Museums in times of the corona virus

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Museums in times of the corona virus Piaggio


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Museums in times of the corona virus

Closed museums and virtual museum tours Different concepts of motorcycle museums

Factory museums also had to remain closed due to the measures taken against the corona pandemic. Various motorcycle manufacturers such as Ducati, KTM and Piaggio develop different concepts for visitors.


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In order to curb the spread of the corona virus, many things in public life have run differently than usual. This also has an impact on motorcyclists. Apart from the fact that in 2020 entire cities were closed, in some federal states it was not allowed to drive and the motorcycle trade was temporarily shut down, various motorcycle manufacturers such as Ducati, KTM and Piaggio announced that they would temporarily close their factory museums.

Technology museums Sinsheim Speyer open again

Nationwide, the museums were allowed to reopen in May 2020, taking into account strict hygiene and protection requirements. Europe's largest private museum was able to unlock its gates again after more than six weeks: the Technik Museum Sinsheim opened on May 6th, just in time for its 39th birthday, followed by the Technik Museum Speyer on May 11th. "For many, summer vacation is canceled this year – regional experiences are now in demand. And that's where we come in", said museum manager, Matthias Templin.

Tour via Google Maps

Other museums can be visited using Google Maps. The Ducati Museum in Bologna (Italy), the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee (USA) and the Kawasaki Good Times World Museum in Kobe (Japan) can be visited using Google Maps. Incidentally, this is made possible by the Street View function of the Google navigation tool.

Honda is taking a slightly different approach. The traditional Japanese manufacturer also offers a virtual tour of the Honda Collection Hall, but not in Google Maps. Anyone wishing to visit the virtual museum must have one specially set up for this purpose Visit the website which can be found here. It offers a similar service Moto Museum in St. Louis where visitors can view more than 100 classic vehicles from bygone times.


Although the virtual tours do not replace the traditional museum visit, it is nevertheless welcome that various manufacturers offer fans the virtual tours free of charge.

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