Tried Kochmann Rider motorcycle boots

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Tried Kochmann Rider motorcycle boots
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Tried Kochmann Rider motorcycle boots

Tried Kochmann Rider
Motorcycle boots for retro cyclists

Those who ride a motorcycle in retro style also like to dress accordingly. With the Rider, Kochmann supplies the right footwear. We tried it.

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With its eye-catching design and chic details, the rider stands out on the Kochmann catalog pages. Optically based on the popular leisure boots from Doc Martens, they get a modern touch, but remain classic enough for scramblers or retro bikes.

Tried Kochmann Rider motorcycle boots


This is exactly where they were finally able to prove themselves: First of all, the first wearing comfort is convincing, no pressure or friction points disturb. A loop on the rear shaft makes it easier to get in, as does the zipper on the inside – additionally secured with Velcro. The lacing can be twirled once to the desired length, then left that way. Everything that sticks out is then beautifully fixed by a buckle. So that this can also be seen, trouser legs find their place permanently in the approximately 20 centimeter high shaft and do not slip out. Ankle reinforcements on both sides protect, as does the robust cowhide leather, the stable sole and the gear reinforcement.

Sensitive surface and not very tight

Tried Kochmann Rider motorcycle boots


Due to the bright and smooth surface, the shoes are a bit prone to scratches and the like. On the notch they provide a good grip, inside again for warm feet, as air cannot get in. A Hipora membrane is supposed to regulate the matter with the moisture, but let some water through from the outside to the inside during our test. The edge of the zipper also suffered a little from the contact with the motorcycle, as it sticks out slightly. Overall, the boot is still convincing – not only because of its look, but also because of its comfort and good workmanship. The Kochmann Rider is available in sizes from 37 to 48 at prices from 149.95 euros.

Plus: comfortable, robust, practical closure

Minus: slight ingress of moisture, sensitive

MOTORCYCLE Rating: 3.5 stars out of five

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