Euro 4 prohibits throttle cable stop mechanical throttle

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Euro 4 prohibits throttle cable stop mechanical throttle


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Euro 4 prohibits throttle cable stop mechanical throttle

No more mechanical throttle thanks to Euro 4
Bye bye throttle cable stop

Current Euro 4 machines have to be electronically throttled to an A2-compliant 48 hp driver’s license. This technology is more complex and a little more expensive than before. New machines may first have to be approved and then throttled.

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It seems strange: Honda, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, offers an extremely easy-to-handle motorcycle in the form of the NC 750 X, so a good recommendation for novice drivers with a tier A2 driver’s license, see the MOTORRAD issue 16/2016. However, Honda does not offer a reduction from 55 hp to 48 hp (35 kW) in accordance with the rules. So does the two-wheeler giant of Europe ignore novice drivers? After all, you shouldn’t drive a new NC 750 X or its dainty sister S in the first two years with the A2 because of seven HP too much.

Don’t worry: alpha Technik from Stephanskirchen jumps into this breach. It offers an electronic module “MCR” (Micro Controlled Restriction) for various motorcycle models at a price of 175 euros without installation. It is switched between the throttle grip and the control unit and influences the signals from the electronically operating throttle grip (ride-by-wire). This means that the full angle of rotation is retained, but the electronic translation of the throttle grip is changed: With the twist grip fully open, a maximum of 48 hp is available. According to alpha technology, this should become one “more comfortable driving experience” to lead.

For older motorcycles up to and including the Euro 3 standard, a simple mechanical stop for 109 euros is sufficient as a power limitation – the throttle valve no longer opens fully, the travel of the throttle grip is limited. Such a technically simple throttling is no longer permitted for motorcycles that, like the renovated Honda NC 750 X, are homologated according to the new Euro 4 standard. Instead, the currently valid homologation framework directive 168/2013 / EC excludes throttling in which the opening angle of the throttle valve is mechanically limited. Choked vehicles must meet the same requirements as the more powerful basic motorcycle: The values ​​are determined in complex exhaust gas and noise measurements and confirmed by an accredited technical service as part of a parts certificate.

Installation should be carried out by a specialist workshop

Euro 4 prohibits throttle cable stop mechanical throttle

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alpha Technik also offers electronic MCR throttle kits for the Yamaha XSR 700 and 900 (picture).

Alpha Technik currently offers electronic MCR throttle kits for the Yamaha models XSR 700 and 900, for the Triumph Street Twin and for the Honda NC 750 S, X and Integra machines. The installation should be carried out by a specialist workshop. In some models, there is also a throttle screen in the intake tract, so that the correct air-to-fuel ratio is always maintained even with throttling. Either way: Technical services such as TuV, Dekra, etc. issue change acceptance tests for the approval body.

Very important: Some registration offices in Germany refused to recognize a throttling of the Euro 4 types to 48 HP that was carried out before the vehicle was first registered. Instead, the vehicle first had to “open”, thus allowed with full power and then entered the throttling. The authority then enters the completed installation on the basis of a change acceptance. The throttled motorcycle can later be easily upgraded to full power at any time.

Electronic throttle from alpha Technik

Euro 4 prohibits throttle cable stop mechanical throttle

alpha technology

A simple distinguishing feature of “Euro 4”-Motorcycles, the description 168/2013 is in the middle part of the approval number on the nameplate. Around e13 * 168/2013 * 00003 * for the Yamaha XSR 700. Furthermore, everyone wears “Euro 4”-Machine side reflectors. Caution: This criterion does not apply to US bikes, especially from Harley-Davidson: They already had side reflectors in earlier times. If you want to be on the safe side, you shouldn’t throttle a motorcycle to 48 hp in Germany that has an open output of more than 95 hp: the EU Commission recently warned the German Sonderweg, which allowed this; MOTORRAD reported.

The following throttles are currently available at alpha Technik for vehicles that have been homologated according to the new directive 168/2013:

Honda NC 750 SA / NC 750 SD, vehicle type: RC88, from model year 2016-, EG-BE no .: e13*168/2013*00011*,
Honda Integra NC 750 D, vehicle type: RC89, from model year 2016-, EG-BE no .: e4*168/2013*00010*,
Honda NC 750 XA / NC 750 XD, vehicle type: RC90, from model year 2016-, EG-BE no .: e13*168/2013*00007*,
Triumph Street Twin, vehicle type: DP01, from model year 2016-, EG-BE no .: e13*168/2013*00204*,
Yamaha XSR 700 / MTM690, vehicle type: RM11, from model year 2016-, EG-BE no .: e13*168/2013*00003*,
Yamaha XSR 900 / MTM850, vehicle type: RN43, from model year 2016-, EG-BE no .: e13*168/2013*00002*,
Further vehicles are in preparation. Information at

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