DXR Curbstones racing leather gloves test


Racing gloves for sunny days

Cowhide leather, reinforcements, CE EN 13594: 2015 KP1 standard

DXR is a brand of the equipment manufacturer Motoblouz, offering a range of clothing combining technicality and competitive prices. The Curbstones are fairly short and discreet mid-season sports gloves, usable in fine weather and certified EN13594-2015.


DXR Curbstones immediately announce their preference: sport, elegance and lightness. Complex design and typical reinforcements highlight this dynamic use.

DXR Curbstones gloves testDXR Curbstones gloves test

The asymmetrical mid-length cuff, however, signs a rather peri-urban oriented glove. A long velcro tightening tab closes it at its end.

Glove cuff tighteningGlove cuff tightening

Signed with the brand’s logo on the wrist, a thick external reinforcement adjoins an element of micro-perforated leather. In cowhide, this skin is thus largely ventilated on the top of the hand and on all the sides of the fingers. These multiple attentions and cuts of the glove, associated with the most supple leather, give it even more style.

Designed for use at good speed, the protection is not to be outdone, while preserving ease. Thus, the upper reinforcements of the back of the hand, a perforated profiled shell, are attached to a large leather panel partially detached from the glove. A real plus when you close your hand on the handles, which gussets further optimize on the index and middle fingers.

Upper reinforcements with perforated contoured shellUpper reinforcements with perforated contoured shell

Numerous plastic elements protect the joints of the phalanges and the palm features a solid slider on the hypothenar eminence, a leather pad for the thenar hump, less strained.

In the event of a fall, the little finger suffers easily and several manufacturers have suddenly tied the little finger with a leather link, which the Curbstones does. Ring finger and little finger are thus linked to limit the risk of overturning.

There is also a non-slip insert running from the thumb to the ring finger, for more grip…. A little less useful and certainly dispensable. Finally, the Curbstones gloves allow the use of smartphones and other touch screens…. Very nice and practical.


The problem with some racing gloves is that they protect as much as they immobilize the hand because the hand is so entangled in it. Nothing like it here.

The Curbstones are proving to be the most enjoyable. No compression point or friction zone hinders the evolutions on the handlebars of your favorite mount. This proves the well thought-out location of the protective elements. Also, no seam at the end of the phalanx will hurt the fingertips..

There are many protectionsThere are many protections

Finally, the flexibility and comfort of full-skin unlined leather provide a precise feel to the controls. And when the temperature, or the pace rises, the raw skin remains soft on your epidermis.

Enough to roll without slackening and setting an angle.

DXR Curbstones gloves in full testDXR Curbstones gloves in full test

The good quality of the reinforcements makes it possible to envisage a correct solution to the possible slip (not tested). Thermally correct from 10 degrees Celsius, DXR Curbstones gloves will logically be more pleasant afterwards, confirming their capabilities as mid-season gloves. Their perforations then ensure good temperature regulation and the entire glove is forgotten when the temperature rises.

DXR Curbstones gloves are ventilated under the palmDXR Curbstones gloves are ventilated under the palm

We sometimes notice with short-cuff gloves that air can infiltrate into the jacket, which I did not notice during the various tests carried out with them. But it can then depend on the jacket used.


Discreet, stylish and efficient, Curbstones gloves are excellent everyday companions. Used on roadsters, GT sports or trails, these gloves quickly won me over. From the small pile of hand leather at my disposal, I have been choosing them with pleasure for several months. A sign that reveals the general effectiveness of these articles. In addition, they age very well. A longer cuff would, however, be more secure in order to avoid the possible raising of the jacket sleeve in the event of a fall.

Priced at 54.80 € (launched at 60.90 euros), DXR Curbstones are really affordable and almost essential for efficient equipment.

Strong points

  • Quality materials
  • Comfort and flexibility
  • Touch accuracy
  • Activate touch screens
  • Style
  • Aeration
  • Resistance to wear and time

Weak points

  • Slightly short cuff

Features DXR Curbstones gloves

  • Material: Cowhide leather
  • Leather tie to hold the little finger
  • Reinforcements on the side, reinforcements and slider in the palm
  • Velcro wrist tightening
  • Approved according to standard CE EN 13594: 2015 KP1
  • Colors: Black, Black / White / Blue, Black / White / Red, Black / Fluo Yellow

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  1. "The look of the first 1300 XJRs (early 2000s) has nothing to envy of this new model in my opinion."

    I agree.

  2. Very good bike, I owned a model 79 from 82 to 84, equipped with a king’s fairing and a pair of krauser saddlebags, it was a great GT.

    After 205 km / h it peaked a bit and it wiggled if the set of tires was altered, but the acceleration was really pleasing which made it a very pleasant machine for everyday use..

    Anecdotally this model had a removable kickstarter housed under the battery, which saved me at least twice. The latest models no longer had this refinement.

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