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Tour tip Erzgebirge

Tour tip Erzgebirge

To the Ore Mountains? A place where wooden toys and Christmas decorations are tinkered all year round? Right there. Because you can ride a motorcycle great there.

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Just looking at the map makes the heart beat faster: The routes in the Saxon Erzgbirge, which stretches around 130 kilometers between the Vogtland in the southwest and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in the northeast, seem to consist only of curves and hairpin bends that become a great one Combine weekend rounds. But no matter which direction you ultimately take? The ID card or passport is an essential part of your luggage, as a “round” tour through the Ore Mountains includes a longer detour to the Czech Republic. South of Adorf, you pass the border for the first time, on small paths between Skalná, Kraslice and Horni Blatná parallel to the mountain range sometimes through dense forests, then again over bare hills. Until the Klinovec comes into view? At 1243 meters, it is the highest point in the Ore Mountains, with three peaks exceeding the 1000 meter mark. Number two, the 1214-meter-high Fichtelberg across the border, rises up close enough to touch, but it’s worth driving a little further on the Czech side. You almost feel transported to Alaska or Canada, the forests are so dense, nature seems so untouched. Only at Most does oncoming traffic come into play again, and on the route from Dubi to the border you unfortunately find yourself in the midst of countless trucks. A constant up and down with countless curves leaves no time for boredom. In Seiffen, however, you should take the time to take a look at traditional wooden toy production in the toy museum or in the numerous show workshops. Then it’s a no less exciting route along the border via Barenstein to the well-known spa and winter sports resort of Oberwiesenthal. Germany’s highest village (914 meters) is an ideal starting point for tours to the nearby Fichtelberg, whose summit plateau offers a breathtaking view of the entire Ore Mountains. Hikers, motorcyclists and mountain bikers will find almost perfect terrain here. This also applies to the rest of the tour via Rittersgrun to Adorf ?? a route that leaves nothing to be desired. Just as you would have guessed when looking at the map.

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The Erzgebirge in the south of Saxony is a dream for motorcyclists: Attractive and winding routes run through the wooded mountain landscape, which got its name from the rich finds of silver, tin and other mineral resources. Anyone traveling in the Czech half of the Ore Mountains will discover a region where time literally seems to have stood still.

Arrival: If you come from the old federal states, head for the Hof exit on the A9 in the west of the Ore Mountains. Or drive from there on the A72, which runs a long way parallel to the Ore Mountains, even further east. The A4 (Gera-Chemnitz-Dresden-Bautzen-Gorlitz) is also suitable as a quick arrival route, as it accompanies almost the entire northern border of the low mountain range.Overnight: As a winter sports center of the former GDR, hotels, guest houses and guest houses can be found in the larger towns in the Ore Mountains Guest rooms in which you can stay overnight well from 40 marks. It is only more expensive in the well-known spa town of Oberwiesenthal. The tip for motorcyclists: the cozy pension “Zur u´zeitigen Wirtschaft”, Bergstrasse 13, 09471 Barenstein, phone 037347/1631; Internet Per person for one night including breakfast you have to pay 40 Marks (from two nights 35 Marks). The beer garden, the kitchen and the view are excellent, and the host even offers a CD Rom about the region. In the »toy town« Seiffen, we recommend the »Seiffner Hof«, Hauptstrasse 31, 09548 Seiffen, phone 037362/130. A double room with breakfast costs here from 110 marks. Worth seeing: Railway fans will be amazed at the narrow-gauge railway that runs on the 17-kilometer route between Cranzahl (south of Annaberg-Buchholz) and Oberwiesenthal. In Rittersgrun there is also a worthwhile narrow-gauge railway museum (closed on Mondays). The “Toy Museum Seiffen” is also worth a visit, in the visitor mine in Aue there is a 540 meter deep tunnel, and in Morgenrothe (near Schwarzenberg) there is a space museum (also closed on Mondays) in honor of the cosmonaut Sigmund Jahn, who in 1978 was the first German to enter All flew.Activities: Hikers and mountain bikers get their money’s worth, especially on the 1214 meter high Fichtelberg, as do motorcyclists. In Oberwiesenthal, the region’s sports center, there is also a summer toboggan run. The numerous dams are ideal for swimming, and rock climbers will find a great area in the east of the Ore Mountains in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Information: The Ore Mountains Tourist Association in Annaberg-Buchholz, phone 06733/23553, is very helpful when it comes to travel planning. You can find a good overview of the region in which the individual districts are presented (hotels, activities, etc.) on the Internet under the search term »Erzgebirge« the Merian edition of the same name for 14.90 marks. To find the way, we recommend the Marco Polo general map sheet 12 on a scale of 1: 200,000.

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Around 400 kilometers three days refueling: Possible anywhere along the route in Saxony. There may be bottlenecks on the Czech side streets Route profile: curvy country roads, occasionally poor surface, in the Czech Republic gravel and holes Coffee breaks: Annaberg-Buchholz market square, beer garden “Zur u´zeitigen Wirtschaft” in Barenstein Swimming facilities: Filzteich lido near Schneeberg Worth seeing: Visitor mines near Aue or Annaberg Buchholz, “Toy City” Seiffen, Fichtelberg

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