Road safety – Much fewer bikers killed on the road in 2012 –

Much fewer bikers killed on the road in 2012

Road safety - Much fewer motorcyclists killed on the road in 2012 -

According to the provisional report published by the Ministry of the Interior, road fatalities in 2012 are down sharply (-8%) and become the lowest ever recorded in France! Bikers are among the good students with a fall (!) Of -14.5%. Balance sheet.

"For the first time since the creation of Road Safety in 1972 and the beginning of the counting of road victims in 1948 (we deplored then 3,768 people killed on the roads of France), the number of people killed on the roads falls under the 3700 mark", welcomes the Ministry of the Interior.

For the moment this is only a provisional toll, but 2012 is already considered a record year: 3,645 people were killed in a road accident in 2012, a drop of -8% compared to 2011. "This decrease corresponds to 318 lives saved", calculates the ministry.

Bodily accidents are down -6.9% compared to 2011 (nearly 4,500 bodily accidents avoided) and the number of hospitalized injuries fell by -7.9% (27,337 people), while the number of injuries fell -6.9% (5,615 fewer injured).

Eric de Seynes dots the i’s

"It is a scandal ! To say that 2% of traffic is responsible for 18% of mortality does not mean anything !", said Eric de Seynes at the last meeting of the CSIAM (read)."In reality, motorcycles and scooters represent rather between 6 and 7% of trips", continues the Managing Director of Yamaha Motor France and President of CSIAM.

"And what exactly are we talking about? A daily travel solution !", he underlines rightly."However, we know for a fact that at an equal distance, the risk of having an accident is much greater by taking the ring road to go to work than by traveling the A6 to go on vacation. !"

For "counter the dishonesty of the presentation of Road Safety figures", the CSIAM has been leading a series of meetings since the beginning of the year:"we (the manufacturers who are members of the union chamber, editor’s note) we need time to collect the figures and source our information in order to build a solid counter-argument, which will undoubtedly be released at the Paris Motor Show, maybe before". To be continued naturally on MNC: stay connected !

"While 2012 is a record in the number of flashes on the roads and all studies tend to highlight the fact that motorists have increased their speed again", testifies for its part the association 40 million motorists,"the results presented this morning contradict the "theorems" defended by detractors of automobility".

The association also reports that "the timid relaxation of the points permit in 2011 undoubtedly did not follow the alarmist and fanciful predictions of the time". Phew !

According to Manuel Valls himself, "this notable drop in the number of deaths is the consequence of a marked decrease in the mortality of two categories of users: motorcyclists (-14.5%) and motorists (-8.6%) who, on their own, 90% of the 318 lives saved".

"For light vehicles, mortality gains are concentrated in the first four months (-7%)", specifies the National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory (ONISR), and"only a new decrease was present in December 2012, explained in particular by the snowy episodes at the beginning of the month".

"For motorcyclists, the decline occurred from April to October (-16% over the period). It is framed by two periods of stability ", still observes OSNIR. "This situation characterizes a decrease in the mortality of bikers during leisure trips made preferably in fine weather."… which are mathematically the most" dangerous "for bikers, since they are more likely to ride (read in particular).

Conversely, "the results for 2012 show a notable increase in the number of cyclists killed (+ 10%). The ups and downs are regular until August", describes ONISR, and"a downward movement appears at the end of the year". The snow and the cold of January should consolidate this decrease until the return of spring…

After a particularly bad year 2011, users of mopeds (50 cc motorcycles and scooters) ended 2012 with a 10% drop in the number of fatalities (198). In general, the decrease in road fatalities has "especially for children and adolescents under 17", notes the Ministry of the Interior (-12.5%).

Young people aged 18 to 24 – "who constitute the age group most exposed to road accidents", remind the services of Place Beauvau – have experienced a -5.2% drop in road fatalities, lower than the national average.

Finally, the number of people over 75 years of age killed on the roads is virtually stagnant (-0.2%). The first children of the baby boom are 67 years old at the most but already, OSNIR warns that "road mortality of people aged 75 and over should be monitored"…

Overall, the results for 2012 are described as encouraging by the ministry, but "need to remember that when it comes to road safety, nothing can ever be taken for granted. The vigilance and effort of all are essential to reach the new course set by Manuel Valls, Minister of the Interior, of halving the number of road deaths by 2020". Business to follow !

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