Royal Enfield secures new names: Shotgun and Scram

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Royal Enfield secures new names: Shotgun and Scram
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Royal Enfield secures new names: Shotgun and Scram

Royal Enfield secures new names
Patent protection for shotgun and scram

At Royal Enfield there are signs of an expansion of the model range. The Royal Enfield parent company Eicher has now registered the Shotgun and Scram brand names in India.

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When vehicle manufacturers have new names protected, it can mean all or nothing. There is not really a model behind every patented name. Eicher Motors Limited, the parent company of Royal Enfield, has now registered the names Shotgun and Scram with the Indian patent office. The patent protection includes the use for motorized two-wheelers, accessories and add-on parts.

Royal Enfield secures new names: Shotgun and Scram

Indian Patent Office

What to expect under Shotgun and Scram? Industry rumors give scram to a scrambler – obvious. Shotgun could call it a cruiser. Everything from the new 350 single-cylinder to the 650 twins could serve as a technical platform.

Flying Flea protected

Already at the beginning of 2020 Royal Enfield protect the name Flying Flea (translated: flying flea) under patent number 018194843. This name can be used for motorcycles as well as accessories, clothing and accessories.

Since the name was protected in Europe, it can be assumed that it will also be used in Europe. The Indians have currently deleted the classic 500 Enfield from the range and replaced it with the new one 350 meteor replaced. The flying flea has not yet been used here.

What comes as a flea?

On the other hand, Flea – that is, Flea – does not necessarily suggest itself for a large-displacement model. Between 1939 and 1945, Royal Enfield was already producing a Flying Flea as a motorcycle for the British military. The bike was equipped with a 125 cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine.

The Indian offer is currently starting with a 350 single-cylinder. Rumor has it that Royal Enfield is also developing a 250cc single. What under the label “Flying Flea” will come remains to be seen.


If you believe the registrations at various patent offices, Royal Enfield brings new models or variants under the names Flying Flea, Shotgun and Scram.

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