Sporty – The new Ducati V4 engine develops more than 210 hp! – Used DUCATI

New Ducati V4 engine develops more than 210 hp !

Sporty - The new Ducati V4 engine develops more than 210 hp! - Used DUCATI

Ducati has, as planned, lifted the veil in Misano (Italy) on the new V4 engine that will equip its next production sports motorcycle, to be discovered at the EICMA show in Milan 2018. With its 1103 cc in its road version, this 4-cylinder in V derived from the Desmosedici of MotoGP delivers more than 210 hp ! Encrypted presentation.

After Aprilia and its, Ducati becomes the second Italian motorcycle manufacturer to adopt the V4 architecture for its production sports cars. A real revolution for the coat of arms of Bologna, whose culture and history are intimately linked with the V2 engine! Admittedly, the road "Desmosedici RR" was also powered by a V4, but at the time it was a very limited series at 55,000 euros a piece….

Sporty - The new Ducati V4 engine develops more than 210 hp! - Used DUCATI

Eleven years later, the situation is different: this (above) in Misano on the sidelines of the new generation of Ducati sports motorcycles will be fitted, pushing this good old V-twin to retirement. !

This replacement for the current 1299 Panigale will be officially launched at the Milan show this fall, then will make its debut in the Superbike world championship in 2019. But leaks had allowed the most impatient to …

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Contrary to what MNC supposed, it is not this future motorcycle which answers to the name of "Desmosedici Stradale", but only its engine. This denomination weaves a link with the Desmosedici of MotoGP which use a V4.

Sporty - The new Ducati V4 engine develops more than 210 hp! - Used DUCATI

"Stradale", meaning "road" in Italian, Ducati suggests that it would be a road version of the mill of the motorcycle of Andrea Dovizioso, currently leader of the MotoGP ranking with this year. Ideal timing: what could be better than presenting this novelty with this status ?

A V4 capable of taking 14,000 rpm !

Open at 90 °, this 1103 cc V4 adopts a "Twin Pulse" setting (with explosions offset by pair of cylinders, also called "Big Bang"). Powerful and necessarily Euro4 homologated, it would develop "more than 210 hp" at 13,000 rpm, a good dozen more than the current V2 of 1285 cc (which went from 205 to 197 hp with Euro4). The advantage of this new V4 configuration is to be able to improve the extension, structurally limited with the twin cylinder. All while delivering a harsh sound as you wish, less jerky than a twin !

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This Desmosedici Stradale would thus take no less than 14,000 rpm, a considerable speed in view of its very high compression ratio (14: 1)! On the other hand, the torque loses significantly with 120 Nm for the new 4-cylinder in V against 137 Nm for the twin: logical counterpart of a multicylinder, poorer in torque than a "bi". Another particularity of this engine with 81 mm bore (53.5 mm stroke), regulatory diameter in the premier class: its crankshaft is counter-rotating and therefore rotates in the opposite direction of the rotation of the wheels..

Sporty - The new Ducati V4 engine develops more than 210 hp! - Used DUCATI

This system common in MotoGP – also used on several MV Agusta – reduces the gyroscopic effect created by moving mechanical parts, in favor of better handling. Variable-height intake vents are also one of the specific features of this new Ducati V4, whose overhaul operations are scheduled at a reasonable interval of "24,000 km". 

In addition, thanks to a massive use of magnesium, Ducati has managed to keep the weight of its new engine at "64.5 kg", only 2 kg more than the current Superquadro twin in force on the 1299 Panigale! Of course, its distribution remains entrusted to the "house" Desmodromic device, like the MotoGP of Bologna: no question of further shocking the purists, for whom the transition from two to four cylinders is likely to take the form of … treason ?!

Sporty - The new Ducati V4 engine develops more than 210 hp! - Used DUCATI

Finally, Ducati is developing in parallel a "WSBK" version of this Desmosedici Stradale, the displacement of which will be less than 1000 cc in accordance with the regulations concerning 4-cylinders in the Superbike world championship..

This "R" version will equip the next racing Superbike that Ducati will field in World SBK in 2019, a year after presenting its road version, as the Bologna brand has become accustomed to..

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