Rukka R.O.R. Tried multifunctional suit

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Rukka R.O.R. Tried multifunctional suit
Arturo Rivas


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Rukka R.O.R. Tried multifunctional suit

Rukka R.O.R. Multifunctional suit
Textile suit for touring and off-road drivers

The designation R.O.R. stands for Rukka Off Road and makes it clear that the high-quality textile suit is aimed at touring and off-road drivers. We tried the suit.

Thomas Schmieder

December 11, 2018

The fact that the jacket and trousers are equipped with a two-layer laminate construction from Gore-Tex is not surprising at first. Nevertheless: the membrane impresses in the practical test with one hundred percent wind and water tightness on the one hand and excellent breathability on the other. Two ventilation openings each on the chest, sleeves, back and side as well as on the thighs of the trousers allow effective ventilation and heat dissipation in summer.

Can also be used as a classy rain suit

Rukka R.O.R. Tried multifunctional suit

Arturo Rivas

The use of leather in the buttocks area to prevent slipping on the bench and on the inside of the trousers, between the knees and the end of the legs, has also proven to be clever. The latter protects the lower extremities from heat, and the leather also offers additional abrasion protection. And what is special now? The R.O.R. It is ideally suited as an overcoat for suits without a membrane away from dusty slopes, as a rain suit for the discerning driver. For this purpose, the protectors of the R.O.R. fixed away. The suit worn underneath takes over the protective effect. Smart!


MOTORRAD awards 4.5 out of 5 stars.

  • The workmanship, the multifunctionality and the weather protection were positively noticed
  • The high price and the not very body-hugging cut were noticed negatively

It is available Rukka R.O.R suit in sizes: 46 to 62. The prices are 549 euros for the jacket and 449 euros for the trousers.

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