Nexx XR1R motorcycle helmet test


2000 km test

Nexx is a Portuguese company that manufactures full face helmets (XR1 and X10), cross (X20), maxi-jet (X30) and jet "Open Face" (X60). The originality and the difference of the brand lie mainly in the look of the helmets, going so far as to use Jean Denim and Leather for some jets.. Leather, jeans, rubber, carbon, work on materials, the brand has real know-how. What about their first full face helmet, moreover in its carbon version? Test !

Nexx XR1R full face helmet


The XR1R is a carbon helmet, which is characterized first of all by its featherweight of only 1200 grams, placing it automatically among the lightest helmets on the market. Indeed, in hand, it can be felt or just barely felt.

The decor is sober, and particularly successful in its "white red" version: slightly iridescent white, black revealing the carbon frame and red line. We especially notice the quality of manufacture with recessed parts such as the side metal plates or on the back the stamped NEXX mark in the form of rubber letters engaged in the relief of the helmet..

Underneath and inside, there is an extreme finish with an antiperspirant and anti-allergic velvet fabric with topstitched seams. The finish is also visible at the level of the D-ring, associated with a thick and comfortable chin protection.

We appreciate the original pinlock. There are also two air inlets (on the top) and four extractions, on the back.

The whole is well finished, successful, of quality. The integral is really a beautiful object in itself.

Rear and ventilation Nexx XR1R integral helmet


The helmet is easy to put on. Note, however, that it is small. Used to size 57 / M, this size tightens at the forehead. On the other hand, the L is perfect in terms of support and not at all too big. Unlike some helmets which tighten immediately at the cheeks, the NEXX mainly tightens at the head laterally, forehead and neck. On the other hand, it almost gives the impression of having room on the cheeks, even if it is only an impression. Size L holds and maintains very well.

After to adjust more perfectly, it is always possible to order theergo padding system which includes a set of foams: 1 rear, 1 side pair, 1 bottom and 1 pair of ears.

The glasses confirm the lateral position and slip on without any difficulty, whatever the size of the temples.

The visor is a little more difficult to handle. Admittedly, it remains easily in place, but requires a little effort to be opened, despite an easily gripping lug, including with gloves. In fact, the visor seems to twist slightly when opening. The screen is very thick. The icing on the cake, the pinlock is supplied as standard and therefore resists fogging..

Nexx XR1R integral helmet top

Dynamic test

The helmet does not feel on the head. And in cold winter weather, you can feel the interior ventilation. The air circulates well, which must be a pleasant point in summer. At the same time, you can hear outside sounds well. In fact, we are more in a category of racing helmet than touring.

If the pace accelerates, the helmet confirms its good hold on the head, especially during side checks at very high speed (on the German motorway). In fact, even at very high revs, the helmet is imperturbable and does not feel. The difference is very clear, especially compared to certain touring helmets, which, by virtue of their weight, place a real strain on the necks for driving..

Dynamic test Nexx XR1R full face helmet

The vents are handled well and easily while riding, both on the top of the head and at the chin bar, even with the gloves on.

On the practical side, the interior is removable and washable.

The only downside is that the fittings have turned out to be a bit fragile over time, with the chin vent attachments separating from the helmet at two out of three points. Everything continues to hold but will not exceed 5,000 kilometers, without a point of glue.

Nexx XR1R full face helmet


The XR1 is a magnificent helmet that is particularly appreciated while riding without being forgotten, both by its featherweight and its particularly aerodynamic shape and its original pinlock system. The only downside is that the interior noise makes it necessary to use earplugs for long journeys. Price side, it remains reasonable, at 350 euros in its carbon version (from 230 euros for non-carbon XR1R models).

Strong points

  • Design and finish
  • Lightweight
  • Original pinlock

Weak points

  • Noise
  • Fragility of the fittings

Rating 7/10

with 3 shell sizes, from XXS to XXXL.

Nexx’s website among helmet manufacturers

Tips for choosing the right helmet |
The Helmet Guide

Nexx XR1R full face helmet

Technical specifications Nexx XR1R

  • Carbon outer shell
  • ECE / 22-05, DOT and NBR-7471: 2001
  • Internal EPS shell with 3 densities
  • 3 shell sizes
  • Ultra light (1200 gr)
  • CoolMax Technology
  • Dynamic Ventilation System (2 air inlets and 4 outlets)
  • Anti-perspiration and anti-allergies fabrics
  • Removable, washable and adjustable interior
  • Anti-Noise System
  • Double Ring with anti-slip chin protector
  • UV varnish
  • Screens (Lexan PC, anti-scratch with screen blocker)
  • Pinlock Ready
  • Screen ventilation system
  • Removable nose guard
  • Deflector (to reduce turbulence inside the helmet)
  • Side, front and rear reflectors
  • Ergonomic Comfort System (adjustment to any head shape)

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