TCX Clima Surround GTX: Tried waterproof touring boots

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TCX Clima Surround GTX: Tried waterproof touring boots



TCX Clima Surround GTX: Tried waterproof touring boots

TCX Clima Surround GTX
Tried waterproof touring boots

The TCX Clima Surround GTX is a waterproof touring boot that wants to score points in the first test with good workmanship, among other things.

Mona Pekarek,

Tobias Beyl,

Uli Baumann


At first glance, the TCX Clima Surround GTX looks somehow special, after all, the entire lower part of the boot seems to be perforated. Good for ventilation, but what about waterproofness? Also good! Because that is the specialty of the Clima Surround: The appended abbreviation GTX refers to the Gore-Tex membrane that lines the entire inner part of the boot – including the very comfortable footbed.

Very convenient and neatly processed

In practice, the boot does a good job in a temperature range of around five to over 30 degrees Celsius. Even driving in the rain or booting through puddles do not pose any serious problems for touring boots. After five minutes in the water bath, however, one of the two couples we tested had a small leak in the shin area. Possibly just an annoying individual case, in practice this area is also protected from moisture by motorcycle trousers.

Provided that the pants are worn over the boot, as is usually the case with touring suits. On the other hand, the boot is less suitable for sporty bikes: the fairly vertical shaft neither likes to be kinked in the usual sportbike style, nor does it want to be worn over trousers. Other positive features of the comfortable unisex boot are the neat workmanship, the good grip and a comfortable closure.

Noticed positively: Very good ventilation, great workmanship

Noticed negatively: Rather unsuitable for a sporty sitting posture

Sizes: 36 to 48

Price: 289.99 euros

MOTORRAD verdict: 4.5 stars out of a possible 5


The very good ventilation and the great workmanship caught our attention particularly positively in the first test. For drivers with a more sporty sitting posture, the TCX Clima Surround GTX could be the wrong choice.

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