Furygan Ted D3O Sympatex shoes test


A pair of efficient and comfortable high tops, waterproof and breathable

It’s spring, the return of the thong and the shirt: we see again "bikers" and scooter riders riding while being dressed any way and if Darwin will recognize his family, this is obviously not an example to to follow. Sunny days do not prevent you from protecting yourself properly and especially when you come across products that know how to combine discretion and efficiency, comfort and waterproofness..

This is the case with the Ted D3O high top shoe from Furygan. It presents itself as a kind of reinforced high-top sneaker and seduces with its slightly sporty look while remaining relatively discreet. It is distinguished by its bi-material design, with soft textile in its central part, the ends being reinforced with leather elements, as are the lace inserts..

Note that unlike the vast majority of motorcycle boots and shoes, this model does not have a selector guard part on the left and even less on the right..

Furygan Ted D3O Sympatex sneakersFurygan Ted D3O Sympatex sneakers

The build quality is good, everything is perfectly adjusted, well in its place and this feeling of quality is confirmed when you have the shoe in hand. But shoes are made to put on your feet.

Tested and approved

The good news is that the Ted D3O doesn’t require a break-in period, where it needs to soften up. We are immediately at ease in it and it is forgotten. If the closure of the laces goes up high enough, there is enough space for the TED D3O to slip on without any problem and the lacing is done naturally..

The shoes do not require breaking in and immediately provide comfortThe shoes do not require breaking in and immediately provide comfort

The textile coating gives a certain flexibility around the foot, but we feel, however, that the Ted remains a fairly rigid shoe, which despite everything does not pose any problems of discomfort on a daily basis when walking or on the motorcycle in the grip of orders. In fact, here is a truly versatile shoe, as I have had it on numerous occasions to keep it on all day long between strokes of the motorcycle. After all, that’s what we ask of him. It should also be noted that the Sympatex lining is soft to the touch..

On the protection side, there are reinforcements at the heel and end of the foot and D3O protection at the level of the malleolus. The sole is non-slip and anti-twist. In fact, the Ted D3O is CE PPE approved.

The malleoli are protected by D3O reinforcementsThe malleoli are protected by D3O reinforcements

Finally, we can only praise its strength: several months of use have changed absolutely nothing in the presentation or the level of wear of the shoe and the coating at the toe is strong enough not to wear too much. even, in a bend taken generously, the tip of the shoe would come to make a sensual licking on the asphalt (we know of competing shoes which ended up bevelled after two attempts …). Likewise, if there is no reinforcement at the level of the selector, there is no trace of wear in this place … Solid, therefore !

Waterproof, with that

Their waterproofness is good and allows them to survive a small downpour while staying cool. In short, we do not see any major flaw to report, especially since even the price is well placed. Strictly speaking, we note that the lining, at the heel, sometimes tends to want to come back a little when we remove the shoe (but after several months of use, it is still in place and has not torn) . Likewise, if the Ted D3O is breathable, it still remains a rigid and solid shoe and can turn out to be a little "hot", not so breathable as that, in the middle of the mountain. It is not a pair of Converse, either, but it will be much more effective in the event of an accident … it is not necessary to take a size above your civilian shoes.

Furygan Ted D3O Sympatex shoe testFurygan Ted D3O Sympatex shoe test


At the same prices as the competition at 119 euros (official price), they can be found on the internet at around 110 euros. In fact, the Furygan Ted D3O can highlight, in addition to their excellent level of performance and great versatility, a quality / price ratio of the most interesting.

Strong points

  • Comfort on and off the bike
  • Sober and stylish look at the same time
  • Ease of use
  • Waterproof
  • Build quality
  • Sole that does not melt when you scrape the bitumen

Weak points

  • The lining tends to come back a bit, at the heel, when you remove the shoe
  • Breathable, of course, but still a little warm to wear in high temperatures
  • One color

Test conditions

  • Itinerary: several months of daily use and on trials

Technical characteristics Furygan sneakers

  • cowhide and polyamide
  • waterproof and breathable lining with Sympatex membrane
  • D3O protections on the ankles and reinforcements on the heel and end of the foot
  • color: black
  • sizes: 37-47

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7 thoughts on “Furygan Ted D3O Sympatex shoes test

  1. I ride trail and doing 99% of my road trips, I wonder what could bring me this Tenere 700.

    And although I did more off-road, I am far from having the level of enthusiastic testers. So with suitcases and top case loaded, I don’t even question it.

    1300 € more than my VStrom 650 (excluding promo) which does the job, has demonstrated its reliability and longevity, its versatility, its ability to travel on roads / tracks, solo and duo, sincerely this Tenere 700 that brings- does it more?

  2. She brings the adventurer look.

    Our roads are saturated with 4x4s and SUVs that have never put a tire out of the asphalt. Trail and scrambler are two-wheeled 4x4s and SUVs. Buyers are not seduced by their off-road capabilities, but by the backpacker / adventurer image conveyed by these machines.

  3. Quotefaublas
    Well, that seems like a good compromise for distant trips. 300 km, on the track you have to do them, and the situations where you do not find pumps or a small selling gasoline by the bottle by the side of the road are rare.

    During their Paris-Dakar journey with 2 Transalps, Lolo Cochet and his sidekick had 86 liters of autonomy. On the road, the Transalp is 6 liters / 100. In sand it has risen to more than 10 liters. Total, in Mauritania, they saw the moment when their trip was going to stop there, cans and tanks were almost dry, and no way to find SP…

    So the 16L of the 700T, I was laughing out loud.

  4. I suppose Acerbis and others are already working on large capacity tanks for this type of bike.

  5. Since we waited !

    I separated from my 1290 superadventure because the license was in superdanger, to fall back on a SWM 650 superdual, it calms down !

    Except that after 3 electrical failures, I quickly replaced my Italian with a Vstrom 650.

    The 700 Tenere is therefore what could suit me best, not too many horses, and a real versatility, but I would lose in autonomy and in comfort what I would gain in Offroad..

    So I wait until September to try it, but I would like the same with a 24 liter tank and a real saddle !

    The 790 adv is great, but I was already fooling around at the 2nd roundabout, too bad to stay calm!

  6. Ofan it takes me back to 2001 when I got my motorcycle license! My first bike was an XTZ Tenere … I lived in Savoie at the time and I really loved this machine, with its ground clearance, driving on mountain roads was a huge pleasure. Good had to play a little with the box because the engine flexibility was not his strong point. This new version will plug me in … but the price is a deterrent! My "old" Tenere was still a simple and inexpensive motorcycle … this is another story even taking into account the passage of time.

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