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The lion pulls out his three wheels

Metropolis : n. from the Greek meter "mother" and polis "city", denoting a very large city, a place of impetus and innovation. Presented as a concept in 2011, the Metropolis is the result of a real collaboration between Peugeot and Peugeot scooters, in order to bring to the scooter the experience of the car for a three-wheeler conceived differently.. Because the Metropolis is indeed a three-wheeler, carried by specific French legislation which allows you to drive a large cube with the B license and only 7 hours of driving. The wide two-wheeled front axle provides stability compared to a traditional two-wheeler and a real sense of security. 6 years after its first "presentation" and for its "5th version", the 2017 vintage is the first vintage really launched with force by the manufacturer at the lion. Real launch then for a real new model? Test…

Metropolis in lineMetropolis in line

68,386 Metropolis sold worldwide, including 20,000 in France since 2011! Even though that’s only a third of MP3 500 sales – the only competitor – it’s a very nice number. Behind this fine result hides several years of difficulties for the model which suffered from successive mechanical problems, reinforced by a service interval of 10,000 km. The scooter returned too late to the dealership when some faults could have been detected well in advance with closer revisions. Everything has since been reassembled and corrected internally. The 2017 vintage takes into account all the problems encountered, down to the plastic parking brake plunger which broke blocking the machine, when the part was only worth a few euros. Peugeot announces that it has replaced 1/4 of the parts list! Beyond all the corrections made, the manufacturer also has its share of technical novelties and improvements. Detail review.

Peugeot Metropolis at seaPeugeot Metropolis at sea

The most visible new element is the wheels, which go from 12 to 13 inches with narrower tires (from 120 to 110mm). We then move on to the completely redesigned automotive-style dashboard. And externally, these are the only differences, apart from a new color borrowed from the 3008 with the Metallic Copper. The Metropolis 2017 actually looks exactly like the Metropolis 2016 on the outside. The improvements are elsewhere.

The 2017 vintage has indeed changed to Euro4, directly from Euro2 (no Euro 3 for the 3 wheels). And while this change generally results in a loss of power, the Metropolis actually gains a little, as well as torque, especially at low revs to significantly improve pick-up. Even if the impact is especially effective on consumption which drops by 0.3 liters per hundred. Braking then evolves, with a front disc increasing to 230 mm while the rear brake has a double piston instead of a single piston and the piston increases by 10% in diameter. And the new pads increase their life by 100%. The Metropolis now also benefits from Nissin braking and Continental ABS. But above all, it now incorporates traction control, disconnectable while driving, with three modes: urban, sport and disconnected.

Peugeot Metropolis 400iPeugeot Metropolis 400i

Underneath the fairing, the chassis retains the same shape but has been reinforced at several points, with a frame that is 50% stiffer. And in parallel with this reinforced chassis, the Metropolis benefits from new suspensions and shock absorbers for more comfort, while improving road holding. Finally, it incorporates an auto-warning, which automatically triggers the warnings in the event of violent braking and is then automatically removed. To have seen it in action during the test, it is much more visible and effective for those who follow, than the simple rear brake light that comes on.

Still at the electronic level, the Metropolis incorporates a TPMS, ie a tire under-inflation detection system. There are then a few details such as a new generation of trunk that can store a modular under the tailgate, a new parking brake or a second standard Smart Key. Note that the transponder controls both the contact and the doors, which is very practical on a daily basis. You just need to have the key in your pocket to handle the scooter.

Peugeot Metropolis 400Peugeot Metropolis 400


The Metropolis is like no other. If we sometimes mix two scooters from afar, the Metropolis is recognizable from far away, closer to the two-wheeled crossover than to a svelte two-wheeler. Massive, plush, it imposes, being almost closer to the Onyx concept than to a three-wheeler. The front grille itself is reminiscent of a car grille, as is the dual tail light. And we find the lion in relief both on the screen and the trunk, not to mention the parking brake push button or the rims. The rubber of the handles also incorporates the Peugeot brand in relief; attention to detail and overall finish.

Peugeot Metropolis from the frontPeugeot Metropolis from the front

We appreciate the mini-indicators, which are more reminiscent of personalization elements than original indicators.

Rear lights and trunkRear lights and trunk

Like a car, it has a trunk in the back, at the same time as the saddle is raised. Both open electrically via separate buttons on the left side of the driver. For the rest, there is a long double saddle, a flat floor, a large central storage compartment as well as a small storage compartment incorporating a USB socket to charge a smartphone..
The windshield can be adjusted manually and effortlessly, but when stationary, because you have to press the specific push buttons.

Screen adjustable to several heightsScreen adjustable to several heights

The RXR of our test same matte and shiny color with a final rendering of the most beautiful effect. The plastics are of high quality and the finish is really premium, including the storage compartment, which is far from being the case with all scooters on the market..


In the saddle

Magic of the Twin Tilting Wheels (TTWTM) front axle, we climb onto the Metropolis at a standstill and it remains straight. We take our time and the handling is easier. Then simply start or manually disconnect the system to regain a two-wheeler and its balance. The feet will not be flat for the driver of 1.70m despite the reasonable height of 780mm because of the floor which widens the supports, but once again, the locking system of the front axle secures. And when it comes to feet, they are easily installed on the wide and not too long floor; the position is only straight and on the other hand, they cannot be extended forwards as on other models.

Before our eyes, we discover the new dashboard, particularly complete, similar to the car, with the analog counter on the left and a tachometer on the right (with its counterclockwise graduation) surrounding a digital display with eight-stick fuel gauge, clock, engine temperature, totalizer, partial single trip, average and instantaneous consumption, remaining range, exterior temperature, traction control level (TCS) and in the center the tire pressure control which passes in red in case of underpressure. We then find some witnesses such as lights, oil, injection and whether or not the front axle is blocked. Everything is clear and readable, even under the sun.


The meter display mode (alternating instantaneous and average consumption) is set on the right stalk, as is the TCS traction control mode. There is also the button to choose between the DRL display (the vertical led bar located between the wheels) and the daytime running lights..

It is also on the right that one locks or unlocks the rollock of the front axle in order to keep the scooter upright, without a stand, at a standstill..

Right hand switch, DRL light switch and modesRight hand switch, DRL light switch and modes

In the center of the handlebars, we find both the warning button and the parking brake (the lion pulls towards you to activate or deactivate it).

Parking brake pusher on the lion and warningParking brake pusher on the lion and warning


No key. Starter associated with the left brake handle. The front axle unlocks automatically when accelerating (without forgetting to unlock the possible parking brake). The grip is done instinctively. At low speed, the downforce and the front axle bring more weight but also more stability. The Metropolis reacts instantly to the input of the throttle and accelerates smoothly. No particular climb in the towers, but a sedan side.


Be careful, however, when maneuvering at low speed. It is a three-wheeler and many users think that this provides stability while you can get carried away by the weight which then causes a nice landing on the road. A three-wheeler takes a bit of getting used to and even someone with his motorcycle license has already demonstrated to me two successive poses, a blow to the right and a blow to the left during the first grip..

In the city

The Metropolis slides easily into traffic, performing mindlessly interfacing and maneuvering between cars. Even the U-turns on a street are easy with a grip closer to a smaller displacement than a 400. The acceleration is efficient and generous, without being neither violent nor angry. It is not as vigorous as a 500 cm3 but largely sufficient in the city and in peri-urban areas. The power is there, soft and generous, which contributes to the pleasure of driving and well beyond even that of a 300 cm3, without having the heaviness of larger displacements than the 400.

Peugeot Metropolis in townPeugeot Metropolis in town

The Metropolis takes an angle without forcing and remains stable in the bends. It brings more to the balance level with its large front support, without making the steering heavy. In short, it is easy and particularly suitable for a motorist who is looking for an urban "two-wheeler" to play with the traffic..

And in town, the scooter still seems to purr, quietly installed around 4,000 rpm, or at mid-speed.

On the highway

The Metropolis quickly launches up to 120 km / h then climbs more slowly to reach the 140 km / h counter solo (or 132 km / h real). But in reality and if there is a little wind, we release the handle a little to descend a good 10 kilometers in order to find a more precise front end. Because at the maximum speed, the catch in the wind generates a noticeable blur in felt in the direction which does not encourage to remain at the maximum speed. In fact, the Metropolis is behind 20 km / h in top speed compared to its direct competitor Piaggio MP3 400 and even more compared to the MP3 500 naturally. Obviously, the Metropolis is much heavier (265 kilos against 224 kilos for the MP3 400) and can only bow to the leader of the category. This favors more urban use than long distance trips and distant trips will be limited, in any case by the motorway network..

Peugeot Metropolis on nationalPeugeot Metropolis on national


The Metropolis happily finds the departmental roads, a real revelation, especially for a three-wheeler, whose often heavy front axle prevents it from sustaining a real rhythm. This is not the case of the Peugeot which happily accelerates the pace as the virolos. The steering does not lock on the downforce and allows you to perform a series of quick turns at a sustained pace, on perfect asphalt road. As soon as the road breaks up with bad joints and other holes, the front axle clearly shows its dissatisfaction and asks to hold the steering firmly, if we want to stay on the road. It appears more manoeuvrable at a sustained pace than its biggest competitor in 500 cm3 but is also more lively in reactions on bent pavement, requiring a little more effort to stay on its trajectory..

Peugeot Metropolis on departmentalPeugeot Metropolis on departmental


Rather rear brake, front brake or foot brake? The Metropolis offers all three, coupled with ABS. Both the rear and the front offer excellent feeling, good progressiveness and everyday efficiency. Only the rear solo can significantly relieve and can trigger the ABS, felt very noticeably in the grip, but barely on the road. And when used together front and rear, you brake well, hard and fast, on time, without ever being afraid of too much power too quickly. The foot brake is more delicate if only because the foot does not offer the same sensitivity. The pedal is also small and is already forgotten every day. She asks to ease off – it is the case to say it – and to press. The start of support causes almost no reaction and you have to really press hard to feel a combined braking, rather effective, but not to be used in an emergency..

Continental disc brake and ABSContinental disc brake and ABS


The new suspensions do a very good job and absorb bad surfaces very well. We even manage to pass rather quickly on the backs of donkeys and other speed bumps without hopping in the saddle. The level is clearly up compared to the previous vintage and is now rightly placed in the GT category..

Two-seater saddleTwo-seater saddle


The passenger benefits from large retractable steps that integrate perfectly into the bodywork as well as wide handles that are practical for everyday use. There is now for him as an option, a saddle backrest (the sissi bar).

Retractable passenger footboardRetractable passenger footboard

The behavior in pairs is very healthy and the comfort is almost better. The engine struggles on the other hand a little more, especially during the times which become softer..


The flat floor is already good news because it allows heavy packages to be placed, especially since a retractable hook in the saddle allows it to be stowed centrally..
At the front, the USB socket allows you to charge a smartphone while driving. And the apron incorporates a central storage compartment with three compartments allowing boarding for multiple small items.

Central empty pocketCentral empty pocket

But the trunk associated with the space under the saddle allows you to carry two modular helmets. As for the trunk alone, it allows you to put a good camera bag with reflex, large zoom, wide angle, flash and small camera. Better, the two spaces are communicating and thus allow to accommodate a tennis racket..

The advantage of the front axle which locks is that there is no need to crutch centrally. And it is fortunate, because it takes a little effort to arrive at the crutch; something to discourage doing it on a daily basis in fact.

The trunk accommodates a modular helmetThe trunk accommodates a modular helmet


Peugeot announces a normalized standard consumption down from 4.2 to 3.9 liters per cent. And the on-board computer announces in fact 273 km of autonomy once full. The on-board computer displays after 100 km, an average consumption of 4.3 liters, as well as a range of 132 kilometers. The real consumption is suddenly closer to 5 liters per hundred, with a range of around 240 km, or in the average of competitors’ consumption. It must also be said that the pace of the test was very sustained over a good part of the day. Note that you have to lift the saddle to access the tank and refuel.


Service intervals have been reduced from 10,000 to 5,000 kilometers. However, Peugeot ensures that the overall cost of use has not changed. These are the same checks, checks and changes, but the brand prefers or even more often in its network models in order to be able to quickly rectify a possible problem. It must be said that the scooter driver is closer to the motorist who does not take care of his car himself than to the motorcyclist who monitors his machine himself and reacts to wear of the pads or suspicious noises..


The Metropolis has reached maturity with its 2017 vintage. Comfortable, well finished, safe, reliable, it offers the real driving pleasure of a GT-scooter, all the more deserved by its carrying capacity. Displayed at 9,699 euros in the RXR version and 9,599 euros in the standard version, the scooter is almost at the same price as its competitor, while the old version sees its price drop to 7,999 euros, but without ABS, without traction control, without auto -warning nor TPMS and in one color only. The choice would become almost difficult but the difference in budget will simplify the choice for the tightest purses..

Strong points

  • motor
  • maneuverability
  • ease of use
  • practical aspects

Weak points

  • duet covers
  • reaction of the front axle when cornering on deformed pavement
  • weight

Peugeot Metropolis technical sheet

Test conditions

  • Itinerary: small varied roads + interurban highways with a bit of town
  • Motorcycle mileage: 500 km

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