Triumph guarantee: four years now without restrictions

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Triumph guarantee: four years now without restrictions


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Triumph guarantee: four years now without restrictions

Triumph upgrades warranty
Four years now without restrictions

Triumph has already had a four-year guarantee so far. Now the British are upgrading the scope of the guarantee.

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Anyone who has previously bought a new machine from Triumph in Germany has received a four-year guarantee from the manufacturer. However, this guarantee consisted of a two-year factory guarantee and a two-year extended guarantee. Both parts of the guarantee were granted without a mileage limit.

The follow-up guarantee, however, was granted by the third-party provider CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG and was subject to its insurance conditions. This partnership ends now.

Benefits for customers

Triumph guarantee: four years now without restrictions


From July 1, 2021, Triumph itself will now provide the full four-year guarantee for new motorcycles in Germany and Austria. The new regulation brings additional advantages for customers, because there is no excess in warranty years three and four, there is more comprehensive coverage for warranty cases and Triumph accessories that were purchased with the bike now also have the comprehensive new warranty protection. There is still no mileage limit. The guarantee can also be passed on if the machine is sold.

With a four-year guarantee, Triumph is one of the few brands that goes beyond the legal minimum of two years.

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With this promotion, Triumph does not offer more, but a more extensive guarantee than before. The new buyers will be happy.

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