Axiis Liion Electric Supermoto Concept 2019

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Axiis Liion Electric Supermoto Concept 2019


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Axiis Liion Electric Supermoto Concept 2019

Axiis Liion (2019)
Electric supermoto

Motorcycle accessories manufacturer Axiis has put its own concept model on the wheels. The so-called Axiis Liion is a supermoto with an electric drive.

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What happens if a company that normally only produces individual components for mostly sport enduros and supermoto decides to put its own bike on the wheels? The Axiis Liion provides the answer. Although the Liion monentan is still more of a concept bike, the renderings show in which direction an electric supermoto could go. Axiis also gives potential technical data.

Facebook fans have a say?

The electric motor should produce up to 100 kW, which should allow a top speed of up to 200 km / h. In normal operation, however, the power of the motor should drop to 55 kW, which should protect the battery and increase the range. Speaking of batteries: The capacity of the built-in battery should be 11.7 kWh. The Axiis Liion is said to weigh only 134 kilograms. Axiis specifies 1,429 mm for the wheelbase. The frame and swing arm are made of aluminum. The technical data mentioned make you want more. Whether this key data can actually be transported on a real bike is another question.

Axiis Liion Electric Supermoto Concept 2019


The Axiis Liion is still a concept.

Incidentally, it is not just the company that decides what the Axiis Liion will ultimately look like. Axiis surveys its fans on its own Facebook page and presents several options to choose from. A cover here, an attachment there? Or would you rather do without it? Fans can vote on how the Liion will develop. It is not yet possible to predict whether the wishes of Facebook fans will also be taken into account when a bike has been implemented. Whether and when the Liion should come or how much it could cost is understandably not yet known at this point in time.

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