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Second hand advice Ducati 996


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Second hand advice Ducati 996

Second hand advice Ducati 996
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Cubic capacity cannot be replaced by anything except more cubic capacity, say the Americans. Ducati also bored out the two-cylinder engine of the super sportswoman 916 at the end of the nineties. With success ?? not only in racing.

Gerfried Vogt


What has proven itself on the racetrack is also suitable for the road, ”was the principle of Ducati’s brilliant designer Fabio Taglioni. This wisdom was the program for the brand from Bologna. The logical consequence after Carl Fogarty’s Superbike World Championship victory in 1998 was therefore to adapt the displacement of the “Novesedici” presented four years earlier to the factory racer from the 1999 model. The 916 SPS was a wickedly expensive superbike replica
already in 1997 with 996 cm3.
Outwardly hardly distinguishable from the 916, had the 996 Biposto been revised? in terms of quality Ducati still has a dubious reputation even after it was taken over by the Texas Pacific Group. The engine housing was reinforced and the V2 was equipped with two injection nozzles per cylinder. The use of steel instead of cast made the floating 320 mm brake discs lighter and more resilient, and more snappy pads delighted testers, dealers and customers. 116 HP and thus eight more than the 916 and around ten percent more torque at the same speed was the performance diagram of the first test machine at the end of 1998? in fact, the 113 paper PS were usually an understatement.
All the more sobering the realization that the new one also kept her owners busy with quirks. Like its predecessor, the 996 is not for people who hardly care about their motorcycle. Anyone who frequently moves the Italian in bad weather and misses the service intervals usually receives the invoice quickly. If you are always concerned about the make-up and wellness of the 996, you will not be disappointed? love could only fade through an affair with the even more noble 996 R. But even the basic version, ideally equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport or Bridgestone BT 012 SS, spoils the driver with perfect directional stability in an inclined position, tame positioning when braking and sensitive suspension elements.
Those who are willing to buy 996 should definitely take a look at the website www.ducati ?? there you will find exploded views, a forum and useful tips. To exchange with like-minded people-
there are other interesting sites
like, screwdriver tips at and www. A repair manual is available in bookshops for 24.90 euros (Bucheli-Verlag, Volume 5253, Ducati 748, 916, 996 from model year 1994, ISBN
3-7168-2046-6, 192 pages).

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Second hand advice Ducati 996

Second hand advice Ducati 996
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Technical data: Ducati 996, type H2, model 2001

Ducati 996, type H2, model 2001

Engine: water-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke 90-degree V-engine, crankshaft transversely, two each
Overhead, timing belt-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder, operated desmodromically, wet sump lubrication, electronic manifold injection, engine management, no exhaust gas-
cleaning, electric starter, three-phase alternator 520 W, battery 12 V / 12 Ah.
Bore x stroke 98 x 66 mm
Displacement 996 cm3
Compression ratio 11.5: 1
Rated output 83 kW (113 hp) at 8500 rpm
Max. Torque 96 Nm at 7000 rpm

Chassis: tubular steel frame, load-bearing motor, upside-down fork, sliding tube diameter 43 mm, adjustable spring base, rebound and compression damping, single-sided swing arm made of light metal, central spring strut with lever system, adjustable spring base and rebound damping, double disc brake at the front, floating brake discs, Ø 320 mm , Four-piston calipers, rear disc brake, Ø 220 mm, two-piston caliper.
Cast aluminum wheels 3.50-17; 5.50-17
Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 190/50 ZR 17

Dimensions and weights: wheelbase 1410 mm, steering head angle (adjustable) 65.5 / 66.5 degrees, caster 97/91 mm, spring travel f / h 127/130 mm, seat height 790 mm, weight with a full tank 219 kg, payload 166 kg, tank capacity 17 liters.

(MOTORRAD 3/2001)

Top speed 265 km / h

0 100 km / h 2.9 sec
0 200 km / h 9.5 sec

60 ?? 100 km / h 5.8 sec
100 ?? 140 km / h 5.6 sec

4.1 to 7.6 l / 100 km, premium gasoline


1997/98 916 SPS with 996 cm³, sharp camshafts / larger valve lift, light crankshaft drive, titanium connecting rods, closely graduated gearbox, airbox, mudguard, exhaust heat protection and license plate holder made of carbon, Ohlins strut, exhaust manifold
Ø 50 mm, plus Termignoni carbon racing silencer, 123 hp at 9500 rpm, 44,900 marks.
1999 Model introduction of the 996 Biposto with Showa strut, 16 Ah battery, three-spoke wheels, 113 hp at 8500 rpm, 29,990 marks, 996 SPS with 128 hp at 9500 rpm, 43,990 marks.
2000 Lighter Marchesini wheels in five-spoke design, sliding tubes of the Showa upside-down fork titanium nitride-coated, side stand with lock for safe parking, clutch hand pump with smaller master piston for easier operation, 29,990 marks.
2001 Ohlins shock absorber with large adjustment range (like SPS), 12 V / 12 Ah gel battery, connecting bolts between motor and frame reinforced (Ø 12 instead of 10 mm), new clutch slave cylinder, 29766 marks. Model introduction 996 R with Testastretta engine, 135 hp at 10,000 rpm, injection-
System with central nozzle, light crank drive, titanium connecting rods, new Brembo calipers, smooth side panels, carbon oil pan panels, 52400 marks.


13/2001 (VT), 3/2001 (TT), 21/2000 (VT), 10/2000 (VT), 6/2000 (VT), 3/2000 (SPS, VT), 13/1999 (VT),
25/1998 (T)

MOTORCYCLE checkpoint

Market situation
The Ducati fan base is enormous, but the inventory only counts just over 1350 copies. At least 757 vehicles of the 996 R are registered here on land. Even though most of the 996 are sold by private individuals, Ducati dealers are happy to trade in the 916 successor. Not least because of their moderate suitability for touring, the mileage of used 996s is usually up to 50 percent below the specified average mileage on the wobble list. Even a 1999 model is hard to come by for less than 8,000 euros. For a 996 PLC, about twice as much is due, which is still okay compared to the horrific new price of around 22,000 euros. Connoisseurs treat the noble variant as the classic of tomorrow.

Ducati successfully endeavored to cure the 916 diseases. Since the Japanese regulator replaced the Marelli component, there has been no more heat build-up, the new Bosch fuel pump
also works reliably. There are still annoying little things. This includes the cooling water expansion tank, which occasionally leaks at the glue point. Often in 996 of the first two years of construction there are leaky clutch slave cylinders due to contamination of the sealing sleeve by the chain ?? a drop in the liquid level in the reservoir is a clear indication. New seals cost only a few euros, from model year 2001 the black slave cylinder was replaced by a modified component.
Frequent stop-and-go traffic often wears out the dry clutch prematurely. The last steel disc can work its way into the clutch basket; a suitable spare part with a cast steel core has been available for about two years. The clutch can be prevented from slipping with an additional steel washer.
Who has a 996 from the year 2000 or 2001
has in mind should know about this driving-
testify that main bearing damage occurred more often with low mileages under 10,000 kilometers, which were repaired under guarantee. Wear on the opener rocker arms of four-valve engines has been an issue since the Ducati 851. Resonances, too large valve clearance and a rude driving style are certainly not innocent. The 16 rocker arms and rocker arms are checked every 10,000 kilometers ?? here one should rather risk one look more than one too little.
Prudent dealers swap components
Pressure marks against freshly chromed out.
“If you can hear the wear and tear, have it
the camshafts usually already something. and
then it will be expensive, ”explains Ducati dealer Heinz Tschinkel from Hohenbrunn near Munich
charges around 50 euros per re-chrome-plated opener.
Prudent 996 owners mount the splash guard from Karbon-Spezia to protect against splash water-
list Julius Ilmberger (,
Telephone 089/6133893, 159.90 euros), frequent travelers
use the triple clamp from March (www., phone 07243/59300, 398 euros), which means that the handlebars are 40 millimeters higher and therefore more relaxed.
Anyone looking for better wind protection can
use the touring screen from MRA (, phone 07663/93890, 86 euros).

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