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Tour tip Eifel

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Tour tip Eifel

Tour tip Eifel
At the pulse of the earth

Markus Biebricher


Fire-breathing volcanoes created the fascinating Eifel landscape 13,000 years ago and thus the basis for breathtaking curves. We recommend the following tours for dessert to all those who were in the mood for more sloping tours of discovery because of the previous story. Film for the dance between lakes, volcanoes, half-timbered houses and castles.

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Tour tip Eifel

Tour tip Eifel
At the pulse of the earth

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Tour 2: Eifel – From Blankenheim to Gerolstein

The road swings nimbly from Blankenheim towards Schleiden. After about five kilometers, turn right in the direction of Kall, and the first attraction on the way past Marmagen: the Steinfeld Monastery, a building worth seeing from the tenth century. Then the road meanders in wide sweeps through Kall and Gemund, from where a detour to Vogelsang Castle is not only very attractive for motorcycle travelers interested in history. The megalomaniac building, built by the Nazis as an elite school, is picturesquely situated above the Urft reservoir, which is connected to the next attraction, the Rursee. Exquisite turns lure around the lake, which is one of Germany’s largest dams and also offers water sports enthusiasts paradisiacal opportunities. Everyone who asks for the damp element should drive through Woffelsbach, but the call of the Eifel roads is strong. So from the direction of Nideggen, then over Berg and Wollersheim to Mechernich.

Tour tip Eifel

Map: Mairdumont / Maucher

Tour 2: Eifel; Route length: approx. 250 km.

A visit to the Rhenish open-air museum is worthwhile: the reconstruction of streets and houses is just as fascinating as the insights into scenes from life from various ages. It continues via Mechernich to Bad Munstereifel, a medieval gem with a Roman city wall and picturesque half-timbered houses. We then approach the Effelsberg radio telescope, which uses its movable 100-meter parabolic mirror to listen to distant galaxies. Behind Altenahr, driving delicacies begin at Ahrbruck in the form of the Kesselinger valley and soon afterwards the Hohe Acht, the highest point in the Eifel at 746 meters. The road plunges wildly into valleys and curves back up the hills over Langenfeld and Waldesch to Mayen, Mendig and Maria Laach, where the famous monastery and the large crater lake invite you to take a break. Via Hannebach, Kempenich, Virneburg, Drees we drive to Daun with its maars and via the mineral water metropolis Gerolstein back to Blankenheim.

Tour 1: Eifel North – From Blankenheim to Freilingen

Tour tip Eifel


Curves and landscape in the Eifel, such as the Rursee.

Blankenheim, Rohr, Tondorf, Schonau, Mutscheid, Harscheid. The road between these places dances up and down the slopes that it is a joy. If you want real serpentines, you should swing from Insul towards Sierscheid and back again. Be careful, the road is extremely narrow. From Dumpelfeld we whiz towards Adenau. Keep your eyes open in Leimbach: The OnRoad Cafe, one of several popular bikers’ get-togethers in the Eifel, is located in a 180-degree bend. After eating and exchanging experiences with like-minded people, the rollercoaster-like ride to Fuchshofen via Honerath and Reifferscheid beckons. From there the ribbon winds its way to Musch. Via Trierscheid, Dankerath, Nohn, Stroheich and Dockweiler, the route leads to Daun, where the ?? eyes of the Eifel ??, the famous ?? maars ?? ?? Volcanic crater lakes ?? waiting for us. We visit the Gemundener Maar, the Schalkenmehrer Maar and the Weinfelder Maar, then turn in the direction of Mehren and drive via Trittscheid and Oberstadtfeld to Wallenborn, where we get in touch with the interior of the earth.

Tour tip Eifel

Map: Mairdumont / Maucher

Tour 1: Eifel North; Route length: approx. 210 km.

The place is delightful in the valley. Volcanic activity is evident everywhere. Carbonated gas penetrates to the surface from a magma chamber 20 kilometers below the surface. At a kind of spring, the “Brubbel”, an eruption occurs every half an hour: the gas pulls water with it and causes a three-meter-high column of water to rise. In Wallenborn there is also “Heelischkoochens”, a waffle specialty baked with volcanic water. But now further: Via Salm, Meisburg, Bettenfeld the road meanders to Manderscheid where the Maar Museum, the Eckfelder Trockenmaar and the Meerfelder Maar invite you on a journey through time into the history of the earth. The view of the two castles, Upper and Lower Castle, is characteristic. It continues via Groblittgen, the Himmerod monastery, Schwarzenborn and Kyllburg. Then follows a swivel north via Sankt Thomas and Densborn to Birresborn, where old ice caves can be visited. The return route to Blankenheim leads via Wallersheim, Budesheim, Gerolstein, Wiesbaum and Freilingen.

Information about the tours

Base quarters The starting point of both tours is Blankenheim, which is embedded in romantic forests. This is not only where the Ahr rises, you can experience history in every nook and cranny. Interesting museums and motorcycle-friendly hotels offer education and relaxation. Info: Overnight stay: Hotel Lorin, phone 02449/918589 or Hotel Jagerhof, phone 02697/907991.

Break tip The castles and medieval town centers are beautiful and typical on these two tours. On Tour 1, especially Adenau with the hotel “Blaue Ecke”, Manderscheid with the double castle, Daun with the Maaren and Gerolstein with the bottling of mineral water.

Reading material Eifel connoisseur and resident Jan Leek recommends the Eifel-Ardennen motorcycle travel guide from Motorbuch-Verlag for 16 euros. Also: ?? The most beautiful routes in the Eifel ?? by Hans Michael Engelke, Bruckmann-Verlag, 12.95 euros, or ?? Discover and experience the Eifel ?? by Sylva Harasim and Martin Schempp, Highlights-Verlag, 11.90 euros. Tickets: ADAC leisure card 18, Eifel, Mosel, Hunsruck, 1: 100,000, 6.50 euros.

Motorcycle get-togethers There are three biker cafes on the route to the Nurburgring directly on the B 257: Cafe Fahrtwind, In den Weidenhecken 34, 53506 Honningen, phone 02643/6006, Cafe Ahrwind, Hauptstrabe 45, 53506 Ahrbruck, phone 02643/903403,, OnRoad Cafe, Hauptstrabe 11, 53518 Leimbach bei Adenau, phone 02691/2627, If you drive from Dumpelfeld to Schuld and then turn towards Bad Munstereifel, you will pass Haus Waldfrieden: Munstereifeler Strabe 1, 53520 Schuld, Telephone 02695/386, At the Rursee, Gerdas Eifeltreff, Schwammenauel 4, 52396 Heimbach, phone 02446/8097962, Otto’s Bikertreff resides in Kall: Ahrstrabe 2, 53925 Kall-Krekel, Telephone 02447/8335,

sightseeing features On Tour 2 above all Steinfeld Monastery, Vogelsang Castle, Rursee, Rheinisches Freilichtmuseum, Munstereifel, Radio Telescope Effelsberg, Hohe Acht, Racing Museum in Nurburg (phone 02691/302147), Maria Laach.

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